EVELO Delta X Video Review – $4k High Speed Adventure Electric Bike

https://electricbikereview.com/evelo/delta-x/ The EVELO Delta X is a powerful, purpose-built, urban electric bike that was built around a sturdy mountain bike frame, this unique product offers a trigger throttle that overrides assist 1-5 and unlockable 30 mph speeds. Unique combination of trail capable and urban oriented features such as rear rack bosses and kickstand mounts alongside premium Super Moto-X tires and 100mm spring suspension with boost hub. Continuously variable transmission from NuVinci allows for shifting at standstill, reduced chain and sprocket wear (given the mid-motor drivetrain), and overall durability, it stays clean and tight. The motor produces a distinct whining noise at full power, hydraulic disc brakes reduce hand fatigue and help to stop this heavier ~65lb ebike, only available in one frame size and colorway for now.



I really like a lot of the Evelo designs. They stand out from the rest of the pack a bit. Too bad they didn’t opt for the bafang ultra max drive mid mount motor. Thanks for this one Court.

MegaTrdi says:

Hahaha 4k for this crap, sorry.

Div Esh says:

Man make a video very similar for a cococity bike please

Benjamin Jehne says:

Budget Bafeng mid drive, cheap cadence sensor, no wired rear light a so lala supension fork and a overall not very good looking wireing, but 4K $?! The NuVinci is the only real good part on this bike.

Mushroom Gods says:

Too heavy at 29kg. I had a cheap 30kg Chinese bike for about £600 10 years ago and it was fun but once you had to take it up steps or lift it over a gate it was a nightmare.

Jack Duffy says:

I stopt sitting by boat docks a long time ago, It is very un relaxing, At one time or another, I have seen Prackticly every item of bricerbrac, Odds and ends, Valuable, Expensiv, And usefull, Droped, Spilled, triped, Shoved, pushed off a dock in to deep water, Why am I watching two of you grouping around an E-bike on a boat dock.

Hawsrule Begin says:

Just so many expensive bike reviews. Hardly any low cost ones. It’s frustrating.

Shadi2 says:

BBS02 is a disappointment. There’s no reason to use that on a non-budget ebike.

Christian Olson says:

4 grand and no torque sensor plus smallish battery.Not impressed.

This Guy Miguel says:

This is one badass bike. Keep it up Court I love the reviews.

Fancy a Bev Mate? says:

Don’t mean to be pedantic but these bikes should be a hybrid not a beb (battery electric bike as it has two forms of propulsion 😉 unlike my bev which only has batteries 😉 just saying 😉 lovely bike though court

Julie Olsen says:

I’m a short woman with a 29″ inseam and would like an ebike that can go on a single track trail as well as a commuter bike with a rack. I’m guessing a hard tail will be best. What would you recommend

James Mason says:

Have you heard anything about bionx

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