DAHON Curl i8 Folding Bike Review – The Brompton Killer?

BikeFolded reviewed the DAHON Curl i8 folding bike DAHON Curl i8 Limited Edition 35th Anniversary Folding Bike.
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Paul Kong says:

I agree on the weak point of the chain tensioner. I think it’s best to dissemble it when checking in to the airport.
However, the problem you have while back pedal while folded it’s due to the nexus hub. When it’s new, the hub feels a little drag. Once you have a few hundreds km on it, the hub loosen up and you can back pedal without problem.
So far I’m loving my Dahon curl i8.

The American Patriot says:

People don’t like Brompton but want an alternative clone… so what is it about the Brompton that makes it disfavorable

Henry Partridge says:

Brompton killer? Not this piece of shit

bonzobanana1 says:

I think there are other issues with the Curl besides the issues mentioned here. Although there was talk of a higher weight limit that seems to have been reduced to 105kg on the Dahon site. In Europe there seems to be a i7 version but either 7 speed or 8 speed hubs are in no way as reliable as the simplistic 3 speed hub and for a long term commuting bike that surely is more important. The aluminium frame is unlikely to last as long as the Brompton steel frame and the Curl is meant to have a harsh ride due to the rigid frame and lack of suspension which maybe the reviewer didn’t encounter due to riding the Curl on pretty good roads. Ultimately with a much higher resale value and much longer life with stronger reliability and parts the Brompton in real terms is considerably cheaper than the Curl. However its possible Curl resale values will be low so it will make a good s/hand purchase. I don’t know why Dahon used aluminium for this bike, while aluminium might have a weight advantage normally in this type of product the more compact steel tubing and higher resistance to fatigue seems a much more logical choice. The lack of a rear suspension block means hitting potholes where the rider is still seated on the saddle is going to be more jarring to the aluminium frame, which is possibly why they have revised the weight capacity back down to 105kg.

I have a Dahon bike myself amongst others but this seems to me a very poorly conceived clone of the Brompton best swept under the carpet. Not only does it look poor as a product but its a weak copy which goes against Dahon’s marketing of being an innovative company but instead makes Dahon look like a cheap copycat type company which I think damages their reputation. I don’t get the pricing either its a clone made in China and surely should be much cheaper than Brompton, possibly half the price to make sense. The UK is extremely expensive to manufacture, it has a large financial centre and the pound is grossly overvalued making exports difficult and less cost effective. I don’t get why these 2 bikes should be broadly the same price especially as the Brompton as a product is far higher quality too. Even if you don’t want a Brompton it is a price where many other options become available. A copycat product is not prestigious it’s often a choice where people can’t afford the original innovative product and are looking for a low cost alternative. The Curl doesn’t make sense to me.

Beata Lis says:

This bike is a perfect example of lousy design. Seems quite comparable to Brompton but differences are in small things – Bromptons fold way better – this is just “trying to be Brompton” expensive as Brompton ….”Dahon aimed to build a better version wih some improvements” lol

mark mangion says:

I’ve had this for three weeks rubbish want my money back

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