X Treme Electric Bicycle Review After 30 Days

X Treme Electric Bicycle Review After 30 Days

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beatsdddx says:

Your making power moves with that bike,,,Enjoy bro!

Scared Straight 2016 The Predators says:

keep your tires at 40-43 lbs of pressure.

Mark Plunkett #JVLOGS says:

Nice review i like it

Robert Newkirk says:

cool, it looks like fun as well

eliotness100 says:

Good video very informative, i’m from New York dude and I thought the messengers in Manhattan had it bad you talking about San Francisco hills wow thanks for the video though…

patrick lopez says:

wondering if u can put two batteries on the bike and get super double power

cecil wilson-charuk says:

Nice video

jeremy boddie says:

hey jermaine is this the review video u said u would make

Robert II says:

Did you ever consider working for Tesloop? I think it would be the most fun driving job for people in CA.

milton mv says:

nice info excellent!
some times i think..i am not weak i am a athletic man and i could keep going on my traditional fixie..loyalty lol but some times i think..ok as business it could worth more than a fixie

RoguePrincess3 says:

Too bad the battery cannot recharge by storing the kinetic energy from pedaling.

Ousmane Sow says:

How to remove the battery

adrian mettz says:

Yes you get more torque and more range by letting the battery “settle” between hard uses… The batteries’ cells have internal resistance. This limits the rate at which the power can be harvested from the battery. No battery has zero internal resistance, those with more resistance will produce heat as wasted energy if you use it hard(hills and starts). The cells also balance the remaining charge between each other. When one is lower than the other and they aren’t given a rest to balance out you will get voltage sag, so heat and imbalance will give you less power. When you let it rest for 20 minutes the sag and heat goes away, the internal resistance goes down and boom, you got more power. All batteries are measured for density/volume with a 20 hour discharge rate, this is the amp hour rating…the faster you deplete a battery, the less energy you can harvest. So a 10 amp hour battery is really a 7ah battery if you use it up in two hours. I like that you mentioned the “focus more on traffic and your surroundings” aspect of an electric bike. This is what I tell nay sayers that call me lazy…it’s much safer, in traffic and also when you are going to hit a patch of gravel, you can stop pedaling, use the throttle which gives all your focus to steering straight and steady…no more low speed wobbles either that drivers hate…you can follow a straight line so easily….
Keep ridin!

Rich Lux says:


F4i Guy says:

put a small rack on the back and tie in and small 20 watt solar panel and will keep the battery charged…..I do this for and small John boat for fishing that runs my trolling motors when fishing…I works great..


make sure to get a solar charge controller as well

Jesse Moore says:

great review !!! I’m saving up for my ebike right now. I’m so ready to get out of that dreaded SF traffic!!!

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