Trek Dual Sport+ Video Review – $3.6k Hybrid Electric Bike for Commuting & Light Trail The Trek Dual Sport+ is a versatile electric bike that’s efficient on road but capable of light trail riding as well, puncture resistant tires with tight knobby tread offer traction, stability, and a bit of comfort due to increased air volume. Durable spring suspension fork provides 63mm of travel with preload and lockout adjust, hydraulic disc brakes require less hand effort to pull and the lever reach can be changed to accommodate different sized hands. Very nice 10-speed drivetrain with wide 11-42 tooth cassette, the derailleur has an adjustable clutch that reduces chain bounce and drops, alloy chainring guard protects your pants or dress, custom pedals are grippy and highly reflective. Bright headlight with side windows for increased visibility, it’s mounted high and points where you steer, backlight provides 11-LED’s but could get blocked by long shirts or jackets that hang down, lots of provisions for adding bottles, locks, fenders, and a rear rack, priced high because of the quality parts, dealer network, multiple sizes, and great warranty.


Bob A says:

I would really like if Trek would make some of their offerings in this category with an optional speed motor upgrade. They had one in their hybrid bike (Trek Police Electric), however, is not available to the public. Great bike and well researched video! Rock on…

Vaughn Macdonald says:

Hmmm very Specialized like.

Don Scott Macdonald says:

Pricing? Maybe I missed it in your review. (I’ll take a guess, about $3k).

Steve Donovan says:

A quick comment on the kick stand. Maybe I’ve misunderstood your point here and elsewhere but it should lean the bike in the stand’s direction, that establishes more stability. If it positions the bike directly upright it will be less stable and more easily tip over.

MikeJRe2ipi says:

I haven’t watched this yet but I was looking for this very video earlier today.

1650million says:

I actually like it, since I´m into bike travelling. The possibility of front and rear panniers, two water bottles, 28″ wheels, and a motor not designed for performance, makes this a very capable bike for traveling. Add a thudbuster in there, get an actually comfortable saddle, and replace the incomprehensible, horryfing display with the Intuvia, and you can even do the Camino de Santiago like the King of Spain… 😀 I would´ve preferred a second chain ring to maximize climbing ability/conserve battery. And the possibility to carry two water bottles is nice, but the ability to mount a secondary 500Wh battery on top of the main one (in the way Haibike does) would´ve been magnificent.

Regie Endsley says:

I got one of theses last week. I added fenders and a rack. I also added a rear light. If I make use of the rack I block the seat light. Also if you want to change out the seat, you don’t have the rear light. To me the integrated seat light creates more problems than It solves. I got the step through model because even the small standard frame’s step over hight too high for my short legs. My other fuss about the bike is I’m 71 and I run out of pedal in high gear on relative flat surfaces with assist turned off. I’m wondering if a larger gear up front say 40 tooth would help that and would it make the “low gear” too low. Over all I love the bike and no bike is ever going to be perfect. Also on the production model they have upgraded the grips to a more ergonomic one. The flat pedals are great. The Bosh Active Line plus provides plenty of power for the kind of riding I do, but I wish it had more range. Buying a second battery is costly, $800.00+ costly. My walk button does not seem to work. I wonder if Bosh is still disabling them in the US>

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