Walleräng M.01 Video Review – Sporty, Modular, Cargo Electric Bike

https://electricbikereview.com/wallerang/m-01/ The Walleräng M.01 is a sporty cargo-capable electric bike with smaller mid-step frame and suspension fork options, it utilizes one of the most responsive and efficient drive systems on the market, Shimano STePs. You get electronic shifting, automatic shifting options and tons of options in a beautiful, removable display panel, you can turn off backlighting, change the starting gear and so much more. With an internally geared hub, you can shift at standstill and usually end up with less maintenance because it’s well protected and sealed, great integrated LED Lights, reflective tires and full-length fenders. Battery can be charged on or off the frame but requires an easy-to-lose dongle to do so, impressively light weight considering the sturdy racks, powerful adjustable hydraulic disc brakes.


F r e e l e e says:

A cargo bike is best if its a trike.

Aundreen Mitchell says:

I own and love this bike. I ride it 20 miles round trip to work 3-4 days a week. Only change I made was the handle bar and grips. Charging is reasonable, and the shifting is smooth and can hold a ton of weight. Great review Court!

James Bighands says:

Another great review Court. Its a shame the blue skies are messed up with chemtrails.

George Herman says:

The bike looks like a wallerang. Too expensive for me.

Nubianette says:

Nice! I’ll have to put this on my check out list. A bit more than I want to pay, but it seems worth it.

David Högborg says:

Nice comprehensive review as usual! I’ve been commuting every day though rain and on snow with my M.01 and it’s worked great. I love the front basket and the auto shift.

Fat Bike Freak says:

He said dongle…haha…


wallerang sounds Aussie.

NYCeWheels says:

Nice review Court! This is one of our favorite bikes out there, so many options!

Darren says:

They should just let you integrate your phone into bike statistics display

David Cann says:

Great review! I have a Walleräng M.01 that I ride almost every day. It’s absolutely brilliant.

Fredrik Bengtsson says:

I tried this bike last year and it was fantastic.

Couch_Ech says:

Hello! I’m planing to buy Haibike Fullseven S 2017 with 350w bosch motor and 45km/h speed. Problem is that bike has front 20t sprocket and most of the mountain bikes you reviewed with bosch system they all have 16t front sprocket. How hard will it be to ride this bike uphill in the first gear with turbo mode on 19% step hill? Will i get the same experience like other haibike with bosch motor and smaller front sprocket?

terry oneill says:

nice review , im getting my kalkhoff agattu 17 next week thanks ,from the uk ,you made my mind up lol cheers

Chauncey Smith says:

another great review. yhe bike was cool and clean

Bob A says:

Nice review and really like the auto electronic shifters. Probably good for some light grocery shopping etc. Looks like the bike is made in Sweden! The ads show a very beautiful Swedish model which makes the bike even look more cosmetically vibrant!

Aundreen Mitchell says:

One other thing… any owners look at the welds on your Wallerang and compare them to another bike? They did a fantastic job sanding them down and making them smooth. Look and the joints went Court zooms into the frame. That was a small, but really awesome design ascetic that I loved.

visualray says:

I like how integrated everything is and how you can control the lights and gears directly from the screen/control unit.

Kalle Blomqvist says:

It’s designed and built close to where I live in Gotheburg, Sweden. Met the CEO, Carl Walleräng, on a bicycle fair a couple of weeks ago 🙂

John Moura says:

Great review – – Nice looking bike!

Ethan Lapenti says:

Capacity / Top speed / Options to order with different motors ?

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