VeloMini Plus Video Review – Lightweight Folding Ebike The VeloMini Plus is one of the lightest, most compact, folding electric bikes I have tested, it folds down quickly and doesn’t rattle around or come undone very easily because the seat post secures it. An integrated headlight, independent rear light, and bright glossy white frame help you to see and be seen in varied conditions, included canvas bag offers protection and concealment. A slightly lower 14 mph top assisted speed improves efficiency and stability given the smaller wheelset, efficient tires coast smoothly and the rear bumper and padded seat offer decent comfort. Single-speed drivetrain is reliable, plastic guides keep the chain on track even when folded, battery is not removable but can be replaced, pedal assist isn’t super responsive but motor inhibitor brake levers help.


hamhumtube says:

hi i like your videos.
please add equal metric values of funny things (pound, feet) : ) where mentioned as text on the video. is it true abbreviation of pound is lbs : )

Chauncey Smith says:

wow back again with another cool video. great factory shot.

Supership Supernaut says:

EBR love your reviews. If I invest 2k on a comfort bike, for gro store, hardware store travel. With your experience, what do you recommend? I want front shock, 2” tires, sweep back handlebars, good power. I ride like they do in Netherlands. Tks Larry

samsacre says:

Nice…now get your hands on the new Sondors FOLD X !!!

ilikewasabe says:

its lighter than other non electric folding bike.. nice! not that expensive too

Lysle Basinger says:

I like the long reviews. You do good work., Court.

Bayu Oktaviantino says:

Why not review xiaomi qicycle?

STEEZ says:

Fuck gentrification

Not Sure says:

reminds me of the lady designed bike from europe…italy? seems similar

Lysle Basinger says:

Plus I have a Kent “Margaritaville” 26″ trike with a1000 watt front wheel drive, a lightweight mobility scooter, a TaoTao 50cc Thunder moped, and a 20″ single speed trike waiting for a front wheel drive Urban X motorwheel with built in battery. This should keep me occupied this summer until my Elio 3 wheel autocycle arrives. This all helps me keep my mind off cancer.

Lysle Basinger says:

At least it has a split throttle. My Goplus has a full grip throttle which is even worse for accidental engagement. I compare the bike to my Ancheer folding elec bike which I bought for $499, (7-speed) (18mph) now selling for $629. And I added a great little Aosome trailer (180# weight limit) for $99., now available for $92. (Prices are complete, delivered-) My only complaint is the seat which I replaced. In fact I bought 3 more and sold 2.

Mary Lou Berry says:

please help me find Schwinn Transit battery replacement or repair in Atlanta GA

John Moura says:

It would be nice if the folded bike fit into the trailer.

Ian Jukes says:

It looks like a great bike but I think it has one disastrous mistake. There is no way that front wheel should be radially laced. Wheels that are powered should be cross laced to help with the torque.
I was told this long ago but a very experienced wheel builder

Robert Jones says:

Look talk about the bike already Mr bike guy. This dude is the biggest bore then we have to watch him and his boyfriend tour Oakland just to pick up a created bike that was interesting NOT! Ok bye bye douche bag Next video

Torian the Cyclist says:

WAIT!!! You’re here!?!?!?! man, can I take you to lunch or something!? I’ve been watching your videos for months and I’m truly thankful for what you’re doing in spreading awareness. This is the least I could do.


Magnum premium for heavier rider & night ride.

Carlospicywiener says:

Hi Court do you think you will be doing a review of the ‘LMX’ performance ebike in the future?

Kelly S says:

Ha! I know exactly where that station is (about 5 minutes in) lol…I used to live down the street 🙂

Peter Landy says:

Great review! This light weight sub-compact has lots of potential but a bit too under powered for my purpose. Raise max speed and range to near 20 with a little wider tires (while keeping weight same) would make it a good starter. Thanks 🙂

Henry Sanchez says:

2 Days after the review of the velo mini plus I purchased one, the bike blew me away when I test rode it! Has more power than I expected, on the highest assist it felt faster than 14mph. Steep hills were no problem, the ride, handling, and stopping power, were better than my Brompton! And the light weight is a no brainer. EBR reviews are so cool.

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