Trek Super Commuter+ 8S Video Review The Trek Super Commuter+ 8S is a streamlined, feature-complete, commuter style electric bike with Class 3 high-speed operation (up to 28 mph), available through a wide network of dealers. 11-speed Shimano SLX drivetrain offers plenty of range for comfortable pedaling at low and high speeds, Shadow Plus one-way clutch keeps your chain tight. Integrated 1,000-watt Supernova M99+ headlight and 3-LED rear light help you see and be seen, large Bosch Powerpack 500 takes you further and is removable. Sturdy 15 mm thru-axle, strong tapered head tube, stable Schwalbe Super Moto-X 2.4″ wide tires, lightweight carbon fork dampens vibration, available in four frame sizes.


Wil Ortiz says:

By the way I bought the rad rover thanks to ur review love the bike

cssaawdwawd says:

i rode this, it is crap, overpriced. u can get a hard tail that isnt harsh on your hands for 2k.

plutoplatters says:

if you took everything and melted it down… there would probably be 100 bucks worth of material at most….. not a bad profit

GNX157 says:

What is your prediction on chain and cassette life?

P H says:

I like your reviews and have been watching some. what would be GREAT, is if you could just put the RRP in the comment… you have mentioned every sing component but not the price??

caboom3394 says:

your overerly high cadence preference is a bit overwhelming/aggravating to watch… lol with that being said, good review. I will be using my Trek University benefits to purchase this bike.

Dennis Lynn says:

USB charging port would be convenient. Who wants a dead phone on a commute.

Toxicthunder says:

To me e-bikes are pretty much pointless here in the UK. Law is max speed of 15mph and only 250w, basically completely negates one of the main reasons to get an e-bike. I can get to over 20mph pretty easily on my £200 road bike, admittedly it does require effort but still unless they become about £300 for one i feel it’s pretty pointless over here, cant tell you how many people i have zoomed passed who are in e-bikes

plutoplatters says:

lemme guess….. the cost is prohibitive to over 85% of the population ?  Something that would be fantastic for the environment we care so much about .

616ramjet says:

I’m wishing my 2015 Haibike had the assist up to 28 mph instead of only 20 mph. What gives? Have the regulations changed? Keep up the fine reviews and thanks.

Y Z says:

Very nice. I am leaning towards the Giant or Specialized ‘e’ bike. The one problem I see with the road / commuter ‘e’ bikes is they really need to design with shock absorbers on both the front and rear. I never understood not having dual shocks on a 5k bike. The road presents with all sorts of holes and bumps, not having them places more stress on the frame over time. Cars drive on the road and they have shocks, why not bike that drive on the road. I just never understood why they originated only on mountain bikes. There are many makes that comes with shocks, but it really should be all makes / models.

Hamid Azad says:

Do you have size 28 or 29 ebike in folding,too?

Plumetheum says:

5000$ for this? What a joke in all honesty… I spent 1000$ for a 48V 1500W hub motor + a 52V 20 AH battery. It is both faster (30mph without pedaling) and has greater range(30 miles) than this thing. Advice for new people wanting an Ebike. Convert a bike you already own to one with a kit. You can get so much more out of it.


Very impressive, I like the style the electric bike good review on this one.

Mike B says:

Bigger rotors doens’t automatically equate to better. At the point of braking where the wheel stops turning , more braking isnt’ going to stop you any quicker. And of course you can’t steer a locked wheel. Slide = crash for many.
As weight transfers to the front under hard braking, the rear brake never does as much to slow you as the front. So smaller brakes on the rear is a given on a motorcycle and makes sense on a lot/most bicycles. Especially with front suspension that dives under braking as they all do.

Marcos Adriano says:

What is the battery life? That is, how many miles do you run with a load?

ytesb1 says:

Bontrager is for Keith Bontrager, one of the pioneers of mtn biking. The name is pronounced Bon (as in Bon Appetit) Trager (just like it is written)

BobTheBikerNY says:

Great review, I’ve owned one for 3 weeks and it’s a blast. I work in a bike shop about 3.5 hours north of New York City. The Super Commuter+ 8S is my second e-bike, I also have a 2014 Specialized Turbo S.

