Montague Paratrooper Folding Bike Review
The Montague Paratrooper is the best folding mountain bike on the market. The strong frame, powerful disc brakes, and front suspension ensure a smooth and safe ride in any terrain. If you want the ride quality of a full size bicycle combined with the portability of a folding bike, the Paratrooper bike is perfect for you.

This folding mountain bike weighs just 29 lbs and folds to a size of 36 inches x 28 inches x 12 inches. When you’re transporting this bike there’s no need for a car rack. Just fold it up and away you go! The Montague Paratrooper is a fantastic full size folding bike.


ivan ivan says:

I just bought it

Mico Lucero says:

possible ship to UAE?

RC says:

Clever folding bike, too bad they didn’t put a guard on the front sprockets to protect your trousers from getting shredded!

Ryan James Baliza says:

Hi. I’m 5’4, is this a good size bike for me?

Vinnamese says:

I can’t wait to get mine!


Great bike. China version are flooding Asian market with uncompromising quality bikes but cheaper price.

Ke Wu says:

Hi there, is this fat tyre at least suitable for pavement ride? I don’t seek for speed ride, comfort is my priority. Thanks

NYCeWheels says:

Should be fine! It’s designed to be able to accept those kinds of additions without them interfering with the fold. There’s only one two-bolt mounting point though, so you will need a combo pump/bottle holder.

NYCeWheels says:

Really been impressed with this bike, think i’m going to take it for a test ride of my own this week – jack

slyfoxlover says:

A bonus if they provide that flying squirrel suits as well. 😀

Ryan Yeung says:

does it have a kick stand a comfortable seat

slyfoxlover says:

3:33 Gasp! Was that a rabbit? 😀

You got a special guest on as well. That’s a first. 🙂

James Sales says:

At Eurobike 2014 I saw montague paratrooper and a montague x70 with an amazing electric / bike  kit. the standard kit was Onroad / Offroad, 70kmph – was just fantastic.

Spoke with a guy from mckendry consulting & from EGO who are making a range of new kits in addition to Montague specific ones. 

Military grade bike with a military grade battery and motor – 🙂 finally an alternative to tidalforce

They are not available yet via retail channels but it is possible to buy. Given the pedigree of these guys and the fact that they already make the best downhill ebikes and they even hold world records – this is one to watch. 

Dain Bramaged says:

I am impressed!!! I saw the word “paratrooper” and being a (ret.) paratrooper I had to click thinking it was a gimmick but damn this thing is cool, I MTB a lot and I understand that it’s not ment for hard core shredding but I’m sold!!!! now I just need about $800.00 and it’s mine

vzR Tz says:

yeah I have the wheel in one hand and the bike jn the other it’s a nice walk. ..and a good way to stay in shape

Francis Chin says:

Looks impressive; is it sold in Singapore? Thanks!

airrifle addict says:

my voodoo hoodoo would absulutely smash that bike in a race and its cheaper….

NYCeWheels says:

Better than renting, we own one! Not one of those big guys though, it’s a remote control quadcopter. Just google “Quadcopter” to see some examples. Pretty sweet right? We do it because it gives a cool perspective on how the rider looks on the bike from afar. Thanks for watching! -Peter

deveousdevil says:

yea i saw the other one, thanks. so does the pro also come in OD Green? or just black?

Peter Kenyon says:

Congratulations on the 100 video mark! I love your reviews and always look forward to your next one. Might get over your way one day from the land Down Under. Keep up the great work.

NYCeWheels says:

Only on the pro I’m afraid. A really nice feature. You checked out the paratrooper pro video yet? – jack

Fresno1199 says:

Ok. Great video, but you did not rent a helicopter for the beginning and end shots. How did you do it?

Jeffrey K says:

Lmfao 700++$ for a bike without full suspension…

NYCeWheels says:

Glad to be of service.

Arnold Strong says:

That was the most helpful review I have recently seen. Excellent. Thank you!

ALAN ANG says:

Does it still folds nicely if i have the airpump and water bottle fix on the frame

Edgar Acevedo says:

Where did you film this? Looks just like a bike path I go to in Queens overlooking the throg necks bridge..

Tom OfNorthCal says:

Nice A-2 jacket. Oh the bikes cool, too.

deveousdevil says:

can you lock the shocks on this one as well so they don’t bounce back or is that only on the Pro model?

Yu Boaz says:

The Sr Suntour cranks are crap.

NYCeWheels says:

Haha, wouldn’t that be sweet? -Peter

NYCeWheels says:

Just the black, which actually looks pretty darn slick I think- jack

879doogie says:

great video.
love the montague paratrooper vs tern models.

Ranjani Manlike says:

It’s a god bike cheaper than mountain bikes in srilanak

NYCeWheels says:

Not a rabbit, a cat! Pretty cute cat too, he sat and watched us film the whole main section of the video. As for Roberto, we couldn’t resist having him in this one. His tricks really added some nice action shots. -Peter

Anrei says:

as stupid as this sounds, do the handle bars go much higher? also, how heavy is it?

NYCeWheels says:

Part of the cost of the bike goes into the technology that enables it to fold, so if you compare it to non-folding mountain bikes in a similar price range, you will notice its slightly lower tier components. It’s a trade off for sure, but it still makes for a decent bike.

NYCeWheels says:

The Montague really does add something to the folding bike canon. Although Tern does make some folding bikes with full sized wheels, the paratrooper really rides like a mountain bike, montague really does a great job at specializing larger wheel folders- Jack

NYCeWheels says:

Was filmed in Randall’s island I believe. Best- jack

NYCeWheels says:

I’m glad you liked it! Thanks for watching and have fun when you get the bike. -Peter

NYCeWheels says:

Thanks Peter! Hope to see you here sometime!

bebo pc player says:

hello i have a error in my  bike its hummer 2 (H2) the discs is running with the wheels thats make no brakes please answer when i press on the brakes one wheel stop and the other dont please hope to answer its very important to me ???

Leon Mihelčić says:

I am planning to buy this bike, but before I do, I want to ask a few questions…

a) I am almost 190 cm tall, would this bike be comfortable to me?
b) Is there a way to lock the front wheel? If I leave my bike somewhere, I don’t want people to be able to just take my wheel off and walk away.. there will always be douchebags.
c) Are lights attachable? According to the Croatian law, I need to have a front light, back light, pedal lights, wheel lights…

slyfoxlover says:

Did Bailey come along for the shoot? He would be a good candidate to chase the cat away. xD

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