Dahon vs Brompton folding bike – Which is the Best?

The video compares design and performance between a Dahon and Brompton folding bike. Which is the best folding bike manufacturer?
More info and reviews on https://www.bikefolded.com/


UnseenSpirit says:

I have numerous bicycles. I have gone on the London underground with my Brompton and my friends Dahon. The Dahon is just too big for a packed train… And I find it ugly for some reason. If you want a fold up, then go compact. If you want speed, then get a racer/road bike. If you want comfort then I find my hybrid really nice because I’m not bent so low like on my racer and it’s not as heavy as my XC. Do not expect a Brompton to be the best bike out there for anything other than bring great for bring compact and versatile when you need to store it and use public transport.

IdaReggaeMon says:

What’s with the super annoying, repetitive public domain video game music? It makes these videos almost unwatchable.

王时声 says:

Just look at the price…. Should compare with a Birdy

Colombian flag says:

hi are these bikes fast

Nathan Brown says:

If Dahon is low quality then half the bikes in the Tour de France are also. On my Mu LT11 Dahon make the fame and the handlepost (no complaints with either). EVERYTHING else is by a well respected name. Shimano Ultegra drivetrain, FSA crankset, WTB rims, American Classic hubs, ControlTech carbon seatpost, handlebars and fork, TRP brakes and levers etc. How can a Brompton be better quality when every component is top of the line?…

Steve English says:

Is this a Dahon advertisement? If so it should say no, not pretend to be a comparison review. I’ve never heard such twaddle.

Vincent Gadget says:

What about the Dahon Curl i4? Boom!

cooksowell says:

I had a Dahon for many years, switched to Brompton two years ago, I now own two Bromptons. I have been biking seriously for 50 years, it is my only mean of transportation. Travelled the world with my Brompton, carried it in all kind of public transit. It is impossible to even compare the two. Brompton kills Dahon for what is the purpose of a folding bike, portability. I gave away my Dahon and for nothing in the world would go back to them.

Treve Jenkyn says:

this is an advert for Dahon not an unbiases repot

John Doe says:

So many Brompton fanboys lol. That reminds me those of Apple

reiner raymondo says:

Dahon are just cheap Chinese tat …. Brompton is handmade in Europe!

jocko729 says:

Nice Dahon-advert!

tigeroscarfan says:

hi could I ask, could these folding bikes work with an indoor trainer? it’s just the wheels look smaller than the normal bike yeah. I see many people using these bikes for commute to work but how about long rides with a group of cyclists where there’s many miles, I’m guessing folding bike wouldn’t last yeah. thanks for any advice cheers.

Kyung Kim says:

How much did Dahon pay for this?

Mau Cor says:

I had a dahon mu sl, its aluminum hinges are a disgrace, broke and I play that bike, bad, now I have a brompton, heavier but much stronger, two years of hard work and is intact, if they hate their Money and they want to go away, buy a dahon, if you look for a bike for many years, get a brompton, the dahon are some shit cheating people selling junk bikes that are no good, greetings from bogota colombia
yo tuve una dahon mu sl, sus bisagras en aluminio son una desgracia, se rompio y me toco botar esa bicicleta, pesima, ahora tengo una brompton, mas pesada pero mucho mas fuerte, dos años de trabajo duro y esta intacta, si odian su dinero y lo quieren despediciar, compren una dahon, si busca una bici para muchos años, adquiera una brompton, los de dahon son unos pillos engañando a la gente vendiendo bicicletas basura que no sirven para nada, saludos desde bogota colombia

Keith Mcdaniel says:

I have never ridden a Dahon, but I have ridden my Brompton for 20-mile rides around town more than a few times. I have also stuffed it into a travel bag and taken it to Thailand where I managed to cover 50 miles in one day after carting it with me from Bangkok to Chumpon on the train. Admittedly, it is relatively heavy: mine weighs about 28 pounds, but after seeing its treatment by airline baggage handlers first-hand, I think Brompton’s designers made a good trade-off between weight and durability. 🙂

The end says:

I bought my brompton 3 speed in 2006 for 900 € . And i still ride it every day .

