Trek Super Commuter+ 7 Video Review – $3.6k Stealthy Urban Electric Bike, 20 mph Bosch Performance The Trek Super Commuter+ 7 is a stealthy looking, sturdily built, feature-rich urban electric bicycle complete with tubular alloy fenders, premium integrated lights from Supernova, and powerful hydraulic disc brakes. Upgraded Shimano Deore 10-speed drivetrain with one-way clutch to reduce chain bounce, sleek proprietary derailleur guard protects the derailleur at racks, double-sided slap guard reduces noise. Paint-matched carbon fiber fork reduces weight and dampens vibration, inset Bosch PowerPack battery integration keeps weight low and center while reducing weight compared to PowerTube, five frame sizes for improved fit and ergonomics. Priced a bit higher because of the quality parts, dealer network, and Trek reputation, non-adjustable kickstand, lights are always on when the bike is powered up and walk mode is disabled, slower 2 amp charger vs. 4 amps on the 8S.


Chris Till says:

A guy I know who has a GoCycle was telling me he was looking at one of these as a second bike. He asked my opinion. I said I personally prefer my R&M Delite GT Nuvinci because of the extra comfort and the much reduced maintenance, but that this one is still very cool. I suggested he test ride an R&M, but he could only get hold of the Tinker, which isn’t really representative of the rest of the line. Presumably he’s going to get the super commuter. It’s a bit of a shame he couldn’t compare a closer competitor but they’re all great bikes. I’d quite like to test ride the Trek and see how those tyres I’m familiar with feel on a rigid bike.

Steven Schwartzstein says:

Was just on that bike path lane yesterday. Might have to stop in Helen’s tomorrow for a look at my brakes 🙁

gast says:

This thing is badass!

MarsSheep says:

Hi man, still kicking with this reviews 😀
I have one question: can any of bikes with walk assist function use this function on a stairs? You know, I live on a 4th floor, elevator is small…. really sad story 😀

Bob A says:

Nice bikes. I also test rode both of these bikes back to back at a LBS and found the SC+8 to be a much better performer than the SC+7 Commuter. With these two bikes, you get what you pay for with the higher end components on the SC+8. I think I would opt for the SC+8 for the extra $$ due to the bike’s performance is no match. However, I do like both of them indeed are quality builds.
Court-Hope you can review the Trek Police bike which is a Speed Pedelec 29er for both commuting and and Cross Country use. Cheers. Great job as always!

ting280 says:

You gotta get a little flashlight for when you’re showing the charging port and hubs

JAN LODZ says:

4000£ bike and bosch display like 1500£… That is wrong. I saw it in the bike store, overall great commuter but this display :/

JPO Orr says:

Another thing if you’re going integrate a headlight on a $3,600 bike why in integrate a cheap one I mean come on 200 lumens specially when it’s centered like that on the bars I’m going to be riding at night definitely want something a lot better than that at the very least a quality 700 to 900 lumens multifunction light if you’re going to have it as a designated daytime running light don’t mount it on the bars put it somewhere lower so you can put your own quality headlight centered on the bars when you’re riding at night

Lance McGrew says:

My understanding about charging is, the last 15-20% takes the longest due to balancing. A 1 hour charge can go from 20% back to 70%. Is this typical?

NWforager says:

looking forward to the class 3 review too .

Lance McGrew says:

19:12 riding no hands on a wet road – good thing close to hospital 🙂 Noticeable rim wobble 22:12.

David Keenan says:

Many bikes this style out there. Price point is definitely high for this. Trek a great brand but competition is out there. You can get a comparable bike for less . I think this bike is worth 2K .

Meshika, EagleWarrior says:

I’ll be able to afford one of these Trek bikes as soon as the minimum wage in SoCal goes to $40 an hour

JPO Orr says:

That’s still too much money for a 20 mile-an-hour bike I’ve been looking to get a ultimate commuter I’m either going to get the new Raleigh Redux or maybe get a full suspension ultimate commuter either Bulls or Besv I’ve had a prodeco outlaw for about four and a half years now only one flat in four and a half years that’s it no other problems but I want to get a speed pedelec right now my prodeco outlaw has been a fun bike just throttle though and a heavy rear end hub with battery over it the new Raleigh Redux is a sweet-looking bike for the money but then again a bike like that you don’t want to be jumping off curbs and stuff like that so that might sway me towards a full suspension bike swap out to Nobbies for Super Moto X or hookworms I’ve been watching just about all you reviews on speed pedelec bikes I think I’m definitely going with the Brose just seems better to have a belt drive then the gears meshing together a quiet motor is everything and to me it would seem like less maintenance being as it’s belt-driven I’ll probably be getting a bike in 3 months or so I love to see you do the review on the new Raleigh Redux I’ll definitely be waiting for it

stan says:

If you pronounce Bontrager as “bone trotter” (2:58), you should at least do so with a German accent. Otherwise it sounds like “bone trotter.”

Just kidding.


nnnnnaaa on thanks.

Action Time says:

I’ll stick with my trek police bike with suspension and 3.5k

MarvFIT says:

too slow

Roman P says:

Is there any good reason to take this over say Giant Quick E? Speed difference alone is huge. Build quality on the Giant is great too.

TwoWheelWarrior says:

I’d ride that…

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