Brompton Folding Bike Video Review

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Brompton folding bikes! We are very excited to carry one of the best folding bikes. Bromptons are incredible. They fold up to the size of a suitcase and are portable enough to be brought on airplanes, commuter trains, buses, or stowed on boats. They make great commuter bicycles and even better travel bicycles. The Brompton frame is an incredible hand made work of art. It’s actually brazed together in the tradition of classic handmade steel bicycles in a factory just outside of London in the UK.


Marcus Bennett says:

Really great video. Thanks!

Didot Herlambang says:

welcome back peter

ruel santos says:

I want one ! How much is it? I wonder if it could be modified for all terrain roads?

Abdulaziz Almodahka says:

The Brompton is truly one of a kind and a game changer . Just received a set of magnetic hinge clamps by niv design and what a difference they make !
I would like to wish you a happy and safe trip wherever your Brompton might take you : )

Note: have you made any videos about your trips on the Bromptons ?

Dion Forster says:

I love my Brompton bicycle! I travel all over the world with it! I have just brought it from Cape Town to Holland. I used it from here to Switzerland- my bike often features in my videos. It is a 2000 M3L that is going strong 16 years on! I love it! See

trickystravels says:

hi, really enjoyed watching your Brompton videos. I’m about to go for an all black edition 2017 with H bars and telescopic post. Do you think it is worth getting the -12% gearing though. i’m liking the raw lacquer and the all black and can’t decide

Abdulaziz Almodahka says:

My old Brompton a red main frame with black extremities and I guess there was no titanium option t that time . The other one is a 2002 short wheel base in black and SRAM 3 speed . I am taking the ’91 to Germany next week and have just installed a sine wave revolution USB power converter connected to my Shimano hub Dynamo to keep the trusty iPhone topped up for navigating in Bavaria . Thanks and best wishes

Actual Omega says:

Super video.

Meow Tow says:

You know what would be a good series? You, riding your Brompton from NYC to Philly and back. Could make it a vlog even.

temax says:

Awesome video! It’s just a pity is not electric. If it was, it would be so perfect to me 🙂 I am planning to get an e-bike for commuting from SF to the bay area, and I need to get on a train in between, so a folding bike is perfect. Problem is, SF has some steep streets, so for those hills I need some help, and an electric bike would be important at those moments.

turnerchris1 says:

you bought bromptons for everyone in your family, how much money do you have!

adjn1973 says:

What does it mean when the Brompton has an ‘n’ code? Ie M6RN?

Mayur Kode says:

Nice review

Ceptecatoto says:

to bad its crazy expensive!

Ciro Di Rosa says:

Hi Peter, I was wondering if you can do a review on saddles.  I have placed a Brooks B17 saddle on my Brompton and plan to simply ride it to break it in.   I’m looking forward to get your view point of the Brooks saddle with the Brompton which I cannot find anywhere online.  Possibly, a summary on the inclination and the break-in process?  Cheers!

Ralf S says:

2:38 sold.

Jose Pagan says:

This is the best infomercial ever!!! And i am a dahon user!

JoséMaría Solar says:

I’m thinking of buy the ergon GP1 s. Do you recommend for Brompton M?

JJ Blank says:

You have sold me on it. I am going to definitely buy one soon.

revnow84 says:

Peter is that the same brompton you rode 150 miles to Philly? As of now I’m looking between the Brompton ml3 and tern verge P20.

Mahesh V says:

Well there have been issues with the Brompton. With the rims cracking, seat post (extended seat post) getting rust patches and so on.  With all the proprietary parts on the Brompton, it truly makes it very expensive to own and maintain. Good for show-off, nothing beyond that. Not everybody tours on a Brompton. it is meant for city riding. Touring will take a lot of beating on the bike. Not impossible but not fun.

AJR 1986 says:

This bike looks awesome! City riding is typically flat… but what about if you’re riding someplace more hilly? There are parks in my city with bike trails that are smooth… but a bit hilly lol Does the Brompton struggle going uphill on somewhat steep grades?

Creation Adorer says:

Thank you, Peter. I started watching your interesting and informative Brompton videos toward the end of last year and have bought four to this date. You are indeed a passionate and convincing Brompton spokesman. I salute you!

miguel watanabe says:

can you post the route you took to Philadelphia?
Excellent review video.

Jeffrey Kennedy says:

I will be purchasing a Brompton for a cross country bicycle ride in 2018.  Newport News, Virginia to Emeryville, California for a total of 3,800 miles.  Its going to be a sweet ride.

Francis Jobert Magbag says:

Nice Video.  I’m planning to get S6L with a standard 44t chain ring. Is it possible to upgrade the crank to a 50t or 55t chain ring? Thanks

amy shaw says:

Peter where do you work now dude? I want a bromton and finally moved to New York. It was on my list to make it to your shop. 🙁

Godwin Tan says:

Can the Brompton fit into a standard sized suitcase when folded?

Sodapaup says:

Honestly probably the exact thing I was looking for, but it’s way out of my price range. I was thinking more in the $120-$250 area. Can anyone recommend me a folding bike in that range that’s decent or is that basically impossible?

Adventure Rider says:

I found the steering a bit unstable due to the narrow handle bars and small front wheels. But I guess this is something you have to get used to.

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