Citizen Tokyo Folding Bike UNBOXING and first look

We live right across the street from Astoria Park and have been wanting to purchase bikes to ride around in the Summer. We live in a small New York apartment so getting a full size bike wasn’t really an option; we really don’t have much storage space and don’t plan on leaving it locked to a gate outside.

The Citizen Folding bike was the perfect entry level option. The price was just right for our budget. I wasn’t looking for a commuter bike, more of a recreational one that I just rode short distances around town in. It isn’t the smallest or lightest of the folding bikes but for right now, it seems like the perfect fit.

I ended up ordering the Tokyo model, the smallest and lowest price range in the Citizen Folding Bike line up.

Stay tuned for the review!

Purchased at

filmed with my GoPro Hero4 and Canon SL1

Citizen Tokyo Folding Bike UNBOXING and first look
Citizen Tokyo Folding Bike UNBOXING and first look
Citizen Tokyo Folding Bike UNBOXING and first look
Citizen Tokyo Folding Bike UNBOXING and first look


joão victor mendes says:


Ron Wilson says:

*Another clown bike*

Yasmine04 says:

Thank you for that unboxing, it really allowed me to see how it was before I made any decisions. But it honesty looks awesome and now i want to totally get it. However, I just need to know how the bike is in regards to speed, folding and overall.

Kai Hiraishi says:

I’ve never seen this bike in Tokyo, though.This bland is not sold in Japan. Of course, that does not tell anything about the priduct quality.

Lisy Rajam says:

Max Load capacity?

Gisselle Rodriguez says:

Hi, just wondering did you need a screedriver or anything to assemble it?

Robert Tuner says:

I’ve been riding this bike for 3 yrs, now. It’s the most convenient bike I’ve ever had. I’ve had several full size bicycles. I’m 6’1” and 280 lbs. Folding pedals are my favorite feature. The only improvement for this bike, for me, would be if it was lighter than its 30 lbs. (There are folding bikes weighting only 13 lbs, but cost $2000.) It’s not for riding on grass or jumping the sidewalk curb, because the lower chain assembly gets caught. It’s invaluable in the city. Car parking is a big problem, so I park my car wherever I can find easier parking, take my folding bike out and ride it in the city, doing my errands. Having tire-fenders keeps you clean while riding in the rain or dust. Having 6 speeds helps going up hill. Getting optional ”airless tires” for add’l $89 is a must. You never have to worry about pumping and no flat tires.

joel750 says:

It looks like a very decently made folding bike, I’m actually thinking of buying one. I once had a Dahon D8 but gave it away to my brother in law now I want one again so this would certainly would replace it!

Kelsey Thomas says:

My physical therapist said I should ride a bike since I do a stationary bike in my rehab.
I think this is the one for me.
Thank you for the vid.

Ray Tillman says:

Nice Dog!

Eric BT says:

Extremely monotonous & repetitive music

A Plus Print Shop says:

so how is the bike so far?

Crassandra Hoover says:

I just want to say thank you, you guys made my decision to get a Citizen Tokyo so much easier. i have never heard of fold-able bikes until a couples weeks ago when I was discussing getting a bike and a rack for my car to ride when I got to work. She suggested a fold-able bike. did some research and found your videos and fell in love, I am now waiting on it to come in and cannot wait to ride it.

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