Satnam Uppal says:

A and B good

Kurt Jensen says:

Over 25 years with my Brompton, and I also own (or have owned) multiple DaHons. I also own a Birdy, a Montague, and a Moulton (which isn’t a folding bike; Lord Alex hated his bike being called a “folding” bike) and I am on the Brompton multiple times a week while all the others languish. The Brompton fold and easy luggage carrying capacity make it superior to every other folding bike I’ve tried.

Its me says:

Really? The Brompton is made for touring long distance rides. It is speedy and solid very reliable. I got Dahon bikes as well, but ever since I bought a Brompton, now running on third Brompton, I sold all my Dahon bikes. The quality and durability of the Bromptons are easily higher than any Dahons.

slippyg says:

What a pile of crock

Tina Yuzuki says:

yeah this review kind of bias.

quality wise , design, comfy , compact, lightness :

cheaper : DAHON

suggestion… spend a bit more, buy BROMPTON (last forever) … more than 1 children definitely BROMPTON… can inherit to baby brother.

i live in asia country. very2 humid

don’t buy DAHON , “rust / corrosion” will set in 6months – 1 years. especially bolt area.

got 2 BROMPTON for my kids (nickel titanium) going strong 1 ½ years with no sign of corrosion

i buy dahon first for my kids, trying to save a bit money… imagine the rust in 6month. really not worth the money & DAHON NO RESALE VALUE.

titan lost says:

Having owned both it comes down to the following:

If your commute involves public transport and/or you have very limited storage space at work/home, go Brompton.
If you ride on crap British roads or any crap urban roads, go Brompton a Dahon simply can’t handle it.
If you expect to use your bike still after 3 years, go Brompton as spares are none existent with Dahon.
if you want to hand your bike down to the grand kids in 40 years, go Brompton.
if you’re skint go Dahon.

Javier Gover says:

i pass bromtom users as if they were riding backwards with this sigle gear dahon. Much slicker and faster and you can use it in dirt… takes more time to get full skill. bromton is SLOW

Lensflair says:

“You shouldn’t use the Brompton to ride to work because it is designed for short trips”. Err, OK poindexter, how do you know how far it is between my house and where I work..?

Dror Sofer says:

Biased video or even manipulating.

Yardena J. says:

all these bikes have problems with the wheels. they loose air too rapidly. I like both anyway.. they are expensive but one of them is so much more expensive, ugly but practical and the other prettier. I would like to have both: for daily use then dahon … and for travel brompton

Charles Plager says:

Saying that you shouldn’t ride the Brompton far because it’s not meant for that is, well, stupid. People have ridden Brompton bicycles thousands and thousands of miles and tour all over the world with them. Brompton’s folding mechanism is not “outdated.”

Steven Bone says:

I have both a dahon MU SL11 and a Brompton all black black edition. Brompton is the best bike the dahon makes a noise when it starts flexing when I ride it
The Brompton don’t flex

Niidea1986 says:

so many people worshipping brontom just because it is English and expensive. Fortunately I don’t care about European industrial glory days gone by. Brontom is by far more modern, faster and better crafted, and cheaper, rolling it around just require the 20 USD optional landing gear that still makes it half the price of a Bontom. Also, whoever says that Brontom, with it’s steel frame, smaller wheels, longer handlebar and seat post is stiffer is making shit up, they aren’t and they can’t be, it is a matter of design no matter your perception…but if you want to go really cheap, go Peerless, the Chinese Brontom clone, you can buy one for you, your wife, your son and daughter, the annoying neighbors’ kid, and the dog for the price of a Bromtom, lol.

veloreb says:

I own a Dahon Qix D8 and I’ve found it to be a nice middle ground between foldability/portability pf a typical folder and the all-around rideability of a regular bike due to its 20″ wheels. I definitely recommended it. It’ll be a bike you’ll want to hold on to for many years.

