Top 10 Fastest Electric Bicycles with Motorbike Speeds (2018 Prices and Specifications)

What is the fastest you can pedal on a bicycle? We would say around 25 miles per hour if you have a decent racing two wheeler and are in a good shape. But would you want to go faster?

Electrically powered bicycles allow you to do just that and their top speeds can reach 60 miles or 100 kilometers per hour.

That is incredibly fast and probably not safe, but we are not here to judge whether a thrill ride is worth compromising one’s safety. In this episode we have prepared a lineup of the fastest electric bicycles that exist today and could be bought if you are a true fan of fast riding.

Bicycles featured in this video:

The Spanish company Bultaco Motors has always been and will remain the manufacturer of motorcycles, however due to the growing demand for electrically powered bicycles they chose to expand their lineup by a few motopeds.

Stealth B-52:

Stealth B-52 is ready for years of extreme riding and its cromoly frame, Incredible brakes from Magura and suspension from MRP will overcome anything that you throw at it.

Rimac Greyp G12S:

Engineers at Rimac Automobili, the Croatian company that created a 1080-horsepower electric supercar, have partnered with Greyp in order to create a new means of electric city transport. Their collaboration resulted in the creation of G12S


The line between a motorcycle and an ebike has been blurred by the recent arrival of high performance newcomers to the market. Among them we want to highlight Delfast, which is manufactured by the same named Ukrainian company.

Neematic FR/1:

Neematic FR/1 is a fully-electrical hybrid of a bicycle and a motorcycle. It combines features of a dirt and a mountain bike and accelerates to 50 mph.

Vector Vortex:

Vector Vortex is the fastest and most powerful product created by a Munich-located company, Vector E-bikes. It accelerated to 50 mph and has a 120-mile range.


Created by a California-based company Vintage Electric, Scrambler is all about fun and adventure no matter the terrain. It is also fast, with top speed reaching 36 mph in the Race mode.

Q140R Boost: 72V 150A:

Q140R Boost is a top performance electric bike offered by a Slovenian manufacturer, Qulbix. It delivers 140 lb-ft of torque and punches to almost 45 mph.

HPC Revolution X7:

Among the 2018 additions to the lineup of Hi-Power Cycles is the Revolution X7 that is one of the fastest electric bikes in the world, that is capable of reaching the top speed of 60 miles per hour.

Kraken AWD 2.0:

Top Gun Bikes lineup includes one of the world’s most powerful electrically driven two-wheelers with pedals, which is appropriately named the Kraken.


Kevin Eyster says:

Any bike without full suspension traveling faster than twenty becomes a risk to the average rider, speeds over 38 miles per hour are now mergeing with car traffic and should have the same turn signals , brake lights which would help the visibilty factors. The real problems for e-bikes is first the in expirenced rider, and second the natural instability which comes with a light open vehical on the road. Lastly I would say that the bike Lanes will become a dangerous crossing for all.

L says:

No more dangerous than a moped.

Zst Nn says:

This is a really cool scooter. Was something like this you would never have to do the work of a real cyclist it’s so amazing

Mel Archuleta says:

Love them all keep making these speedy bikes!

Jim Morrison says:

The motors on some of them are so powerful compared to the pedal power why bother putting pedals on them.

Albert Nieves says:


Roger Rennenger says:

so… buy a japanese 250cc brand new, got it.

Oleg Petelevitch says:

Faster better stuff what they say!

ShadeTree HandyMan says:

Where did they get that monologue…. pretty sad

William Barrett says:

Time to get back to living a little. Who wants an over regulated nanny state in any part of the world. Look forward to 160 km per hour plus, Then you know your alive. Any body who doesn’t like speed simply dont buy these type of bikes. 1000 km range is what I aim for in all E vehicles I have, then extended that to 2500. All things are possible

Eric Blair says:

Crazy 40 years ago when I was a kid. I never dreamed we would have bicycles that didn’t need peddled. What’s the next 40 going to hold?

BeyondSpace says:

25mph? been way faster, but not over a long distance.

Kevin Ayres says:

Not a real human. No thanks.

Brandon Weilburg says:

Excellent presentation

David Anderson says:

It should have said , ebikes I’ll never be able to afford, lol

regus manchago says:

make your own…there’s plenty of powerful kits out there…at a fraction of the price…ive made a couple…over a couple of years….very powerful….and still running….fuck the laws”’ fuck the police…always telling us what we can and cant do….as long as we pay them for it…just be careful….don’t cause… harm… injury or loss to any fellow human…simple

Albert Nieves says:

If you got a house,car and the extra money I say treat yourself and enjoy life. Oh and make sure you also have the life insurance, you might needed when getting one of these bikes .

Derek Hobbs says:

I’ve seen a few of the Stealth B52’s in my city, despite them being illegal to use.

The softest part of a woman's breast is? says:

5,000 to 14,000 really!

john folger says:

hp ??? how did they determan that ,, looks like a 1000w moter

Christopher Hale says:

These are all cool, but the problem is they are priced like motorcycles, and, given the quality of motorcycle you can get at $5-10gs, I dont see why I would want one of these e bikes. If it was $1000 then maybe

Katsas13 says:

Someone should make an electric Indian Board Tracker.

