Living With A Brompton: What’s A Folding Bike REALLY Like?

The Brompton is the most iconic folding bike around but what’s it like to live with one as an obsessed road cyclist?

Thank you to Brompton for sponsoring this video and lending us the Superlight (P.S. not giving it back).

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jackseph03 says:

Brompton’s are great for a folding bike, but don’t kid yourself, they are no way near as easy to ride as a normal bike with 700c wheels. 
When I return to my Old’s house I often borrow my dad’s Brompton and it’s great for when you want to get a lift with someone and then ride home (the pub, perhaps?) but I’ll choose my sisters 30 year old step-thru-wicker-basket-on-the-front bike if I know I’m riding both ways, every time.

Adam Gosztolai says:

I love my Brompton. Now it lives in Geneva with me reminding me of my time in London. There’s a huge E-bike culture here, so Brompton gets quite a bit of attention and some strange looks too from the funny Swiss E-bikers. Couldn’t care less, it’s still the most practical thing I’ve ever bought.

Des Gibbons says:

Try a Moulton you will love it.

Zeyu Guan says:

Best Brompton review video ever! BTW thumbs up to the polite drivers and thanks for their patience.

j p says:

which means its not that much lighter at a far greater cost….

Go Humberto! says:

Nice video. People make the mistake of comparing them to a “normal” bike when they aren’t. I think this video put too much emphasis on (niche) racing and not enough on showing a Brompton under the table in a Cafe or Pub.
Why people think they are expensive is beyond me. The M3L (the most popular model) is £1,000 new. £1,000 is hardly expensive for a bike these days, especially one you’ll keep for life. My TREK cost £3,000 and I daren’t leave it out of my sight.

kacang pool says:


huajie666 liu says:

Ideal for that long commute?

s1914 says:

Great vid! Just bought an M6l to bring in the new year, can’t wait for it to arrive !!

Dances with traffic says:

But why didn’t you just ride from Clapham to Wimbledon ffs?

Void 007 says:

I have a Brompton and also a nice Moulton tsr 27..both are great bikes with the Moulton giving a more comfortable ride but does not fold..both are very quick bikes and good for London.
I have found the Brompton to be the best folding bike as I have had few problems with wear and tear opening and folding many times a day.

Nathaniel Offer says:

Dude makes a comment about “losers” locking their bikes up then proceeds to wear his helmet on a train like a “loser”

Paul B says:

You comment on its lightness but don’t actually say how much it weighs or costs.

doug says:

They save people 5 to 10 mins a day and give them a little excercise amazing just pity about the price! They are far less stealable since they are never locked outside though so that is a huge advantage people don’t talk about.

H Ma says:

Brompton rides awfull the only thing it has going for it is the fact is the smallest foldable bike ever thats it.This is a commercial paid by Brompton

Charlie Cassowary says:

Two questions: 1. Why didn’t you just ride down the flight of stairs? 2. Has the Brompton usurped the Moulton’s place as a folding bike?

Richard Ashton says:

You had a long tailback at around 3:00. Probably to do with the filming but they were very patient.

Chris Till says:

When I test rode one with the rental scheme Brompton does, I was shocked by how good it rides. Basically as good as my regular urban bike.

SaveTheHedgehog says:

Is it possible to sit on it while it’s folded though? For the longer metro trips

Dion Forster says:

I love it! What an awesome video! Yup, I travel all around the world with my Brompton bike! I even do the ‘Cape Town Cycle tour’ each year on my Brompton bicycle (109km around the Cape Town coast – what used to be called ‘The Argus’). See my channel for a video of that ride and a few others. The Brompton is amazing! I am currently in Berlin on research leave, but had my Brompton in Oxford, Brazil, Sweden, Denver… All of that this year. When I am at home my Brompton lives in my office and gets me around campus for meetings or classes. I love it! see more at

H Ma says:

Small wheels rides awfull

Danni Tron says:

Its ugly i will not be buying one

Sky man says:

That helmet is just looking crazy.
For savety it’s not working, so why wear a helmet?
Also as you drive here in the middle of the road, a car will drive you of the road. Give the cars spaces do they can overtake you and don’t be annoyed by your slow speed.

Yes as you need to tafel also with the train and ad the location you also need a bike, than yes it’s nice. As you don’t use the train, than is a normal bike better.
There are way cheaper options that are as good as that overpriced one.

Christoph Schwerdtner says:

Best Bike ever! I use it every day and I love it. I also use an electric car and the Brompton is the perfect companion. When charging I can ride my bike. When I bought my car I also got free electricity for the car forever. I‘m traveling all over europe now with my car and my bike for free. This is a kind of freedom I really enjoy. Even parking often is free for an electric car. Without my Brompton this wouldn’t be half as much fun. My wife has a Brompton too and both bikes fit easily in the car. We love to explore the world and use our bikes.

O says:

If they would only add proper brakes and gears….

Running Guru says:

i once thought about hiring a Brompton 🙂

zhenhang wong says:

Brompton? expensive folding bike. any folding bike can do what a brompton do at far more cheaper. Don’t tell me about resell value or it still works after x number of years. a well maintain bicycle can last as long. and pray to god that you never have a puncture half way to anywhere.

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