Cheap azz Chinese 6 speed folding bike TRINX 20″ wheels

The bike was under $100 shipped new. The originally comes with front and rear fenders along with a rear rack, which was removed to save weight. the derailers saids Shimano but I not sure it’s even real shimano parts. The front handlebar neck has space to move, making the bike unstable to ride. I had to drill a screw to lock in the neck to make the ride better. Not bad if you don’t use it often or need it to pick up a slice of pizza. It’s under $100 shipped so you get what you pay for.


Dario Pranckevicius says:

Sihmano, not shimano… 😀

Bestoink Dooley says:

How does it ride?

EXOglobe says:

So is it good for your average college student that needs to store it in their dorm. I’ve seen some listings also for $100.

Soup Man says:

This video was made over a year ago. Is the bike still ridable? are you still alive? thanks.

3Daddicted says:

Where did you order it from?

jerome grzelak says:

I love mine thank you china see you removed the back rack and fenders you have to get used to the steering a great bike to take down the bike trail or on vacation buy another for parts and wheels you cant buy parts any cheaper i would like to have mine sprayed orange or yellow g

Michael Anderson says:

i just bought the the same type bike on ebay $98 with shipping

Wyrd Blogger says:

The body looks really strong.

Randy Roff says:

where did you drill the hole for the screw?  there is not much space

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