Eystreem Is Fastest says:

I have buy it

Ken Thorne says:

I agree for manufacturers to build faster E-Bikes but lower their cost for us consumers to afford, if cars that run on gas cost 12,000 grand and higher then E-Bike need to cost less

Alex Gaming says:

Lies im chubby and i bike at 37 mph

Zst Nn says:

Talk about really really cool scooters! This totally eliminates the need for True cycling. You can just cruise around all day and not have to do any of the work of a real cyclist! It’s great!

Sam Moffatt says:

Nice job on your presentation! Yes, I am all for the companies to do what they do best, making the best well-rounded bike for all terrain, that goes for distance, long life of a single charge, how fast it can be recharged, and top speed they can achieve?? whether we want to admit it, it will be asked for from the consumer and who pays the bill, the customer!!? Good riding and keep the rubber on the road!? Big Sam

Niall Wildwoode says:

Seriously, check out the specs on each bike’s website, then look at sourcing similar components to build your own. You’ll not only have a great bike for a fraction of the cost, but will have a valuable skill set and a damned good toolkit….plus, you can build for others at a profit. Go to ‘www.endless-sphere’ to find thousands of people building ebikes as good or better than these.

H B says:

Faster the better if need it.

Peter Briganti says:

Blah blah blah I couldn’t make it past the dragged out intro.

jzimmt says:

its my assumption that big oil and auto would like to keep pedal/ebikes illegal above 20mph. The sooner the public realizes they can avoid traffic congestion and expensive fuels with an affordable powerful efficient mode of transport, the sooner these companies go into the red

prosimulate says:

And 51secs in I see a blond smiler with no helmet pulling some on an e-bike.

Few issues:
1. No helmet or protective equipment.
2. No one would hear you coming, no car driver would expect you to arrive or catch up.
3. Need a new class of license for these bikes, if you already ride a motorcycle you will understand.
4. Too accessible, even kits can convert an old mtb into a fast ebike.
5. Plus fatigue and component wear will be much higher.

Good idea but it brings problems as well as solutions…

RenaissanceRecorders Water of Life says:

ALL the “laws” in ALL countries are merely the opinion of the elites and based mostly how much €$ etc can be squeezed from the prols…

Paolo Martini says:

With the rise of electric motorcyes and electric bicycles the line is getting blurred. What makes the difference between the two? Pedals? Some of the electric bicycles don’t even have any, weight just as much go just as fast and cost even more. So much power and speed in such small light frames for sure opens the doors to new technologies and improvements but it is also more dangerous. Use at your own risk. It will not be too long until that will get more regulated too sadly. But those vehicles that come in different shape, sizes and purposes can be very useful in many other applications as well. Being light weight and capable to be charged off of solar could solve many problems like city traffic, emergency back up transportation that can be stored in a bigger vehicle in case of failure (motorhome, bus, boat, trunk of a car, people with disabilities , etc) or just for fun. Regulate all that. Good luck. To have pedals with possible pedal assist can be good for exercise too and for older people as well. It could be motivation for the obese to get some exercise and have fun at the same time. Definitely more than seating in a car or on a motorcycle. Being electric would also help diminish pollution. Look at how successful the “bird” has become. To cover distances too long to go on foot but too short to use a car with the benefit of some exercise included it can be a life-saver. This electric vehicle revolution from cars to bicycles is in a way a blessing and if too many regulations are slapped on it that could discourage progress, it should be left alone to grow to its potential.

Gordon Lawrence says:

Watched 30 seconds of this then found out the idiot does not fact check. EG stating bicycles can go up to 25MPH. Dowsett averaged 33.7MPH not over a short distance on track but 25 miles on the road and that’s not even a world record.. The tour de France is averaging over 25MPH these days for in excess of 1500 miles with in excess of 2000 miles being common. Then there are recumbent cycles. Todd Reichart got the world record at 85.71MPH then if you allow slipstreaming it gets crazy. That record was 60MPH in the century before last. IE “Mile a minute Murphy” in 1899. That has climbed to Fred Rompelburg’s record of 166.9MPH. A bit more than 25MPH don’t you think?

Flamdring says:

Quite a lot of people seem to be complaining about the price of these e-bikes: they are not standard bikes at all, but more of a technology demonstrator. It is like buying a Bugatti Veyron – zero use in daily life as you won’t be allowed to use even 1/3 of its potential anywhere on public roads without losing your driving licence, but some people who have crap load of money will still buy one. The technology used in these machines will then be applied in the production of mainstream bikes which means we will have better and more reliable e-bikes. In the near future all motorcycles will also be powered by batteries and these e-bikes are making sure combustion engines retire to the museums sooner than later.

bru Bna says:

E bikes become more expensive. Should be around $2000. No one will buy $12000.. 1000w all you need.

Dan Craver says:

If you think the bike is fast while you’re on it wait until you see how fast it disappears when you’re not

Stephen Mcgrath says:

Some of these e bikes are more than fast enough for a person to lose the police in no time at all. The police will need to up grade their ability to keep up with the future technology that keeps improving very fast.

kheff46 says:

The faster the better. There’s no limit on speed of unregulated vehicles like horses, bicycles, buggies, pedal cars, etc. Ebikes are no different. There’s no registration or title for them and cannot be considered a commercial vehicle in any way. Keep on pedaling!

Voodoo Bantu says:

Why do manufacturers claim such high mileage range for their ebikes, its not true.

Key Sphere says:

there is no fun !

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