The stem comes from the factory installed in the flat position with the stem faceplate on with the light mount in the up position. All stems are shipped flat to keep the height of the shipping box as small as possible to cut down on shipping costs. Trek has a great 48-page dealer manual available for download from their Trek University training website that shows the light mounted below the handlebar as it does in the videos on both their consumer and dealer websites. The manual shows all the schematics for cable runs, part numbers for both Trek and Bosch parts and instructions for replacing proprietary parts. Trek’s tech support for dealers is unmatched in the industry.

I love the Bosch mid-drive motor but it’s harder to sneak up on my friends on the local bike path compared to my totally silent Turbo S. The other thing I prefer on the Turbo S is mid-mount double kickstand which is much sturdier. As much as I’d like to try the new Vado 6.0 I doubt I’d ever own one after my experience with Specialized’s proprietary controller. Last fall the tiny joystick on the controller died and on a bike that was just under 2 years old they no longer had that controller as it was changed on newer models. The new controller is stuck in kilometer mode and it no longer supports regenerative braking. Bosch has promised to support parts and service for 10 years past last manufacture date so it’s a no-brainer, Bosch is the way to go if you have to work for a living and aren’t a trust fund baby or a Silicon Valley multi-millionaire.

kevin delporte says:

Thanks for your honest and detailed review. I m gona buy this bike for dailly use from home to work.

Wil Ortiz says:

where’s ur girlfriend ain’t seen her in a while

Don Hall-Aquitania says:

Another great review Court! This is a beautiful eBike but the R&M Charger Nuvinci HS is +$50 more (from Propel Bikes) and comes with suspension in the fork and seat post. I rode one of those at Splendid Cycles in Portland and it was fantastic!

Dr Manhattan says:

*bon* not *bone*

Michael Heintz says:

The noise on this is crazy. I spent $2200 for a fat bike, rack, fenders, lights & Bafang BBSHD mid-drive kit along with battery pack. The motor is virtually silent, I have 1500w of power, smooth shifting, and full throttle capabilities. I’ve hit speeds of almost 40 miles per hour without using the full capability of the motor. I simply can’t believe how loud this Trek is. I like to look of it, but I could not handle this amount of noise on my daily commute. It sounds like a jet engine and doesn’t go nearly as fast as I can. Then the price, I could build two of my bikes and still have beer money left over.

BTW – I have almost 2000 miles on my setup from daily commuting over the last 8 months and I’ve had no issues. My ride varies between paved bike paths and dirt single tracks through through trees.

jack jones says:

All these bikes are awesome… But the price is too high for 99% of us!

John Moura says:

Great review – – Nice bike!

Luk as says:

4999 $ and no usb and no regen breaking ? no thank you

ForbinColossus says:

Integrates fenders better than any ebike I can think of. Great look! With no suspension, I’m surprised it’s not lighter in weight. Rack looks good but baffling it’s not flat to attach trunk type bag. Personally, panniers are overkill for me. Slightly confusing labeling for Bosch to call that a 60Nm “performance speed drive” compared with the 75Nm CX(I’d rather dongle a CX).

Master Blaster says:

$5000 , hopefully these manufacturers finally realise how much profit there doing themselves out of by setting prices that only a Hipster/Latte folk would be prepared to pay.

Andrew Hunter says:

It does look nice just needs a go faster stripe lol

Y Z says:

Is this Bosch engine just as quiet as a Yamaha ?

hcw199 says:

in the UK this would be limited to 15mph…. shame

D Charles says:

Paneer. lol

Jeffrey Porter says:

Bone Tragger??? haha

Im kidding.. good review.

Username47948 says:

That bike is worth more than my truck.

Alex Morse says:

Bon-tray-grr <- how to say it 🙂

JogBird says:


Honky Tonk says:

nice bike trail.

Frank E says:

Looks nice, but 5k….sheesh

John Smith says:

cant listen to this guys voice, why does he talk like a woman?

David Lundgren says:

Very nice! So is the location… where’d you shoot this?

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