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Full review: https://electricbikereport.com/voltbike-yukon-750-limited-electric-fat-bike-review-part-1-pictures-specs/ The powerful VoltBike Yukon 750 Limited electric fat bike is in for testing & review! The Yukon 750 Limited features a 750 watt motor, high capacity 48V 16ah lithium battery, Tektro hydraulic disc brakes, and a full assortment of accessories. Full review: https://electricbikereport.com/voltbike-yukon-750-limited-electric-fat-bike-review-part-1-pictures-specs/


William Vanderpool says:

if it’s a electric bike why are they still peddling it lol. in the video’s all these bike wont be long be for you will have to have a lic… for them too just like the, gas bikes never fails .

Dangerman5 says:

I see a lot of really good powerful electric fat bikes but I have reservations about the amount of rolling resistance if you’re mainly using on the road. It’s bound to drain the battery. Was thinking maybe I could put slick tires on it…

Informed citizen says:

Looks a lot like a M2S All terrain fat bike. All the same components…probably made in the same factory.

nestogonzo1 says:

air or spring fork?

Benjamin Jehne says:

It looks just cheap.

John Eli says:

Looks neat

mcace says:

How much is this thing I think I’ve seen that other videos you don’t even tell us the price range

actnowone says:

Nice looking bike, I live in the U.K. so not legal over here otherwise I would have bought one

reinplat says:

Bike needs a lot more and bigger lettering.

Gear Gadgets and Gizmos says:

Nicely done review.

redrum murder says:

I have a Samsung 19 ah .. what charger were you using and would it work with any Samsung battery

Sunshine State Lover says:

fun on the beach

D B says:

Looks very much like a Juiced Ripcurrent S.

Larry Conger says:

That is ugly, they can do much better!

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