Helix – The World’s Best Folding Bike

Helix – The World’s Best Folding Bike

Helix is smaller, lighter, safer and easier to use than any other folding bike in the world. It is coming to Kickstarter soon!

Visit http://www.ridehelix.ca to learn more.

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/ridehelix


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Music and Video Produced by Julian Frank http://bit.ly/1BCF0St

Helix Folding Bicycles

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Row Nu says:

Wear a helmet!

Nina Makarova says:

Looks great, but then I’m trying to imagine using this in Russia, touching bicycle that’s been on a dirty messy roads just ew.:(

Deacon-Bastyon Duncan says:

Brompton rip off

Mirajul islam says:

how much

Bud Chestnut says:

“Coming soon”? So where are they. Did it ever make it to market?

roy bot says:

This is the only folding bike design that has decent-sized wheels (over 20″), & fits within the standard “62 linear inches” rule for airlines checked baggage.
Unfortunately it is made out of prohibitively expensive titanium, if it were aluminum it’d probably cost less than half what they’re selling it for.
I don’t understand the world these type of people live in. They definitely don’t understand ours.

Jay Son says:

I think it’s good for forever use. I’ll buy it maybe

Timbeaux says:

gee, his front door has six steps leading up to it. good thing he has that ridiculous looking bike to waste his time folding and unfolding.

River Song says:

Starting at 2000$? You’re fucking high

Anonymous Ted says:

Isn’t that my SCHOOL??! U OF T!

IURIi ILiN says:

Bicycle RUSSIA – the BEST!!!

Pedro w says:

are these exist?

Anastacio Espinosa says:


rza putera says:

Is there any review on this bike performance? I’m new to folding bikes. This one interest me, looks old school, but again I’m new, what the hell do I know. I’m a bit tall, any recommendation what brand should I look into? What details should I consider in choosing a bike? Thanks.

chandan agarwal says:

do you live in jersey city?

A Google User says:

Very nice bike, have heard nothing about actual sales date. The bike looks to be a travelers dream. What is the current status of production?

ItsHarvinator says:

Too bad im poor this looks awesome

Thomas L.S. says:

That bike suffers from a severe case of the uglys.

Erik Lauritsen says:

I like how you guys demonstrate proper bike knowledge on your site. I do see the value in the rather high pricetag, but it’s hard to market to the everyman at $1900 for a 10 speed. Yes, I know titanium is awesome and expensive and light-weight, Yes, I know the sing-sided front fork is plenty safe and not a cause for any concern whatsoever, and I even realize that dollar for dollar, it’s not a bad value, but you’re working with people who buy bikes at Target for $89. Don’t let them influence you! Keep on making this bad-ass product and I’ll be sure to pick one up when they’re available again. The case that doubles as a trailer is EXTREMELY interesting.

Barr Chan says:

It looks perfect, however the stem seem a little odd, and does could use the gates belt?

László Molnár says:

Brompton better

Joseph says:

It doesn’t have a handle?

Daywalker On the Road says:

where can we buy this bike and how much is the price?

Super -sim says:

Have you tried a Brompton? Seams to be copied but made worse because it’s much more bulky.

Jon.o says:


Holi DBoruah says:

when it would come ??

kangaxx says:

Si tienes un coche para que esa mierda de bici

Lazar Otasevic says:

isnt this a fraud? you ask for money for two years like you build a spaceship!

hasanxxyyzz says:

No way! The best one until now is the Brompton.

bulginitheman says:

how if wanna buy in indonesia??

J WON PARK says:

i need this bycicle…

Adayat Sigamani says:

It’s nice to see when folded but so awful in full.

UnseenSpirit says:

World’s best folding bike? Why is it the best? Lol

xPNova says:

why is it so expensive? I would get it if it was between 500-700

Otaku 58 says:

I’m getting a bike soon and this really convinced me to get a bendible one.

Hilman Fathurohman says:

i need 26″ tires

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