Surface 604 Colt Video Review – $1.8k Comfortable, Quality, Torque Sensing Electric Bicycle The Surface 604 Colt is a value-priced, hybrid electric bike with plastic fenders and a chain cover to keep you clean, integrated LED Lights to keep you seen, and an adjustable suspension fork and stem to improve comfort and fit. High-step diamond frame improves strength and stiffness but also slopes for easier mounting and comfortable stand-over position, integrated rear rack feels sturdy, includes pannier hangers and bungee loops. Available in two frame sizes, most of the wires are internally routed, pedal assist feels smooth and natural because it uses a torque sensor, variable speed trigger throttle, hydraulic disc brakes feel powerful and smooth. The tires are pretty basic (no puncture protection or reflective stripes), plastic fenders are durable but usually rattle more than steel or alloy, headlight is mounted to fork arch and may bounce around, great kickstand, optional suspension seat post.


Gabriela Carrillo says:

It has that high bar I’m looking for a a bike that doesn’t have that one I would be attaching a. Basket to carry my doggy and I want something I can get in and out easy but max 1000$

Cockeyed Optimist says:

Court, here’s a question.

Regarding motors on emtbs, how does the new Brose-S compare to the Yamaha PwX ? Every dealer with whom I speak claims the latter has “far more” torque and that even the new Brose-S just feels weaker on take off (i.e., in the low cadence range). What are your personal impressions? I did see your vid. on motors, but wanted to know more.

Btw, I don’t trust torque ratings…they don’t tell whole story.


Gabriela Carrillo says:

I was thinking of doing the front wheel swap to be electric. But I don’t know how to wire it up looks complicated. So thos eBay ones are cheap. But if there not worth buying because of battery not lasting then there no point . I. Called the Fullerton store but they were gone for the day So yea thanks send me ur review thank you so much or if you know of any website that sell cheap max price is 1000 I would. But please share

The Gadget Guru says:

Court, how does this bike compare to the Surface 604 Rook? If you could have one of these two, which would it be?

tromboner98 says:

I feel like when you reviewed this bike BEFORE I bought one you were super in to it, and now that you release a review right after I buy one you’re like “I mean it’s pretty decent”

Tim S says:

It reminds me of a Juiced Bike, same battery.

samuel Townsend says:

I think the old saying is true you get what you pay for. As a demo model we sold this bike for $1599 out the door to a customer who’s daughter purchased the Rook from us and her boyfriend got a Haibike Xduro Trekking 4.0 that’s three EBikes. Unfortunately for the customer who purchased theColt it’s controller went bad within the first two weeks and it took over a week to get the bike fixed while we waited on the parts from the manufacture I think if you live in the Pacific Northwest this will be a great bike being that the company is based in that area. Of the 30 brands that we sell on our show room floor 80% of them are within 60 miles of our front door and we can take care of our customers within 24 to 48 hours and in most cases we provide same day service stripping parts off floor models. I can appreciate the difference between surface 604 models and the dozen other brands that are using modular parts. Similar bikes starting from $1399 to about $1999 do your do diligence before making a purchase and check to see if your local dealer carries any of the brands you may be interested in purchasing if you don’t have that option you can always purchase online

DDavy says:

I wish I had some help to get 475$ to get an electric motor. 3 years, no avail.

kilogttam says:

Do these have a speed limiter that can be disconnected to get power past 20mph?


Hey Jerk the shape of a bike frame does not determine my gender.

tromboner98 says:

I bought the White Rook. Got it 3 days ago. No battery yet >=/
My front fender is a little damaged, and it’s too close to the tire creating drag. There’s damage to the place where the cable connects to the motor on mine as well. I’ve contacted them and haven’t heard anything back. I have no idea how it rides since I haven’t gotten the battery. It’s not super easy to ride without the battery. It’s not the worst bike I’ve ever ridden without the battery though so I’m really anxious to get my battery, and see it in all it’s glory.

F15Ranger says:

Doesnt hold a candle to the 1670.00 Haibike Urban Plus with Cobi

undertoes says:

how tall are you?

ForbinColossus says:

Please do a *Haibike full suspension* – we need some excitement, Court!

ForbinColossus says:

Looks alot like the Amego you reviewed recently

vernon gordon says:

I had an angry goose attack my rear wheel on my rook…. so solid and capable…took the hit, no damage and kept on riding

Dennis Dowd says:

$1799.00 is a good price. I hate the black, because it is hard to see. I would change out the tires, of course and the seat. Not every having an ebike it just might be a good starter bike. I might have mentioned it before, but I have a new left knee and I don’t want to subject it to having to pedal a bike fully and an ebike is a excellent compromise. Also, I am a little broke, so money out lay for this bike makes more sense to someone like myself. Super review, thanks!!!

Gabriela Carrillo says:

Can u make eBay bike review

Christopher Moltisanti says:

Skinny wheels are good for what exactly on an electric bike? The SHRED is so much nicer in every way.

Christopher Moltisanti says:

And also next time you’re in Vancouver, please visit VINTAGE IRON Hand Crafted e cycles. Absolutely insanely cool ebikes, they’re vintage done right without the big fake engine in the middle.

pj520 says:

This is a great bike, but deserves better fenders that don’t rattle. Wonder if they are ever going to offer a bigger battery?

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