Xiaomi EF-1 Electric Bike – Full Review

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Available from……….. https://goo.gl/pGLkXs

Main Features:
– This bike is powered by 18650 lithium-ion battery pack with the total capacity of 208.8Wh, which means the cycling distance can be up to 45km at the condition of 100pct electric power.
– The smart folding bike comes with a trip computer, so you can directly view the mileage, speed, power and other data without a mobile phone, and the built-in space can store 30 days of riding data, moreover, these data can be exported at any time.
– The bicycle is equipped with three-mode derailleur, which makes it effortless to ride even without power.
– Equipped with TMM torque sensor and professional electric boosting system, the smart bike can automatically sense your tread power, and output the appropriate electrical power to assist cycling.
– Longitudinal folding design, easy to operate and no harm to the bike frame.
– Aluminum alloy frame, lightweight and exquisite.
– The max loading: 75kg

– Unfolded size: 1247mm x 556mm x 928mm
– Folded size: 1000mm x 450mm x 650mm
– Frame: aluminum alloy
– Front fork: aluminum alloy
– Crankset: aluminum, 52T x 170mm
– Seat tube: aluminum, 33.9 x 580mm
– Hub: three-mode derailleur
– Weight: 14.5kg
– Wheel size: 16 inches
– Wheel rim: 1250mm

– Rated power: 250W
– Rated torque: 7.3N.m
– Maximum speed: 20km/h (25km/h after update)

– Type: 18650 lithium-ion battery
– Working distance: about 45km (balanced mode)
– Capacity: 5800mAh / 208.8Wh
– Charging time: about 3 hours
– Limited charging voltage: 42V

– Braking methods: caliper brake for front wheel, IM31 roller brake for rear wheel
– Braking distance: not more than 4m in dry state, not more than 15m ( speed of 20km/h ) in wet state

Control Dial:
– Screen: 1.8 inch, 160 x 128 TFT
– Wireless connection: Bluetooth 4.0 BLE, effective range of 15 – 30 meters


Adam Luthfi says:


Frank Kloschi says:

how much did you pay? and how much would you pay now for it? thank you for your well explained review! (:

mongango says:

Over the frontal traccion…have some problems off derrapage! Attencion drivers!

Rajender Rajender says:

Can we run it with a pedal when battery got drain

LaMasse says:

I thought it was limited to 25km/h , how did you manage to get to 30+ km/h ?

jan erik skogmo mod-56 says:

Interesting Paul…but was it not good uphill? Nothing for “light” offroad maybe, just for asphalt road?…nice to see your face..young man..

daytriker says:

Is this bike being sold through Dealers in North America & any idea of retail price? Thank you.

el Producente says:

What would you recommend for short city hops: bicycle or scooter?

dannique XXII says:

Hi, thanks for great review! On which speed is turning off the engine assistance? I saw on your video tahat you are going 27 kph and I still heared the motor assistance. Do you use original firmware?

krol jacek says:

Whats is your weight?

eXpoSible says:

What smartphone holder are you using? Nice review!

snsundi says:

Good review

Sarah Segovia says:

I really love this bike. How much it cost?

Steve Cenci says:

I have their M365 electric scooter and it’s fantastic. This bike looks as well engineered and perfect for the city. Good review.

Юра Мочернюк says:

Very good and detailed review that covers all necessary information.

vitalkhlebnikov says:

the new price of $804.99 is unjustified (it’s selling in China for $450). It’s too expensive now and there are better options locally in EU..

Daniel Baruso-Perez says:


TechTronic9000 says:

Available with discount coupon from https://goo.gl/pGLkXs use code “QiCYCLEUK” and get it at 559.99USD !

Ramil Enriquez says:

hi Paul, am just curious on the drivetrain. What is the brand made of it? Shimano? Is it only a 3-speed gear? How is it compared with conventional 7-speed drivetrain? Did it satisfy or cover all speed configuration?

hoping to get one.

Thanks for sharing.

Nikolaos Denikarias says:

Nice bike for youth

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