Brompton Folding Bike – NYCeWheels Favorite Folding Bicycle
Peter, working at NYCeWheels in NYC has put on a fine acting job by showing key features of the Brompton folding bike. This Video was taken at NYCeWheels, Carl Schurz park and Randall’s Island, NYC.
This Video demonstrates why the Brompton folding bicycle is the best folding bike. Well, at least in our opinion.


BestBikeReview says:

My husband bought me this Dahon bike for my birthday. -> What an amazing surprise. It is so cool looking and it rides great. It is so compact that I can throw it into the trunk of my prius and ride anywhere I want. I use it on my lunch break to ride around LA and not have to worry about parking. On the weekends I can pop on the train and go to Santa Barbara and ride around. The opportunities are endless. It is such a great conversation piece, as everyone asks me about it when they see it. Folding bikes are super cool. ->

StudioReesau says:

loved your video…

Leif Johnson says:

Oops!  …I mean “to pedal” (see below).  The bike seems like a winner. Does Brompton offer a carrying case so you can check the bike when flying? 

Jack Silver says:

Went into one of only 2 Brompton dealers here in Dublin and they did,nt even have one single Brompton in the shop. When I told the assistant I wanted to buy a Brompton he says ” Do you know how much they cost ! ? ..” I said “well, yes” …he then said ” you have to have them custom built and it takes six weeks to get one in !”… and then spent the next few minutes trying to get me to buy something else. I mean, Ireland could,nt be much closer to England without being the same land mass – SIX WEEKS ! ? … Anyway, thats the kind of crap you have to endure living in Ireland.

NYCeWheels says:

Popping the rear wheel under? It’s a pretty important step. Other things would be able to fold, but it would be a mess!

Michael McGEE says:

Hi Moe,
A Brompton is probably one of the best investments that you will ever make in your life.

I bought 2 Bromptons over 16 years ago, and my wife and I use them everyday to travel around in the European Capital town of Strasbourg, Alsace, on the French-German border – and they still look great !

Like we say here : “You forget the price, but the quality is something you live with everyday.”

When an Irishman compliments the British for something, that means it’s really extraordinary !

NYCeWheels says:

Well said Michael. I think one could easily do a train ride or two per day with a Dahon, but the Brompton makes it much easier.

李潤模 says:

Peter’s really nice guy.

Sabatheus says:

Bailey looks sad because he wants to ride in the basket.

James Rogers says:

I think he meant taking off the helmet.

Leif Johnson says:

Do you have to peddle faster because the wheels are so small or does the gearing take care of that?

Moe Mish says:

yeah I think I’ll just go for a Citizen folding bike. I doubt the Brompton is that much better, just a little more convenient folding, that is probably about it. I’ll only be spending $200 – $300 toward a folding bike instead of $1300 – $1500

NYCeWheels says:

No, the BionX kits don’t play well with the Bromptons, which is why we have the system we do in the first place!

NYCeWheels says:

Peter’s always leaving stuff behind…

NYCeWheels says:

Check out the link for pics from last weeks Brompton bike tour!:  – Jack

FlashGeiger says:

I got my Brompton in Toronto at Curbside bicycles.

Yoon45679 says:

i purchased brompton in 2014 from nycewheels but they gave me a 
2013 manufacture i asked them twice i want to get 2014 manufacture
i wasn’t know the serial number signified made year but now i know they gave me a
disappointed too!

Rob York says:

One question: I noticed you have unscrew certain parts to get them to fold. Is it possible to unscrew it too far where the screw comes completely out? I hope not because it would be a very big negative for such an expensive product.

Digiphex Electronics says:

I can eliminate the first step because I never wear a helmet.

On Course says:

if someone uses the Brompton bike builder on your site- how long does it take before the bike is ready for delivery?

xmnemonic says:

this bicycle seems like a pretty cool guy

Moe Mish says:

Well UK is freaking rich. Here in the US the average person would pay $120 – $300 for a bike, poorer people will only buy a bike for $20 – $80 and only rich people would get em around $2000 or more. US is like in trillions of dollars in debt.

Adam L says:

Can the basket stay on the bike when it is folded? If so, I suppose office commuters can throw a briefcase in the basket and then not have to carry 2 separate bags, “if” the basket can remain on the bike.
Otherwise, we need some professional bag options.

veggievampire says:

@2:04, duuude, you left your basket!!!

vintage stereo says:

i must admit it is a small package but no way I ever sit on a ugly bike like that

allel26 says:

Please do an A-bike (sinclair project) review.

NYCeWheels says:

Usually about 8 weeks, give or take. They have to be built up from scratch in England.

Thomas T Alex says:

I went to their NYC shop all the way from Sydney. Surprisingly they weren’t friendly at all.

NYCeWheels says:

Hey Bruno,
Peter’s working on the next video, so I thought I’d get back to you here. In short: you can absolutely keep up! If you’re looking for speed in a Brompton, I’d definitely recommend a 6-speed. With the augmented chainwheel, you’d have a top gear similar to that of most standard road bikes.

NYCeWheels says:

Peter never leaves a basket.

NYCeWheels says:

Yep, they stay on when folded! It’s a pretty brilliant design.

NYCeWheels says:

Glad to hear it!

1982Malina says:

Hello, my biggest concern where I live is that my bike will be destroyed or stolen. So I plan to buy it so I can keep it over night in my apartment. But I was wondering if I go with it grocery shopping, can I lock it like any other bike. Or can I fold it and then lock it up so no one could even partially take it away.

JJ Blank says:

I am 50 and never wore a helmet as a kid. Why would I start now? A piece of styrofoam shaped like a ninja turtle isn’t good to save you.

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