Luca Mail says:

Ehi donk, what about the real best folding bike ever, Riese & Muller Birdy mark3???

jabsd rahm. says:

I brought the Dahon initially due to cost however I did not enjoy riding the bike and it was bulky. I borrowed a friends Brompton (3 gears) which brought back the enjoyment of cycling – I have now purchased one which I use daily on my commute – would recommend saving a bit more money and buying a Brompton with more gears!

william tien says:

I have a Dahon broardwalk d7. Travel more than 50km in a day for various purpose with no problem…it is smooth, riding, simple beautiful and good price but the folding part is crumblesome. I do like the Brompton folding mechanism and perform well on road too but it price is just too steep I

Necro says:

Bull… the ride position and quality is so much more comfortable on a Brompton and the fold is more precise and less fiddly; wish I tried it before listening to this kind of “advice”.

BikeFolded says:

Brompton vs Dahon Folding Bike – A New Comparison https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXUV__yf2iM

Will Ashe says:

Dahon sucks compared to Brompton. This channel is so biased it’s ridiculous. I know at least 5 people who have had both Dahons and Bromptons, all of them had the Dahon first because it was cheaper. They all ended up getting Bromptons because they are a superior bike.

paddy cheong says:

Who the hell make this video? All the info given is WRONG! The brompton is 1. Best Folding 2. Best Tourer 3. Best spare part support. 4. Best Pushing 5. Best riding posture 6. Best sturdy handling 7. 100% British Made!!! and the list goes on and on. Own a Dahon but sold it after just two weeks cos it can’t roll well (folded), it can’t fold well, it squeaks!!! bad spare parts support (very bad) and upgrading, my butt hurts after 20km riding and the list goes on haha..ok ok it’s only my opinion after owning the two bikes.

george george says:

You cant compare a dahon 300$ with a brompton 1000$ ,if you do with a dahon or tern 1000$ i think they are better than any brompton… is fair to compare products with similar prices…

titan lost says:

I’ve owned both. The Dahon disintegrated after 2 years of riding round London, though to be fair it did hang on but in a real state. Bromptons are built like tanks and spares for everything are readily available. Spares for a Dahon, you can forget it! Once the 20” wheels go on your Dahon go you can forget getting replacements and BMX wheels, the hubs are too wide. Folding is infinitely superior with a Brompton and you can get it on a busy bus, train or tube which is a struggle with bigger folding package of the Dahon. However, Dahons are great value and ride reasonably well. I had the Brompton S type which has a much longer reach and it handled great but obviously 20” inch wheels role better than 16”. The Brompton handled better than the Dahon which would veer to the left under heavy breaking. Also the S type Brompton is less cramped than the Dahon which is too sit up and beg. However the Dahon can be got for half the price and is still a good bike.

Феруза Хошимова says:

Dahon better

Tom L says:

biased garbage.

Rockinroomsrob says:

Having owned both, I’d say get a Brompton, although slightly heavier they are fantastic, stiff and versatile bikes, and the design has stood the test of time. Dahon and other aluminium folders flex too much for me, I do agree 20″ wheels are better and my moulton and mini velos prove I enjoy that ride but I love my brommy as it’s a proper do all bike, especially with the 6 gear option

prithvi kanchan says:

By dahon

Barrett Rocky says:

I am a current tern owner and I used to own a dahon ,my friend got 2 brompton at home and he let me try it, yes it got comfortable and better riding experience , but I dont think it worth that price, I would buy a birdy with nearly same price.
ALSO, the video use middle end dahon to compare with brompton, Its absolutely unfair compare. moreover , I think dahon in the video look better and cooler

talgat kalakaev says:

Dahon super

poursuivant1 says:

Ride quality of the Brompton is excellent. I’ve had it up to 40 mph without a wobble. While you characterize the hinge mechanism of the Brompton as old fashioned, I say it’s dependable and foolproof. It’s also a much smaller package when folded, making it easier to take it along wherever you go.

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