Xiaomi QiCycle Bike Review – My Dream Smart Mini Bike!

Xiaomi Bike Review – My Dream Smart Mini Bike!
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This is an amazing little electric bike made by Xiaomi! It has a few drawbacks but I can live with them as I keep using the bike very often!


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Wesley vandeurzen says:


Rajat Jaga says:

I dont trust in chinese products….

John Yu.Thanh says:

Im getting one 🙂

techline - Linus says:

The Xiaomi QiCycle exceeded my expectations as it is a well-designed and beautiful little electric bike. While it has a few drawbacks but I have already used to them and hopefully, I will be using the Xiaomi bike for years to come. It’s not the cheapest electric bike on the market but I can easily recommend it, despite a few shortcomings that I will be living with. GET it here: http://bit.ly/2zH3BJS . Get 10% OFF with the COUPON: OUT10OFF

bishplis says:

20km/h is fucking slow tho

Imran Asif says:

Can you ride the bike without the battery in it?
If I can, I might be able to take it on a plane as carry-on luggage ( weight limits).
Await any answers.Thanks

Kian Siong says:

linus ? xdxd

S. Ghim says:

How do you replace differenct components such as wheel, lamp, battery, etc? Does Xiaomi sell them separately? Thanks for the review!

Shannen Saito says:

Do you have some promo codes?

agohomer says:

No kickstand? I consider it a plus 😀 Jokes apart, the girl is stretching her arms in an innatural way because women always want to stand upright as if they were on the couch. I want to buy it for my wife but I’m afraid she will end stretching arms and hands so much. Your position is much better. What do you think?

Lucas Giles says:

Dam the only really draw back for me is the language dam lol its it fixable ?

hp ph says:

xiaomi made in China

bishplis says:

no lock on the battery????!?!?!?

lookoutleo says:

been looking at this on gearbest and it does look pretty good. i have a brompton folder and ive been looking at converting it to electric, it would be over £700 to convert it , i was thinking just buy this instead, has it been reliable?

Jay Al says:

I want , give it to me

王跃恒 says:

There is a foreign mi-boy. Great!

Ferdinand Peters says:

Que bien si te fue bien con esa marca, en Ecuador nos paso con Electrobike de mexico que la bicicleta se dano en menos de dos meses, y a sido una de problemas y mal servicio, nos quedo mala experiencia y a la final no recuperamos ni el dinero ni la bicicleta. Nuestra opinion es que no es normal que una bicicleta Electrobike Steel (doble proposito: ciudad y montana) se dane tan pronto, como tampoco es normal el trato que recibimos, vale la pena ver la opinion de usuarios antes de hacer una inversion tan grande, aqui les dejamos los detalles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1aWCSee8w8

Regi Kusumaatmadja says:

Great review! Have you tested it on cold weather (for instance: last February when there was a cold wind from Siberia)?

Budy Login says:

Great review, thanks. Just wondering, what happen if the battery dies? How heavy is pedaling the bike when there is no more juice in the battery?

Ian Dave Manguira says:

if xiaomi adds a gps tracking I would buy it, stolen bikes are common in my country.

Maria Ozawa says:

whats the smart part of the bike? i missed it

Stefi Stefi says:

In which city you live?
Its beautifull nature..

ferano wibisono says:

can i use it while raining?

harvard university says:

Most beautiful bike? Bruh ever saw a demo 8?

yamahaevo says:

Looks like shit, only for kids

seasonsunite says:

You’re all noobs. Motor’s wattage doesn’t say anything..

Ra Vee says:

Hey, Linus Check out that Pocket Rocket by Sol Motors …its awesome bruh.

mokaey says:

make a review using this with a 15kg heavy backpack on a gravel trail pliss

shared android device says:

Lazy mans bike,

Arvin Encarnacion says:

Great review! Can it be rolled while folded? If yes, may I request for a short clip of how to do it. Thanks!

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