VoltBike Urban Video Review – Inexpensive Folding Electric Bike

https://electricbikereview.com/voltbike/urban-folding/ The VoltBike Urban is an ultra-affordable folding electric bike sold online from Canada, offers a full range of accessories including lights, fenders and a rear carry rack. Available in black or white but only one size, you get six gears with a basic Shimano Tourney TX derailleur and over sized thumb shifter. Larger 1.95″ tires and a very basic suspension fork soften the ride, standard saddle and cheap ergonomic grips further improve comfort. The rear light is not wired in like the headlight which makes it easier to forget and run out, the stem lock felt cheap and came loose easier than other products I’ve tested, no built in clasp to keep the bike folded.


Seb K says:

Piston rod thing = bolt .

yew2bin says:

“Court, I noticed that this bike for 2017 comes with alloy rims and a new frame design like the E-Joe. Price still the same

Stephen Cho says:

I’ve had this for a few months now. Yes the chain does drop when you up-shift rapidly 2 gears (or more). I swapped out the silly stock kid’s chain-ring for a 60t and it makes a world of a difference. You are correct about the folding stem… it does need to be tightened over time. My rear light got stuck on “on” and is no longer used. Other than that the bike has survived heavy usage during the winter and I am happy so far. If I was voltbike I would switch to a front motor design and go with an internally geared hub. Being able to shift while stopped is so underrated IMO especially in urban commuting.

Court, please do a review on their 20″ fat tire bike… It’s a few $100 cheaper than the trail viper but comes with a 48v battery with even more WH’s

ABritInNY says:

Who knew that the crappy little basic lcd that came with my kayman flash+ a year ago is now being called an Advanced LCD Ebike computer 😉 I will admit that the walk mode is kinda cool, on my other bikes with the slightly more advanced kt lcd3 screens, when you lift off the button it stops power, whereas on this screen it stays on until you brake. Great for riding with my dog, (we call it ‘doggie speed,” 🙂

WhiskeyThieves says:

How much customization can I get out of these bikes? Is it possible to get it in more of a road bike seating position?

Florencio de Ocampo Reyes says:

Looking at the Mate ebike. Do you have a review on this? Let me know.Thanks.

Francesco Capaccioni says:

I’m looking for just such a model. 8n are Italian, I need 2 VoltBike and serve me in early September, in Sydney. In 20 days, in fact, my wife and I totally booked. They lack the VoltBike. We find them in Sydney. How / where can we order them? We pay online, if we ensure delivery in the first week of September.
Mary and Francesco

Christopher Cruise says:

European Engineering Design is the Superior Product=2016 A2B KUO+

MAY LIN says:

similar with my e-bike, mine is  350W 36V 10.4AH 20″

Michael Loughlin says:

great informative review…..

HD Anonymous says:

not cheap

Nacho Jase says:

Have a look at this Eon Scooter 25mph / 35 mile range / 2 hour charge http://queue.social/l0M5D0Z

Gegoyana Shalbi says:

Do you ship to Jerusalem Israel how much it costs thank you


can I have a child on the back? and how far does it go on throttle?

Jon Auty says:

These reviews are really informative and well produced – I find myself binge watching and I don’t even cycle! Could you recommend a bike or things to look out for on a folding e-bike able to handle uk canal towpaths and some hills? So concrete, gravel, thick mud and cobbles!?

MotorheadRedo says:

Nice Price! I would like to see a low priced electric folding bicycle with 16″ wheels that folds in thirds.

Nando says:

too long

Riaz Patwary says:

how much is it? where. can I buy it?

Suliman VlogsTube says:

How much is this actually

Kaz Mogi says:

Thanks for doing all the reviews that you do! After lots of research I decided to order this bike as my first electric bike 🙂 Should be getting it in a few weeks.

Arian Khan says:

Hey, I live in Vancouver and was wondering where do you recommend to shop for electric rides, name a few, store or online doesnt matter, if you dont mind, thanks!

BroManz says:

ok, im looking for a review of ANCHEER electric folding bike and this video is number 1 every search….all im trying 2 find out is:

1. if that battery is upgradable?
2.where is the controller?
3.can i swap out that rear wheel for a upgraded wheel?

SuperFartknocker says:

how would you compare thus to the ejoe epik se?

John Moura says:

Nice bike!

Tim Daniel says:

If I had $1 for every time this person said ‘like’ I’d have $1000 to spend on a new bike!

Bernard Manansala says:

Have you reviewed the Voltbike Mariner? Very similar to Rad Pro RadMini.

Love your Channel by the way and keep those reviews coming.

Philip Mekonen says:

i love this bike!! Voltbike has made a couple of updates to the bike so the video maybe a prototype.

BaloCele says:

how long does this bike battery last on one charge? and can it run by itself without physical peddling

Theskybluelake says:

I talked to Sam on the phone; Sam is absolutely Awesome !!! I ordered this bike… (Sam does not sell it but was more than happy to talk to me about it). I did Tons of research; best bike for the money… anything lacking on it I can get around it easily. “I found my Thrill”

Marionne Patrick says:

im wondering how heavy is stahn?

scriptedhuman says:

The new version of the Voltbike Urban has a bigger front chainring and an improved handlebar locking mechanism. It basically addresses all of his concerns, AND it costs exactly the same.

Alc Anon says:

hi can you make on the end od the video pros and cons table

Marco Vancouver says:

We’re truly blessed to have Voltbike right here in Vancouver. Been kicking the hell out of my Yukon for two months(bought it the day I saw your review.), absolute tank. Would be nice if Voltbike came out with a high power skateboard

Szabi Sabrina says:

This bike looks like there is a long way between the seat and handles. im a 5’2 girl is this going to be too big

Reb MCMG says:

im looking for something to zip me around town so im def looking for speed,whats the fastest you can go on a ebike?

Jolly Ordonez says:

Where to buy in Los Angeles, CA?

Denise OReilly says:

Love your reviews – i’m new into e-bikes and bought a Sondors Thin on indiegogo/kickstarter – your reviews are awesome for people not sure where to invest their money! There are several new folding bikes on Indiegogo now – all highly affordable (under $1000) so will be great to see if you get to review those (MATE (Denmark) CoolPeds (USA)!

kanehi says:

Do electric bikes charge when using the pedals?

Hulk Comp says:

Fuck u dumb bitch no wonder u have no friends

Sharon Phillips says:

Im 70 years old and have to carry an oxygen machine. So, Im looking to find a LITE folding bike so I can lift it into the trunk of my car. Which brand should I look at?

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