VanMoof just made the Tesla of bicycles

VanMoof is a company from Amsterdam that wants to change everything about bikes. That starts with the Electrified S, a bike with an electric motor and a whole bunch of smart features, including embedded radios that can help the company track down the bike if it gets stolen. And if you don’t want a bike with a motor, the company just unveiled the SmartBike — a cheaper, lighter version of the Electrified S with the motor stripped out.


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Emil Namor says:

“I made a bike…”
“…with an app!”
“Please, marry our daughters!”

BornToRunBarefoot says:

I appreciate what the company is trying to do, but their bike is underpowered for the price – or overpriced for the amount of power.

frans venrooy says:

Too expensive for daily use!!

TheGrouchDnD says:

Telling me this is the Tesla of bikes is the exact way to make me never buy one.

s dennis says:

3000 just buy a car

David Lopez says:

There’s electric bikes all over San Francisco and they’ve been here years…. Lol

andy the gardener says:

i think comparison with tesla is both accurate in some ways and dubious in other ways. although their products are bought by people also pretending that expensive e vehicles will save the planet or compensate for their otherwise extremely high personal carbon footprint, fossil fuel dependent work niche and enthusiastic contributions to collossal human overpopulation (ie having babies), i doubt this company recieves squillions of dollars in government subsidy (diverted from the fossil fueled megacancer to create ‘e future’ techno hopium propoganda) like tesla. although saying that, like all cancer cell businesses, this one is still entirely supported by the totally unsustainable, ever growing, planet eating megacancer economic bubble, like everything else humans do.

D MV says:

Make it go 60 MPH and I’ll buy it as long as it’s $600 or less.

rob wells says:

brake dust is deadly for our lungs. take your car to work

Elijah Roberts says:

If you have $3,000 to buy a bike why not just buy a car???

Koustubh Athavale says:

Why not make an electric cycle that has motors, but also has pedals, and when you pedal, it charges the battery.

s dennis says:

The background music at the beginning sounds like some sort of remix of San Andreas

William David Wallace says:

One has to do something about car drivers who mostly don’t care about sharing the road, in fact some are actively aggressive towards cyclists. There are also stupid bikers who ride in say the blind spot of trucks and then wonder why they get hit.

Matt Salas says:

What about gears?

Himel Das says:

Meh, I’d rather get a Mahindra Genze

langhamp8912 says:

The complaining about price is getting tedious. No one is forcing you to open your wallet and buy one.

ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ says:

everyone complaining about the price while nowadays expensive ebikes cost 10k

Havnar says:

the “find my bike back” is not a free service by the way, it’s a 1 or 3 year subscription

KIMI says:

Hasn’t xiaomi already made something similar at a much cheaper price (less than a fifth), or is it not available on western market? I’ve heard that xiaomi product is quite limited when compared to its east and sea market.

Chandrashekar Patil says:

U guys are lucky or gifted with so nice roads I am happy for you …we dream such roads, environment in India we are unlucky our government is corrupt and filthy

C S says:

Just buy a Juiced bike crosscurrent S is what I have and it kills hills!!

Nathan Roberson says:

No they did not make anything that is a great leap fwd. 420wh in not close to the biggest bike batt. There are 1600wh batt.

Mali Yojez says:

Any chance of a VanMoof recumbent trike?

N-NANI! says:

I’m not commuting with that bike no way

John Lindsay says:

Need put keyed lug nuts on them like cars wheels for a start integrated lock if try take bike brake the bike makeing it useless to them GPS them low jack laws bike theif high crime horses theif get humg for it same here 15 year for takeing a bike cut off a finger too

guy tertius says:

I shouldn’t be carrying around the lock to go around with that expensive bike

Delores Emeagi says:

So… an E-bike?

Elias Toivanen says:

This bike got my attention with its sleek design but alas I learn you have to charge it and get a frigging app to use it…Trust me guys…one of these days you will find yourself without the comfort of electricity / internet and all this hitech bullshit is not going to work. Does anybody know of any e-Bike that would recharge itself (when riding downhill / braking) like electric cars do?

LekkerLeviLoos says:

“smart bike and stupid bike” such dutch humour hahaha

Smullet90 says:

Bullshit. No way.

Cameron Todd says:

ever heard of suspension? lol


The CEO is so godawful but I love the bike if you’re weak or old

Mary Jansson says:

So it’s not the Copenhagen wheel? But it’s processes are similar.

antigen4 says:

i love their style – but seriously?? i have to have a cell phone to get one??? count me out i guess

Shut Up plz says:

So it’s overpriced for plastic and a battery?

Armani Rodriguez says:

I’ll invest in it in the hopes that the price goes down a bit like there’s cars that are cheaper than that bike.

Edis Süleyman says:

What if i put 2 dynamos on it to kinda help it charge itself? I know dynamos produce very little electricity, but wouldn’t it extend the range?

Matt Smith says:

To make commuting by bicycle more appealing the bicycles aren’t what needs to be improved. It’s the roads. What we need is more bike lanes so bikes and cars can stay out of each others way.

Stephen Aymond says:

Oof, the noise it makes though.

Rachel Barclay says:

That thing looks heavy

uhh tubric says:

Get a motorcycle, reliable, faster

frans venrooy says:

When it is gone, we will be seeing it back in a couple of years on the recycleshop we’re we repair a lot of stolen bikes who are being left on trainstations ect, so we will be seeing this one probably in a couple of Years.

Bogdan Lulelaru says:

I took the saddle of mine Andreea they still stole it

Nitish Roat says:

Motors inside the tubes of the bikes ?? says:

I guess someday thiefs will be able to kill the Chip inside so that vanmoof can no longer track the bike…

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