Folding Bike Wheel Size – 16-inch vs 20-inch vs 24-inch Comparison

Which is the best wheel size for a folding bike? Check out the guide by BikeFolded.
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80MileKyle says:

Well made video! Very informative, just what I was looking for.

Chris Bates says:

I love my 24 Tern Node. You are right, I just needed it to easily fit in my cars trunk.. and I love the stability and that it can easily go in the dirt or road

Ed Jack says:

bike friday is probably the only u.s. made folding bikes

John Hofmann says:

I own a 16”, 20” and 26”. I wouldn’t go smaller than a 20” for stability. A 16” wheel really annoying at higher speeds.

The American Patriot says:

How often do the 16 & 20 inch require maintenance? I would love to see a video on lubricating the chain, and just basic bike maintenance that new riders like myself are bliss to

Elizabeth Hamilton says:

One thing to keep in mind when selecting a folding bike is that many cities will not allow you to place any bike with smaller than 20 inch wheels on the front bike rack of a city bus. You will have to fold it and take it inside which can be a hassle on a crowded city bus.

steven nagle says:

Any one have an old 26 inch bike they want to get ride of

Braxton Perry says:

Thank you for the info !

Daniel Rose says:

The most important thing to me is the quality of the tires available. For that reason in terms of the smaller wheel sizes, the 20 inch (406) probably has more available tires. I value flat prevention. Tires like the 451 or the smaller sizes or the 24 inch do not have tires of similar quality in terms of puncture resistance. The tires are more for kids, and not acceptable. That is my impression anyway. Buying tires for bikes is not as straight forward as cars, where one can shop by size and see all available options. No, it is very hit and miss, more luck than anything. I would definitely favor the 406 size due to more available tires from the tire manufacturers like Schwalbe, Continental and Michelin, who know how to make a quality tire for street use. My thoughts from experience.

Mohamad Nazry Bin Noordin says:

sooo what about them built it yourself bikes with frames from Crius and Fnhon?Turning up your nose at them just because they are made in China will be a mistake, imo. I find them really intriguing that you can install both front and rear derailleurs on them, and whatever that can fit on a full size frame, it should fit on them too. Hurray front derailleur braze on mounts!

I got a Fnhon KAD2018 frame built up with a full Sora groupset with 53-39 front chainrings and 11-25 rear cassette. Makes going through most gradients easy enough to stay seated, at the fraction of the price of a similar specced Tern.

That, and the snooty attitude of the guys manning our exclusive retailer here really puts me off getting a Tern.

That said, though. The luggage options available for them Tern bikes… quite nice.

Creation Adorer says:

I have been riding 6-speed Brompton folding bikes with 16″ wheels on paved and gravel roads in both dry and wet weather for nearly a year, and have taken them inside buses and trains; they have served me well. I habitually brush off the mud and sand from the tires and hose down the dust on the frame and drive chain after every ride, and occasionally check the tire pressure. It has been completely trouble-free so far.

Joey-eLL says:

your folder could be 700c , njtransit has to accept it

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