Superpedestrian Copenhagen Wheel Video Review – $1.5k Smart Electric Bike Wheel System The Superpedestrian Copenhagen Wheel is an advanced all-in-one electric bike wheel with the motor and battery combined in a sturdy red case, provides near-silent pedal assist based on four signals, measures rider input 100+ times per second. Offers three levels of assist with adjustable speed from 10 to 25 mph (in some geographies), allows you to regenerate energy with Exercise Mode or by pedaling backwards to trigger regen braking. Available in two wheel diameters and five rim widths to fit a range of bike frames and tire types, rims come in black or silver and utilize reinforcement eyelets for strength, uses sturdy 14 gauge curved spokes. Slightly increased battery capacity over prior generations, not the lightest conversion choice at ~16.8 lbs but it’s durable and quiet (as most gearless motors are), rear-heavy design, can be pre-built into a wide selection of bikes.


Nisco Racing says:

Haha he said 2018 in the start.

Ralph Warom says:

Used Ninja 250 Motorbike. 1500$. Nuff said.

Ef says:

0:09 2019*

Robert Green says:

This thing is way past it’s prime and truly should be much cheaper.

ForbinColossus says:

With a big *RED* disc, they are missing opportunity to provide lighting for safety. The whole thing could *glow* and provide light to the side which is harder to do with regular bike lights…
FYI, price is up to $1749. They don’t disclose width of the rear wheel and how wide a tire can be put on.

dml505 says:

I defiantly think they missed their opportunity with this product, this would have been good for 2012 or 2013 but now there are too many options within that price range that are way better…

Pașca Alexandru says:

I can’t see myself riding this… ever.
It’s like nope-nope-nope all over it :))

Alex Paulsen says:

Too little too late. This thing lost its public interest years ago. If it were released in 2013 it might have gained a significant market share, but instead it’s poorly released some many years later after I suspected it to be nothing but vapourware. Funny spoke pattern (patented) doesn’t really make any sense to me.

Oh, and disc brakes? Nope.

Electric bike conversions don’t need to be fast, they just need to be sensible and dependable. Some years ago before electric bikes were so abundant, I guess this may have had a chance, but it’s not cheap, it’s not terribly good, and it just seems to be completely uninteresting. It’s criminally underpowered and low-range too, which further implies there’s no good reason to own this over anything else available.

VideoNOLA says:

Rear Presta valve stem not quite long enough. Needs another few cm! 😀

ForbinColossus says:

Amazing that the Copenhagen Wheel is back yet still looks identical to design of several years ago! In the meantime, bicycles sold with disc brakes have taken over the market. I want to see Superpedestrian succeed … It seemed ready to go before, so one wonders what the heck happened behind the scenes. So many new companies crank out bookoo product; it doesn’t inspire consumer confidence the way their product delay was handled. Anway, would prefer to see it on a bike with gears. Their website is fairly simple to select the correct size wheel.

R Zu says:

Thank you for an excellent, thorough review.

Blaine Bickle says:

but what if you break a spoke?

OrisueCrew says:

I like when you and Chris make videos together. You can tell he is getting more comfortable on camera!

Summer 4 says:

What a crap, you can’t ride it without your smartphone cause it needs to be connected all the time, so you need another battery to charge your phone 🙁

Steve Donovan says:

There’s something about deciding this should only be glossy bright red that makes me wonder. A satin black or dark silver might appeal to more people. But I like it primarily because of it’s all in one simplicity and nice and quiet. It’s obvious this is meant to be a casual ride on paved roads.

IfingerblastGranny's says:

Been dead in the water since 2011 only an inbred skull fcuked spaz would have bought one or thought they were a good idea since then……

HackHunter1835 says:

It screams look at me me! And i don’t want that. In todays market $1500 gets you a brand new Ebike. RIP SC Wheel….

earl riggle says:

I don’t think the regeneration system is expecting anyone to charge the battery with their pedaling. It will gain some range by not wasting energy available when braking or coasting downhill.

Michael Workinger says:

Good points. Intuitively I felt when this ‘came’ out that having the batteries in the hub housing was not a good idea, Unless the make easier access to the batteries.. i like the concept. It is perfect for a Fixie / Messenger type rider. However, the spoke- to- hub connections give me pause. I am dubious that the rear rim can handle urban riding.

Donovan Ping says:

WAY over priced!! I’d luv to know the actual cost to produce a single wheel . If students have payed $$ to create this it should cost around $400-500 max . Another company will make a better more affordable model. I’ll wait .

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