After A Month Review: Ancheer Electric Folding Bike

I have had the bike for over a month. I discuss tips along with pros and cons of the bike which everyone should know about.

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forest greenwald says:

does the bike have a disc brake in the back wheel???… how far can you go on one charge???…

juanrivera591 says:

About the bus driver. By federal law an electric bike is for all purposes like a regular bike. I used to carry a copy of the federal law because of the grief I got.

Mariia Simak says:

thank you for the video! I am considering to buy this bike. I was wondering whether it’s easy to ride it without using the acceleration? Thanks! Maria

TheOutLaw Carpenter says:

In PDX they pulled the ban on electric bikes on TriMet.

sonny baldwin says:

Thanks for the video. I am thinking about buying one of these for my daughter.

emoclew Barbz says:

They won’t let them on the bus bike rack because ebikes in general are heavy. In Vancouver we have a weight limit up to 50lbs per bike only. But I see a lot of full sized, full suspension ebikes with their battery attached on buses around Vancouver. I don’t know if bus drivers are just so polite or they don’t know the rules. But I guess you can always take out the battery since you have a foldie you can just argue with the bus drivers about the rules.. lol

lee cook says:

42 pounds , or 19kg is a lot for even a guy

KC Nham says:

Got one. It sucks. Just about everything fell apart or not working after two weeks of normal daily riding.

juan martinez says:

Some bus driver’s they just assholes.

Life Yang says:

greetings from NorCal. I bought an exact one in April 2017 off amazon. it still works great. unlike your’s, my headlight holds fine and tight. The bike is affordable and awesome.

Perla Gomez says:

How much ancheer elect bike

Jason Oatman says:

I love my ANCHEER e-bike.

freewill1114 says:

I listened to your commentary, but I could not watch the video; it gives me motion sickness. Please get a tripod if you can’t stop waving the camera around.

romeosantana757 says:

I have the same bike and I’ve had mine about 9 months and I still love it. I had minor complains, but nothing to serious….continue to get your ride on!

Greg Giruc says:

good job describing, thank you

Nolife2692 says:

I got me one as well it so awesome it goes really fast and the best thing is that it can fold in half when I need to go somewhere far used Uber or lyft. When I first fold my bike in half the Uber guy is like why are u braking the bicycle. Next I am thinking about getting a bicycle trailer for my e bicycle as well on amazon. Awesome e bicycle review I did not know much about it until now.

horror780 says:

They think the battery is going to explode and catch fire all that came from those cheap hover boards they blowup.

brickhousemonkey says:

I have Discovered a problem not with Bike itself, but the battery. Click on the end card at the end of this video to see the issue.

Joe says:

Thanks for the review. What did it cost you?

Sheila Wissner says:

I’ve been thinking about getting this bike but have read that some short women (around 5″ tall) find it uncomfortable to ride. Have any of your female friends around that height ridden your bike, and what is their opinion of whether it is comfortable for them.

Dip Sideways says:

just a suggestion,you should get a plastic sheathing for your chain so it doesn’t damage the paint job on your nice bike

Cesar Bermudez says:

Check my video on the light installation

juan martinez says:

Thanks for sharing the video… what’s the weight of this bike.

Eddy Jawed says:

Has the back wheel weakened because of the weight of the motor hub. Are the spokes still feeling strong on the back wheel or does it need truing?

John HAHN SR says:

like that bike

Cesar Bermudez says:

How’s the bike holding up? Thinking of buying one

Sergey Kim says:

What is the maximum speed you had?

Ha Vu says:

I see. Thank you. On the brakes, I understand that the brake is not a disk-brake. Is that right? How do you find the brakes?

brickhousemonkey says:

There is one thing I forgot to talk about which is the brakes. Should I make a video about them? It will be pretty short.

Ha Vu says:

Do you have to take the battery out of the bike to charge the battery? Thank you

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