Reasons NOT to buy a Brompton folding-bike

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MichelOrnek says:

Bad review, why should you not buy a wheelchair? its hard to get up hills, on unfinished roads you feel the bumbs and holes. come on! you can do better mate!

Craig Morris says:

His comments apply to all foldable bikes, not just Brompton.

Simone Obe says:

I’m a brompton user since a month, and I’m very happy about how this bike improved my life. Buy hey let’s be honest, this guy is bringing up some good points here. I don’t understsand the dislikes…. probably blind brompton lovers. Come on let’s be honest guys his points are valid! Point 1) Condition of the road: totally true, on uneven terrain you feel the bumps and street disconnections much harder, that’s why I had to optimize my bike to work route to use the best condition roads as much as possible, but still, it’s a minor disavantage. 2) Steep hills, i have a 6 gears brompton, i can easily climb up hills, buy maybe for lower geared bikes is harder. The standing position is not as comfortable as a normal bike and you cannot really put as much power when standing as a normal bike. You have to be careful also because the steering is narrow and very sensitive. 3) The weight: sure thing, the bike is heavy even for me that I’m an average guy, think about older people or women… the secret though is to leave the bike open and carry it opened if possible, so that you can just put it on the ground and push it as much as possible. I fold it only when i keep it under the desk at work on in the train on the way home. Hope I have been helpful to someone, i give thumbs up to this video because his critics are authentic, nevertheless the brompton is an amazing bike and improved my life in such a way i could only dream of before.

urbanmanc says:

Bromptons are designed to be used in conjunction with public transport so most journeys will be relatively short. There’s no need to carry the bike, that’s what the rack and wheels are for, the only lifting you should be doing is off and on transport. Bromptons don’t replace regular/traditional bikes, their design serves it’s intended purpose.

The points he’s made are valid, all bikes have pros and cons

mee siam says:

Nice. Honest review that I agree with.

Jogie Glen Mait says:

wow. this video made me think more about bromptons – in a new way.

Sammy says:

Hm Every one try this bike be for he buy it or ?

Peter Stewart says:

i found it very difficult to dig my garden with a spoon although in the end it did the job. I would think before you buy one. But I could criticise anything if I used it for the purpose for which it was NOT designed!

mee siam says:

Most foldable bikes have surpass 6 speed bike like the old fashion brompton. Feel sorry for Brompton.

MartyMartin87 says:

I got the Dahon Ikon D3, it’s one of the cheapest but the best bike in my opinion. I’m proud to own this bike.

2ndhandbike says:

Interesting example here of the risk when the clamps on part of a folding bike no longer close properly!

Darth Fener says:

The Bicycle Terns suck, the Dahon bike are the worst, other bicycles are all made in China, explain to me how do you say these things? I once shot a Brompton and it’s fantastic, amazing in everything, almost pockety, I dare say, light and perfect to carry.

André Gomes says:

I’m a Brompton owner for more than a year now. I commute in my Brompton in London everyday. For some reason the title of this video caught my attention and I decided to watch it. As a product, I love the Brompton. I could be what someone might call a “fan-boy”. But this video does raise very good points. All the points mentioned here are true. It’s true that for some people 10kg may not be that easy. It’s true that the Bromptons are made specially for flat surfaces. If the roads have bumps or uneven parts, you will feel it. And yes, hills could also be problematic. Do all or any of these things stop me from commuting in my Brompton and loving the ride? No. Thumbs up for the video, for its usefulness.


this video is clickbait for me – what is the alternative ? nothing ! Brompton is not the best bike and not the lightest, but the best foldingbike in the smallest size. Look at smartphones. A tablet is better and also a pc, but you cant carry it everyday with you.

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