Watseka XP Video Review – $650 Ebike from Amazon, Cheap and Heavy

https://electricbikereview.com/watseka/xp/ The Watseka XP Cargo and Sport are ultra affordable electric bike sold on Amazon for ~$650, requires 1.5+ hours for assembly along with some basic tools (it comes with a few unique wrenches and instructions to get you going), the kickstand is two-sided and very stable which helps with setup. Extremely heavy at ~78 lbs… the battery pack alone weighs ~23.5 lbs because it uses absorbed glass mat (AGM) lead acid technology vs. Lithium-ion, it won’t get as many charge cycles and is more sensitive to degradation if left uncharged but is only ~$160 to replace. Lots of useful accessories come standard with the Cargo and Sport models including steel fenders, a plastic chain guide, a steel cargo rack and LED lights, I like that the headlight is wired into the system… the rear requires two AA batteries. Extremely basic display panel just shows your battery level, full-grip twist throttle works alright but is easier to activate by by mistake, the bike I received had a deep frame scratch, a bent fork, missing hardware (to support the basket) and corroded AA batteries for the light. In this video review we assemble, test and compare the bike as well


Pierre Louis says:

A good electric bike cost at least 1300 dollars. That’s twice the price of this bike.

Texas Hi-Railer says:

What a PIECE OF SHIT that Watseka is!!!

Mark Elford says:

That was fun, that Crapseka needs a days work.. the jingling jaggling noises would drive me berserk..those throttles can jump you into traffic!

David Frobel says:

I would have just shipped it back,,send me one thats not junk when I get it

Christopher Moltisanti says:

This type of video is great ,would like to see more diy and even repair videos.

cb1504 says:

About time! Amazon is selling the heck out of these, I looked for a review for quite awhile before I bought mine. I still love my Watseka, over a year later. I’m going to upgrade to a lighter lithium battery. The fender screws rattle out and I replace them with zip ties to stop the fenders rattling. The basket bracket design is just plain flawed and it drops onto the front fender, rattling. I hacked my basket bracket so it will hold about 10 lbs & doesn’t drop to the fender. Mine’s going about 15mph and the brakes are horrid. It goes faster sometimes, I’m a fatty, that makes a difference as do the wind and the terrain. My brakes squeak like yours did, a year later, constantly need adjusting. But I still ride it every day for at least 10 miles a day & LIKE IT!  It’s a fun ride. I had no problem with the seat for the battery. I’ve taken the battery in and out a few times and never had any issues with the pins.

MatRdmCooper says:

Good to see what the lower end of town looks like

Josh Amidon says:

Wow what a piece of junk.

xRustBucketx says:

lol that rear wheel needs some truing,..BADLY.
well you get what you pay4.

Chris Tittiger says:

Where at in Colorado?

Karly Johnston says:

Electric assisted shopping kart

Ninja EX says:

Omg you guys really don’t know how to put a bike together -_-

mike x says:

products are so overpriced now people must really be desperate

xXRedWolfXx says:

I live in the UK would i be able to buy this? or is it only USA??

joes joey says:

29;05 my favorit moment ahahahahha the way you said it made my laugh !!nice video man~!

OrigamiBicycleCo says:

This is absolute garbage! 250W is low, the weight is terribly high, the brakes are bad, etc.

TJ the rc Guy says:

first off your both dumb ass’s I have the same bike and never had a issue. There’s a invention called a wrench and lock tight! try tightening bolts before riding and don’t work on bikes if you can’t even a just a v brake. the fork isn’t bent it a little defect a spacer fixes easily. don’t post a review video if you can’t even pick up a tool. this is a bull shit review being you didn’t even assemble it right or tighten a single bolt! anyone watching this disregard the video these 2 are idiots! 🙁

3dkiller says:

omg even the wheel on the back is not balanced.. hahahaha

Tom Thumb says:

It may not be perfect but the price is right!

Good review.

Андрей Б. says:

I am the owner of this electric bike. Normal usage

Keen Rays says:

For that bike you’re friend was riding can a very tall person ride one?

patch rooney says:

A $650 death trap.

Carlospicywiener says:

go go gadget vbrake tuning skills..

Veronica LeROSE says:


Michael Gebhart says:

If that were a bit better quality and had a 23.5lb lithium cobalt battery, it would be an awesome bike.

Antichrist 666 says:

isn’t that a woman’s bike?

Philip Buckley says:

thanx….now I know not to purchase this bike……

victoria jakali says:

Can I have one you one bicycle

Jose Garcia says:

Have you thought about review more cheap ebikes? For example, the ancheer folding 250w ebike?

rccrashburn says:

This one is too heavy. What is the next lighter weight.. non-folding, pricewise small step up from this? Thanks in advance for replying.

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