Review of my new Brompton M6L Folding Bike

I made the video after cycling into work for the first time on my brand new Brompton. It’s a quick review and summary of the Brompton and towards the end I try to demonstrate the fold. As it’s only the second time of folding it, I didn’t think I did too badly

I forgot to say that it arrived after only a 4 week wait.


d barboza says:

how much was it !

Ty Smith says:

Nice review! Just got my own H6L in Raw Lacquer three months ago and very glad I did.

I got the Carradice City Folder bag for the front. Really love the classic look of that bag, though I was looking at the C and the Tbag.

Curious as to how you like the bike two+ years later. Also, what bag did you end up getting?


Rafael Franco says:

Would you recommend 6 gear or 3 gear for central London commute?

Paul Fogarty says:

Nice bike !.. Ive got a folding bike but now wish I had put the money towards a Brompton instead. The bike I got has larger wheels and Is a lot heavier, also Im sure it actually gets bigger when you fold it !
Maybe I can still trade it in though.

osher gabrial says:

I have them in pink

Pootling along says:

Enjoyed your review, nice and friendly as said below!   I have an M3L and just love it – it’s enabled me to fit a bike ride into my life every day in a way that no other bike can.  One of the best buys I’ve ever made. 🙂

Jo Jo says:

Shouldn’t you be working? Get back to work!!! lol on a serious note, good review though

Andy Thousand says:

Great review. I currently own a 2-speed Brompton and it’s the best investment I’ve ever made. It’s very portable and folds up neatly. I’ve brought it into work, restaurants and other places. After riding a folding bicycle I’ll never go back to riding a regular sized bicycle in the city.

It's Vlad, not Vladimir says:

Great bike mate, enjoy it fam!! I just found out about this brand of bikes 3 days ago to be honest lol, which it’s hilarious in itself!! But ever since i saw it, i was overwhelmed with feelings of joy and satisfaction and i knew on the spot that/that’s my next bike. I never owned a folding bike, so it will be a new experience for me, but im totally looking forward to it!! Peace and Merry Christmas! Happy riding 2018 mate,

TheTeddyEdwards says:

I did also buy a Dahon D7 speed folding bike but it was nowhere near in the same league as the Brompton. The prices on new Bromptons seem to rise every year but even though they are expensive, they are well worth the price and hardly depreciate. Ive been riding mine every day and it hasnt let me down once and I still love riding this fantastic little bicycle

UnseenSpirit says:

Just a tip, fold the front wheel at the same time at the back. The mudguard can potentially break

Sacha Traviata says:

The best bike.

One of the the best purchase I made in my whole life.

I have 2 : 6 speeds titanium for every day + 6 speed with rack for shopping of traveling

vivian Westwood says:

Good review, there aren’t many people actually reviewing them on here just showing the fold and how quick they can do it!
I ordered mine three weeks ago and have about another week left to go and I’m really looking forward to it coming hopefully next week.
If you order the accessories etc with your bike though they work out cheaper so even though it is a bigger initial payment you would save money by ordering them with the bike.

Zulfadli Nasir says:

very friendly and entertaining

James Thomson says:

Great bike for jumping on and off trains that are busy

Laurie says:

Nice vid there Andre! Its great owning a Brompton isn’t it? I have the M3L and it serves more than enough for me given that my commute is only 2 miles and flat. I opted for the Tbag and what an accessory that is! You must get one if you wish to tread further afield. I might go for the rack and Eazy Wheels next.

Pedal Papa says:

It does ride better with luggage up front. With luggage on the back or heavy backpack, it’s very challenging and can even be dangerous with no weight up front.

I have the M6R in orange, so almost the same as yours. I should do a review, I’m over a year in, and we tour on it – yes, we – I ride with my almost 5 year old quite a lot.

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