How A Folding Bike Changed My Life

This past spring, Bison Transport approached DAHON folding bikes to test drive some of their bikes and see how they could benefit Driver’s overall fitness. We asked one of our Professional Drivers, Roger, to take on the task of reviewing the bikes while he was on the road.

With the summer coming to a close, we talked to Roger about his experience with the two different DAHON folding bikes. Here’s his story.

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bowl0noodles says:

Great to see the life change.

Ryan Vasquez says:

Holy shit that guy RIDES that folding bike @4:30

John Roberts says:


William Villagomez says:

How much is that bike!

..I really want one.

Gary H says:

I’m pretty sure most of the Dahon 20″ wheel folding bikes have a 230-lb. rider max weight. Yet in this video Roger says his starting weight was 250. Was rider weight a factor relative to the bike’s max. rider weight? Did you determine going over 230 was okay to do? Or just an oversight?

Reason I ask is that I also normally weigh in the range of 245-255. Also a couple week’s out from being a solo truck driver. Love to bike. Used to a lot, but got out of the habit. Age creeping up on me. Would use this when stopped overnight for exercise, to get to a store/restaurant, etc.

Interested in a Dahon but I didn’t want to max out the bike and be riding dangerously if bike isn’t designed to support my weight.

Thanks in advance for any feedback that anyone may offer.

Géris Lopes Consalter says:

Great vídeo and it is nice to hear your life changed after starting to cycle!!!! Great!

IURIi ILiN says:

Bicycle RUSSIA – the BEST!!!

michael says:

great story

Manfred Mann says:

Well done Sir !

Péter Kálmán says:

Dahon commercial.

MartyMartin87 says:

my problem is that my ass always hurts because of the pressure on the saddle after I rode a bike

David Neil says:

Just the type of review I needed. Not a bike guy, but someone who wants to be. Thanks

Jogie Glen Mait says:

you’re doing great man. see you in a few months with some leaner physique

J Henn says:

next video let’s see him do a wheeley. whoever invented this bike is brilliant. how come I never thought of this

Sean Bridge says:

Great video + nice bikes and a good push for getting people moving. Sitting all day in any job will give you that extra weight. Great job man!! +10 on the lb’ed loss!!!! Love it!!!

James MacGlashan says:

In my former long haul days I carried a folding bike in the truck with my. I found the psychological benefits even more valuable than the physical – especially on weekends I found myself unexpectedly away from home. If I was to go back to over the road work, I would not be without a bike in the truck.

Thomas Malcolm Macleay says:

I’ve riden that Uno ss. It’s super fun. One gear, almost like a BMX. Cool video guys.

patr10t762 says:

Have you continued the folding bicycle program? I have enough room for a full size bike and use it to go out to eat and have done boardwalk and green way rides in my down time. I even used it to ride to where my load was because the rig wouldn’t fit.
It is comforting knowing I have transportation if the rig breaks down.

Ty Smith says:

very inspiring! It’s also nice that your company accommodates the time you need to cycle. Is it getting harder to ride now that things are getting colder?

joel750 says:

The dude bought a Dahon Folding bike….Great Choice! I hope he keeps it up because bicycle are actually good for you: Anyone can do it and you NEVER Forget once you learned how to ride. It’s also the cheapest type of mobility because it never uses gasoline, there’s no insurance no registrations to pay and also there’s no traffic or congestion riding a bicycle. You DO need to invest in a U-Lock + Patch kit in case you get a flat tire, a good working pump and that’s about it. I have been riding a bicycle since I was 10 years old and it was actually my first love and NOT a girl or a woman. 🙂

Era Javukh says:

I love folding bikes, even though they took my virginity.

Dale Wildey says:

I too drive truck for a living. I found that the long days in the saddle were extremely tough on my legs and overall fitness. My average days were 14 hours. I would walk the dog one night after work then ride my bike the next night. I always enjoyed riding my bicycle. Just being out in the elements and getting exercise made a huge difference. I totally relate to this video. Cycling is such a great way for a change in lifestyle

Jim Jr44 says:

I am impressed with your efforts and your presentation! Well done! Keep safe. Jim

JoshuaX says:

gotta love all e Love & Support from the community. Keep up the great work!

Idam Ha says:

saving money to buy dahon folding bike this year. it’s not cheap in my country

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