Vilano Pulse Video Review – Affordable Electric Bike Bought on Amazon The Vilano Pulse is a more affordable pedal-assist electric bike available in high step and a step-thru, predominantly sold online (requires assembly) and may be discontinued? Solid commuter package including steel fenders, a chain guard, a sturdy rack with pannier blockers and battery surround tubing as well as independent LED lights. Entry level Shimano Tourney 7 speed drivetrain but the grip shifter works well with basic ergonomic grips, the control pad is basic with limited readouts but easy to reach and understand while riding. The saddle is kind of firm and there’s no suspension, the motor and battery are both mounted at the rear which can feel unbalanced and the frame flexes a bit (on the step-thru version especially), only available in one size/color combination for each frame type.


Vincent T. says:

Great review video of this bike! Wow this bike seems like a good value for the money. The only downfall is no throttle mode which would be a deal breaker for me. I wonder if you can add a throttle to it? Keep up the great work Court!

Frank Bonilla says:

Great work! 😎

milad jafari says:

can you please do a review of the daymak em1 or the emmo knight gts please. they seem like fantastic Ebike with a motorcycle look, but there isn’t a single review video on them.

MortallicA91 says:

Looks nice but I would like a slightly better and expensive one to buy for my mom. Seems like this is a descend price to start at I wouldn’t go above 1500. It would be nice if it wasn’t wobbling and had a low bridge like this one.

There are so many bikes and so many generic that I’m afraid to risk it without searching for months. Also living in europe makes this harder as it seems that usa has more bikes available.

Seth Blakeman says:

We purchased this bike. Do you have any recommendations for me? Thanks! We love your videos.

DanFire 27 says:

Could you possibly do a review on the cyclamatic power plus. It’s a good budget bike, thanks!

Nasir Uddin says:


cresshead says:

great video, nice to see reviews on the entry level end of the e-bike spectrum, also great to hear a review from
none e bikers take on the challenge and see how they get on with them.

John Moura says:

Great – – Fun to watch!

Mark Elford says:

I would suggest a bicycle repair course,its so important to know how everything fits.especially handlebar adjustments,it only takes 1 misadjusted stem and lights out.

janicemorrison1 says:

What would you recommend for a folding electric bike for a woman that looks like a regular bike. I also want safety features and possibly up to 60 miles? So many options I need help deciding! Thank you very much!

mn3m0n1c says:

Hi, consider measuring velocity performance with an iPhone/Android GPS app when tested bikes aren’t equipped with any speedometer.

aviram Yeller says:

ok cool✌

Aloft Oft says:

Great video once again, how do you afford all the bikes you buy?

aviram Yeller says:

is there any way i could make my bike faster?greenbike toro 20″

joes joey says:

great videos! these bikes could be good for beginners or someone who wants to get somewhere without sweating to much but if you ride daily and hard just be careful because my friend has had bad luck with these type of bikes and frame broke while he was riding!! ride safe!!

metamorphicorder says:

how has this fared? i predict some broken spokes in the rear wheel based on my experience with lower end ebikes. i had two of the old ezips 5 years ago and was plagued with broken spokes. im a bit heavier but at the price point, it seems pretty similar. im riding a rad wagon right now and couldn’t be happier with it. 13ah is pretty impressive, almost suspiciously so, have you range tested it or added a speedo to check the speed? there should be a harness comming off the motor cotroller to add a throttle, which would be nice. curious to see how this has held up.

bartspants says:

those 2 get it on i thinking

Andrew Spacespanker says:

That is not how you adjust stem. There is a bolt right under the handlebar. If you unscrew it, the stem will move free.

Bezlichnyy says:

I decided to purchase the Vilano Pulse Men’s Electric Commuter Bike after I watched a Youtube review from Electricbikereview.
I purchased the Vilano Pulse Men’s Electric Commuter Bike on 2/8/17 from for $789.00 USD with free shipping included and it arrived on 2/14/17

I had the bike assembled and tuned-up at my local bike shop. The bike weighs about 28kg and I weigh 82 kg.
My observations of the Vilano Pulse Men’s Electric Commuter Bike test ride on Feb.15, 2017:
The weather conditions were clear, no winds, it was 51.1 °F.
Before the trip the battery was fully charged 4 out 4 bars as shown on indicator level, bicycle was set to pedal assist level 3(highest setting)

At the start of trip distance was 4.50616km/2.8 US mi, time was 2:40pm MST, streets were mostly flats, with one minor incline (grade unknown), and straight-a ways, ending trip time was 2:53pm MST. I was not able to measure my speed. At the end of trip, the battery indicator still indicated a full power however; I still charged the battery anyways when I arrived at my job. Overall, the trip was zero to minimal effort for the Vilano Pulse men’s electric commuter bike.
My opinion of the Vilano Pulse is that it performs well on moderate hills, windy days, and flats. The bike is commuter ready with fenders and a chain guard. I think that’s very utilitarian especially during wet conditions. I’m not sure if Vialano Pulse bike can be ridden in the rain though. I think it’s very impressive for economy e-bike.

Andrew Wong says:

Enjoy your reviews and keep up the good work.  The only suggest I have is that you guys replace the adjustable stem with a non adjustable unit.  When I worked at a shop I would always find those stems coming loose when the bikes come in for service.   Again keep up the great work and have a great one!

John O Leary says:

excellent review.

Seth Blakeman says:

We just purchased the Vilano Pulse model from this video!

NWforager says:

Darlington’s girl scored a Way better deal . I see how these have totally disappeared off amazon

MotorheadRedo says:

The price seems real low for an ebike that comes with a 13Ah lithium battery. It would be interesting if you did a range test like you did with the Sonders ebike, or find out the batteries true capacity.

Robert Wetzel says:

It is really nice to see how your reviews become more and more elaborate with additional content, further opinions and all that. On the bike itself I’d be wary about the brakes, I have some no-name direct-pull brakes as well and they are totally inadequate for the heavier bikes they come with.

Ralph Warom says:

Hey, really like the long termness of this review.

Cayden Chen says:

you should do a review of the x-treme trailmaker ebike

Flo Mo says:

Your videos are cheerful. And all bikes will be presented perfectly. Thanks for that. Your channel is unique.

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