Great Folding Bike For Under $200

I found this folding bike from Solorock after watching a video from Timrover. This is the Solorock Wonder, I really enjoy using this bike at campgrounds and think this is the best folding bike for under $200. So I thought would do a short overview on it. This bike has been fantastic. When folded it compacts down small enough to fit in the basement of our RV or We can fit the bike in the trunk of our car. The bike has a steel frame and 20″ Aluminum wheels. It has a seven speed Shimano shifter. It’s easy to fold and easy to ride and as far as folding bikes go it’s cheap. I demonstrate how to fold the Bike as well as how to unfold the bike. The flexibility of storing this bike almost anywhere is what originally attracted me to this bike but now that I have it in glad to say that this bike rides great too!!

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Momma G says:

You sold me on that Samsung Gear S2 watch you have and my husband got the S3……now, we can’t wait for Christmas to gift each other with that bike!!!


I’ve been looking for an affordable folding bike.I like the looks of alot of them on ebay but the reviews aren’t very good on the ones in my price range.I like your bike and was pleased to hear the price.Im gonna check them out for sure.Thanks for the info man.

Moving Forward Adventures says:

Hi Everyone, I forgot to mention that the Bike has a weight Rating of 230 lbs.
I am 5’ 11’’ 220 lbs sometimes less and I feel very comfortable on the Bike it is very solid. Here is a link for all of its Specs.

Naked Alien says:

Gears always break I would get fixed gear but this is nice

RV Enthusiast says:

Hey Kenny….Happy Birthday!!! Thanks Sabrina for the heads up. Nice bike…That Tim Rover is a good guy for sure. I have a electric assist bike that…yes peddling is required…it just helps this old fat guy up hills and such. lol…ok maybe it makes it easier all the time. That bike it pretty spiffy though. Nice fold-up design and fits in the back of a car is really a plus. And…And…It make you look young Kenny. Happy Birthday one more time.

Rose says:

nice bike inded

James Wisrik says:


Nomadic Native says:

We miss you guys!! Finished up Camp Freightliner, still at Lichtsinn RV waiting for a new awning to arrive…..  looks like more rain today. Happy Birthday!! Since you guys left Maria has been all about Sabrina this & Sabrina that…  yea…  we miss you. Take care, safe travels.

RetroMaticMike says:

Cloud 9 makes a very nice on the rear seat not much bigger than that one check Amazon

Nicki Hernandez says:

Is there a link to purchase this bike?

Steve Blanck says:

Why don’t you have 2 of them?

NoProGoPronto says:

SAY “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” TO KENNY EVERYONE !!! LOL! Happy Birthday Kenny! Sorry to hear that all you received on your wonderful day was a “Honey-Do” list. You know, honey do this, honey do that! Have a great day 🙂

Robert Schenkel says:

Happy Birthday monkeyface

Easy D says:

Had to back up and watch this after seeing you at the 2018 Winnebago GNR.

Dreaming On Melrose Street says:

Happy birthday. Glad you guys are doing well!

NoProGoPronto says:

Looks like a cool little bike. I’ve had several folding bikes over the years. Dahon is my go-to company, but I like the price point of this bike. Thanks for the review. Ride safely 🙂

Roy Davis says:

I have a Trek mountain bike because I’m over the weight limits of most foldable bikes. I use two separate locks on it. They now make a bike lock that will notify your phone if it is cut off. I also have a GPS tracker chip on it. If you trail ride solo that’s a great precaution

Mark Wilson says:


DWDinAtlanta says:

I keep seeing these bikes around and wonder how well they ride. Hubby has a 10 speed racer and a 7 speed mountain bike. I don’t think we would take either along if we traveled, so I thought one of these may be good for him. But it’s good to know these are good bikes if he decides to go this route. We just bought a beach house in Myrtle Beach. I think we need good old pedal pusher bikes now. LOL I am so not in shape! I wouldn’t get too far. LOL ~Donna

juan martinez says:

Cool bike

Robin England says:

Thanks, great idea, may get one for my wife!!

Brenda Nowlin says:

Great review, thanks. I am starting the search for a folding bike soon.

Tim Rover says:

Sabrina spilled the beans……HAPPY BIRTHDAY KENNY!!! Congratulations on the SOLOROCK bike, it looks awesome. The folks over at SOLOROCK gave me some t-shirts, send me an email and I’ll for sure to get them out to you all, sort of a of a Bday gift for you & Sabrina. AWESOME!!!!!!! BTW – did you get the steps repaired?

Lizie Puma says:

Happy Belated Birthday Kenny

Blueser100 says:

Great video. I am seriously considering one.

jimwavect says:

You were lucky to get it at that price. All the steel-frame models are sold out. The aluminum models are double the price. The Wonder is now $500.

broadcast20081 says:

Why don’t they make beautiful foldable bikes…
All of them look ridiculous 🙁

Andy Thousand says:

A few years ago I started riding folding bicycles after winning one in a drawing. They are excellent for all the reasons you mentioned plus great for city commuting. Ever since using them I’d never switch back to a regular bicycle for city use. No more worries of theft or dealing with storage issues.

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