ChangeBike Review: Folding Bicycle

Here is my review of the 702 Commuter “ChangeBike” which is a full-sized bicycle that can be folded and fit into a trunk or back seat of a car.

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Tech Nicholls says:

Love your reviews (not so much the live feeds). Curious to know if you’ve thought about testing the products warranties? Calling the support number and seeing how friendly they are. Do they offer free shipping if you wish to return an item or if it needs to be repaired?

Random Dan says:

@freakinreviews does flex glue really work like they show in the commercials

scotty thompson says:

cool bike james white

WeekendParty __ says:

Review a Segway minipro. Would be way better for commuter

takoseph suguchi says:

Super interesting bike to expensive though I guess you pay for what you get. I am actually curious to see a review on the global vision Hercules sunglasses from you because other reviews are not great.

lisa perkins says:

Thanks. I’m looking into buying a bike. What was interesting is that your friend said it was better for coasting. I’m looking for a bike that allows a good workout instead.

Frank J says:

Can’t buy anything now a days with phones and bikes being 1K

Amish Sailor says:

$1189!! This is a bike for people with money to burn. I would buy a used motorcycle.

Eustace Bartholomew says:

A honda crv is no a truck

awitcheskid says:

$1200 for a bicycle?! I’ve seen electric bikes for less than that.

the eabster says:

Good thing I’m lazy my girl would kill me if I spend $1, 100 on a bike

C.J. phillipson says:

Nice branching out a bit not my cup of tea but I like something a little different

turtlelore 2 says:

I’m assuming the R&D is the reason for at least half of what it costs.


For 1200 bucks the seat better have a ball massager

MrXwiix says:

Americans on a bike are always funny to see, most of them look unfamiliar with riding a bike like they have to get used to it

Lord Abaddon of Tarkir says:

$1200 for a bike?! My car cost less than that. Besides that, there’s numerous folding bikes available at significantly less than half the cost of this one.

hamsterama says:

Seems the main advantage to this bike is that it looks like a regular bike, rather than having the typical folding bike look. The price $1,180 does sound high, but a good bike costs a lot of money. If the cost is a problem, there are less expensive alternatives. Several years ago, I bought folding bike made by Giant, and it cost $500. I’m pretty happy with my bike.

R S says:

hes such a dad

Ana Vargas says:

Watching the time lapse…this is too much work to fold

MetalGreek says:

Yeah not worth the price….

AGuyNamedKane says:

Dang! So expensive! But I’m glad that it’s the answer to your bike troubles. I’d rather buy the Note 9 instead. Lol.

jean luc picard says:

As a local Las Vegan, it’s super interesting to see you drive around and go to local places. Would you ever consider reviewing local products or locations?

Welding_guy says:

I bought a cheap folding mountain bike on eBay a few years ago.. i think I paid $150 and it’s taken abuse and held up.. great review though as always

craigerlist says:

If this bike folded up enough to put in my wallet (where my $1,200 used to be) then I would buy it. Until then, I will stick with
Normal Bikes and pay 80 bucks for a bike rack.

scbaman says:

The most basic bare-bones beginner quality bikes start at around $500. A good quality mid speced bike ballparks around $1000. I don’t know that this would qualify as such, we’d have to have a real bike review on it but I could see it in the $500 range if it’s decent. But not much more.

Francisco Ocasio says:

You never try the trunk.

Rasdock says:

ChangeBikes! Transform and roll out!

Chad Pugh says:

Prohibitive? More like SHTNO!!!

coab43a22f2 says:

they could at least fit the shocks on the front fork

Brad Crandall says:

Good video. Glad to see u branching out. Also have liked the Hawaii and Aussie locations you’ve been tossing in. Great stuff!

Jericho Perez says:

This is targeted towards people in tight spaces. Apartments, small cars, etc. Hard to say if this is a good folding bike but there are others out there

Jonathan Stratton says:

I used one of their mountain bikes for a while as a commuter bike, not what it was intended for but it was difficult to travel normal speeds, on roads, but got me to and from well.

Quantum Chang says:

Can you tell me what’s the size of your bike in this video? sells four different sizes. Is the one in this video an 18″, 19″, 20.5″ or 22″? I just wanted to get a sense of the size first if I decide to order one.

Elitedestroyer00 says:

If you can afford a 1.1k bike for “Cruising”, then your probably going to have a spacious luxury car that have more than enough room for a bike, better just stick to bike racks.

Brandon Iskowitz says:

With the price I would buy a good bike the bike without the folding looks like a less than $500 bike

stitchergary says:

I purchased a Dahon Speed 7 folding bicycle that includes fenders and a rear rack for $347….I think a better value….

James Kurt Smith says:

On the folding bike the British air born had them in WW 2

Ignacio Hernandez says:

Great review seems perfect for my small car, the price is pretty steep though.

jamesgjt says:

what are you talking about? your road bike worth like $2000 more than the folding bike

Bass Junkie says:

I can fit a 28” wheel road bike in my 1992 Toyota Corolla back seat so I call that guys regular road bike into a CRV bull crap.

Black Tractor says:

Yeah the price tag on this is ridiculous, I’d rather just get a bike rack and a nice bike.

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