What to look for in Electric Bicycles (ebike)

General Overview of Electric Bicycle Technology
Hubs, Brakes, Speeds, Abilities on 2016 Electra Townie Go


James Atkins says:

Good video… He does sound a little bit like Donald Trump though 😮

gunner836 says:

Don’t no if u can help me I not, I have. 36volt electric bike and the 250w front wheel motor has just gone, do u no if a 500w, 48volt wheel will do the same job as I have one,thanks

mindciller says:

I look for hills specifically to climb. I put an 11-36 cassette on the rear and would never need an electric bike. They seem good for maybe going to work or the grocery store but for recreational riding I don’t see the appeal

November11Seven says:

have you tested any other brands? do you have full write ups? im keenly interested in this topic.

Ricky Rox says:

That’s a snappy color combo man. I like it.

Erick Gregory says:

Love ebikes. Recommend building your own. So much funner.

HyperMinimal says:


bcochnov10 says:

Did you test any folding bikes?

Brad Ersly says:

Hi Peter. Thank you for the review on your electric townie. I am considering this bike only concern are the roller brakes. Seems like a few folks have issue/concerns. I live in the bay area and have hills just like the long one you were going up and down in your review. Any issues for you , still love the bike ?

Woof Dog says:

Build your own , most DIY  are far better then any stock. This guy should go back to doing what he normally does

A Carbajal says:

Cool bike bro. but the question I have I haven’t seen answered clearly yet. Give me a rough estimate how fast it actually goes when you factor in the person’s weight and motor and batteries. So to break it down further 100 lb 150 200 250 300 lb how fast would each one of those people go? And what sort of motor and Battery would each of them have to have in order to go at least 40 miles per hour? Thanks sorry so specific kind of important to know. I understand where that guy talks about more wattage faster speeds because I am a big muscular dude 6’0 250 ish pounds. my size will play a huge factor in the performance of the bike. I just want to be sure that I get an electric bike with some balls. Cause i average about 19 mph I don’t wanna get let down. Or should I get gas?

Bryan Warrick says:

I’d like to see a video going up Mt. Madonna road. I think that’s the name. It’s the alternative to CA-152 for getting to the top. It’s an awesome, very steep, back road with twists and turns going thru redwoods.

Tardisius says:

Riding w/o a helmet is irresponsible =)

nonstopbg says:

Yes. Yes, we can see the headwind.

Phil M says:

No, those old pedal backward brakes are way weaker than the rim grabbers and the newer disc or drum brakes are superior to both.

Ja sam says:

Actually it’s the roller brake.

John 246 says:

I bought a giant talon mtn bike front shock hydrolic breaks and mounted a 1000 w motor and a 52 v battery 40mph 45 mile range from Luna cycles absolute beast prob one of the best ways to go IMO

Jáy Klepács says:

Nice bike choice

1Energine1 says:

Want to see great ebike kits and prices? After much research Luna Cycle out of California has amazing deals on solid kits and ebikes from mild to insane!

Rights Kit says:

How much did it cost you?

Nick Coudounellis says:

I bought myself a Jarifa Speed Focus 30 speed with a 250 watt rear hub motor. The beauty about this motor is it operates on sensors and actually is in par with a mid drive eg the harder you pedal the faster the bike goes. Going up hills is a breeze. I wouldn’t swap it for any other type of bike. You can’t get better than German technology

schutztruppe 1900 says:

I’ve had a kit for 5 years and I would never use pedal reverse brakes!!! going even 20 miles and hour is way too fast. The issue with the traditional brakes is that you have to keep an eye out for retightening , depending on how often you use it and on what terrain. I have over 4000 miles. Still love it. My wife and an old mainbon pedal assist folding , now called A2B. Hers is very simple on or off. No levels or throttle only modes, just pedal assist.

Micheal Maddox says:

Very informative, thanks from a new subscriber

Cal Talbot says:

I love biking too Peter, I have 2 Norco’s, a Norco Plateau commuter, and a Norco Katmandu from the 1960’s and I love them both. However, COPD has me slowing down on my biking. I would “love” to have an electric bike but I just can’t afford one. Anyway, have a great day Peter, small world eh?

Allard Freichmann says:

Glad to see cycling without a helmet and lycra. If you want to know more about cycling and bikes, contact Dutch bikes or cycling advocates. It’s a world wide movement promoting cycling and car free cities. It’s cycling as transport and not as a sport.

Artytom Inquisitive Minds says:

Thanks. Nice review. You seem very happy.

Nash Doyle says:

YES beat that wind that’s the biggest sun of a bitch!

Sanuske Sagara says:

I forwarded a little, dont know if you mentioned the price, how much was it? And where can i buy it???

Clive King says:


Rum Runner says:

You have MINECRAFT!!!!
That is an instant like 😀

Noticed the Minecraft Icon on your task bar LOL.

UncleHarry says:

Beautiful bike, but what make and model is it?? I’m looking at a Long Beach Electric Bike Cruiser style, but your’s is very appealing!! thanks in advance!!

Clearanceman2 says:

The best ones have a VIN and a 250cc to 500cc engine. And they require a license plate and insurance. But you can get a used one for under $1000 and the insurance is like $75 a year.

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