Dahon EEZZ D3 Folding Bike Review – A Perfect Brompton Alternative?

Finally, we have a folding bike that can compete with the Brompton. BikeFolded reviewed the Dahon EEZZ D3.
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Full review on https://www.bikefolded.com/dahon-eezz-d3-folding-bike-review/


bonzobanana1 says:

I don’t get the love for Dahon and often there are comments that don’t ring true that seem to be there to promote Dahon over other brands. So while I watch the videos to see the bikes I literally tune out the comments now as I’ve lost all trust in the opinions of bikefolded. Watching this video I really don’t like the process of folding and unfolding this bike it looks overly complicated and don’t like the pedals being removed from the cranks yet the bike still gets a relatively positive review with this messy process?

Douglas Kmiotek says:

By the way, it’s pronounced “easy” in English. Nice review though.

Asel Rfat says:

خوش بسكا واللة

Christ IsLord says:

This bike is a joke.

Deckard Shaw says:

Pronounced Eee-zeeee man, eezz!

JJ Blank says:

I like the way it’s lighter to pick up than Brompton. Brompton is heavy up stairs. This looks like a great alternative for a woman

Sujan N Majumder says:

best bike

Danny B says:

For $1100 I would rather just save up a little longer and get the Brompton.

Idam Ha says:

i don’t understand why people are so particular about the folding process speed. 10 seconds, 20 seconds, who cares. is there any folding speed competition coming up i didn’t hear about? just take your time and enjoy the beautiful bike.

myung nam says:

1. Accident

On the way to work riding on AR20, I was turned over 18. Aug.2016.

I was riding on well paved bike only road as usual at the speed of

Sudden front wheel detachment caused the accident.

I recall flying over the handlebars and slamming into the road, shoulder
first, my head next. Thanks to helmet, my head was safe but I felt strong pain
on my right shoulder.


2. AR20’s fatal design failure in safety

AR20 is a high-end folding bike, fast and nice in function. But it was
proved to have fatal design failure in safety. Front pork of most bicycles is
facing downward but as you see in the picture, that of AR20 is facing upward.
So it is easy to fall out from the pork. One of my rider group experienced same
case with AR20 but luckily he was not hurt. Accident happened when I already
ran 25km on that day. It means QR lever could be loosen and accident may happen
during the ride at any time.

  AR20 Model
  Front pork
  facing upward
  Injured shoulder


Ori bike should
take responsibility for this accident caused by the bike, AR20’s design problem.


3. Damage & Medical Expenses

I was brought to hospital by my wife. I was hospitalized and underwent
surgical operation next day. I had to stay in the hospital for 9-days and asked
6 weeks treatment and longer rehabilitation treatment. I was supposed to get
another operation to get rid of metal pin inside. Treatment fee I have to
burden myself is expected over 6 million won excluding the insurance. I ask you
admit the AR20’s safety problem and indemnify for my
treatment fee and recall the AR20 model. Otherwise I will do share all through
the SNS about AR20’s problem and

Ori bike’s attitude.

Man hong Yim says:

I got this bike six weeks now. the ride quality and the size are perfect, folding is simple and easy once you get used to it . Gear ratio just perfect for City and going up the hill. I bought this for €800 . strong frame and good component, maybe not as good as brompton( according to the comments). At least dahon trying to make an effort to make something different

Lorena Gianoni says:

… nope…

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