Video Review: Stealth H-52 electric bike eats up tight trails

Stealth Electric Bikes makes some of the baddest e-bikes around, but what happens when you replace the pedals with dirtbike-style pegs? We climbed aboard Stealth’s H-52 model to find out.

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Test riders: Chris Edwards, Noel McKeegan, Nick Lavars
Video: Darren Quick, Noel McKeegan, Nick Lavars
Video production: Chris Blain, Loz Blain


Noob Virtanen says:

I dont think its a good idea to buy that yet. These bikes evolve all the time.

From DayOne says:

sur-ron dirt mx-ebike affordable fast and practical

Serif Gurbiyikli says:

I am a turkis and ay sey di bike shop 7000 tl woo but i get it

Winter4Lax says:

How do you BUY IT I went on their web but they only let test rides

Glenn Billings says:

The H52 has no chain drive!
That is so cool.



Robin Banks says:

It’s awkward looking on a trail – just doesn’t flow like a quality dirtbike – I don’t know who this is for as it doesn’t do anything better than what already exists.

I’m sure we’ll be riding electric dirt bikes in the future and they won’t look like this.

Wil Morris says:

Never stick your leg out when turning corners. Who does that?

nicholasscholten says:

Very cool bike, but the hub motor is the biggest weak point. That’s why you have no much less grunt than pretty much any other type of electric motor. I’d bet a dollar a lot of the performance loss you saw was, if you looked back at the riding you did, after time when you were hammering the motor and getting it totally heat-soaked. Hub motors are most abysmal when it comes to thermal management.

MasterQuack14 says:

A fully decked out FUTR Alpha is the exact same as the Stealth Bomber but only costs $3,500. These bikes from Stealth are significantly over priced and if you are in the US you will have to pay import tax because it is a vehicle and not parts. The $3,500 price is including Moto rims and DOT street tires so I can actually register mine for legal street use, where as Stealth uses bicycle rims/tires so you couldn’t.

Ian Mangham says:

Still best option to buy a nice tough hydraulic disc mtb second hand and then a ebike kit

suchasreallife says:

This thing looks awesome

Joakim B3gballs says:

I know it do 90 km/h.

igna sevitch says:

how many $ if i should pay ?

DoNotAskJeeves says:

Been 55mph on a road racing bike downhill and that felt near-death, on dirt it must be mad lol. Want one of these for christmas…

Michael Bradley says:

Another dickhead riding illegally on public land, why bother with a 25 km /h limiter when it completely illegal ?

Silas Adams says:

Wish I had the cash to get one… looks like a real fun toy

Dennis Bardwe says:

where can i get one

Azor 3 says:

How much does one cost


2 electric bike motors on ebay is like 500 and 2 Lipo battery is like another 500

Avijit Das says:

You buy for me…….please sir



Adeum Deus says:

Looked up the price of these things, and LOL. They are the better part of $10,000. A Kawasaki 450 motorcycle is $1,000 cheaper. This bike shouldn’t be more than $2,000-3,000. Seems like they’re only taking advantage of a niche market.

ScrimHyphen says:

53 kilos? I think you got that wrong. The B52 is 53kgs. whereas the H52 is only 38kgs.

Amber K says:

Did the way you have been very happy and then the way you have any attachments may

Madness 16 says:

9500 HAHAHAHAH get your self a proper endure or supermoto !!just for reference brand new exc 250 cost around 8000usd

justanother Christian says:

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ROMAN XY9777 says:


fok yo says:

Sun Ron cost five times less u cunts

Mao Zedong says:

Get dirt bike Its cheaper and does 100mph .
My brand new adventure motorcycle 750 cc costed me less that this crap .
I can do 200 miles on a tank easy

N7 says:

11000 euros ahhahaahhahaha, at this price i prefere to buy the E-KTM motocross

but if you have brain you will buy a 250 sx 2018 at 8300 euros ! and you will have a very good motocross

maximus14433 says:

Its neat but more hp and battery life plus decent price is what will make it sell. Otherwise it remains at its current stage. Prototype. Ill stick to my 2009 ktm sxf 450. 50+hp, 90+mph and hours worth of life on FUEL.

Bruce B says:

at the end of the day, at the end of the day, at the end of the day, at the end of the day at the end of the day. How about: till the fat lady sings, till the fat lady sings, no, how about: finally.

jorge maldonado says:

$9500??????? Fuck that shit


You can get a dirt bike that goes faster and is cheaper that the dumb bike and when it dies your screwed because you don’t have pedals

Wuning Zhong says:

How much is that?

sajju sajju says:

How much is this bike and how many km it travels in full charge

Myppi_official says:

How much this costs

Akron Ohio says:


Andrew videos #1 says:

6000$ you should just buy a dirtbike

fok yo says:

$9500!??! Fuck off

MichaelTechGaming says:

trust me when i say this… NOBODY other than rich people can buy this OR Will buy this 9500!? DOLLARS WTF you can buy a motorcycle for that !
Just wait a few years or 10 these will be MUCH cheaper and rider prob faster and can prob ride like 200km on one charge

Gary Smith says:

It’s a battery powered bike. The coast doesant justify the price

Gary Smith says:

At that price it should make every hill

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