STRIDA SX folding-bike review by Gee-Jay @GJ74 on Twitter

This little review shows you how you can easily blaze through the city traffic and crowded places with the Strida SX folding-bike.
It also shows you how to fold and unfold it within just a few seconds.

I am a huge fan of the Strida. I ride it almost every day of the year. The only times I can’t ride it, is when there is ice or too much snow on the streets, because I don’t have any spikes on my Schwalbe Kojak tires.

After getting my first Strida SX from Van Moof, Netherlands, I soon after bought myself a 2nd one (Strida SX Limited Edition with leather seat and grips + curved handle bars) that I ordered from AREAWARE, USA.

So the kickstand and fenders where not included with the silver Strida SX when I bought it but chances are that you get it all together when you buy it. Seems to depend on the distributor / retailer.

Mark A. Sanders on Twitter
Gabriel Gee-Jay Jenny on Twitter

For an in depth review, have a look at those videos:

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Feddy blade says:

I am amazed! too bad I think we don’t have that kind of bike in my country.

MALEJA Kakawe says:

Its amazing, wish could afford!

Mark Armitage says:

Re “aluminium” – you were correct the first time according to British English. “Aluminum” is the US version.

Kalokaghatia Antony says:

check my channel for strida Metropolis (LT)

Tam Nguyen says:

Nice review. Thanks for the tip about greasing the hinge and ordering extra tubes.

hanz2lk says:

that’s not tiny. 

152drake164 says:

@Gasher74 Thanks! 🙂

Oliver Reiprich says:

This “Bike” is so wrong in so many ways…. just no!

Seb Brosig says:

more of a commercial than a review.

MIGHTYcbu says:

the site for the lights ‘knog dot com slash au’ just goes to a linkfarm.
what’s up with the HTC clothing? is it a sponsor?

marzochev says:


Job te Pas says:

I have one for many years. In this video isn’t shown that the form is made to hang it down between the coats or to place is in a luggagerack in the train. Not possible with the blockform if folded of other bikes. However the confort of sitting is so hard, that 10 miles biking is the limit. To prevent wooden buttocks.

Me too I love this bike.

Funkaholik says:

How did you notice that that weird sound comin’ from back triangle?
4:50 i can’t do wheelie but i do bunnyhops and jumpin’ from 0,5m height easily))
ohh and you can ride with no handlebars while standin’ .. haha kids don’t try this in the streets

Nishanth Shetty says:


Yaniv BD says:

Watch the Strida in action for commuting
Must see
Commute from Chelsea market to Grand Central Terminal on a STRIDA bike, Manhatten, NYC

honungsklubba says:

Hahaha… haglöfs. Vart hittade du cykeln?

T Orrent says:

Dinner plate size wheels?  I could walk faster than that thing.

M15TERx says:

Excellent video, and very informative. I can see you are a fan of the Strida. I rode a Strida 3 a few years ago (I borrowed it from my old boss). I liked it but it was a bit ‘creaky’ especially the pedal/crank. I see that the new ones have a metal bracket welded to the frame now. Would you recommend the SX over the standard Strida? do the upgrades make a big difference? Thanks

Gonzanova says:

You can find the ultimate Strida (Strida MAS) on the following design online store: Jardins Florian (just google them with strida as a 3rd key word). They deliver in Europe.

Michael Lai says:

Awesome video … nice effort. I really like the way it was presented. Thanks!

152drake164 says:

What bag is at 3:38?

jpdanzig says:

Unfortunately this reviewer barely touches on the Strida’s Achilles heel — the low-speed handling. It’s abysmal. Terrifying on a crowded city street. I tried the Strida once and sent it back to the manufacturer for a refund immediately.

BlauerTeppich says:

which city – very nice!

Slim Yabby says:

i never seen a HTC jacket in my life until now

Manuel Gaudichon says:


I really enjoyed watching your review about the Strida bike.

By the way I have a question about the music of the video: Can you tell me the name of the song?

Thanks a lot

Gabriel Gee-Jay Jenny says:

no problem 🙂 you’re welcome

Gabriel Gee-Jay Jenny says:

well yeah, I’m a fan 🙂 but still, I paid the regular price.

MineOfTheLegends says:

who know where to buy it. Please let me know please. My email

Vinh Nguyen says:

where can I buy a STRIDA bike in Canada ?

Gabriel Gee-Jay Jenny says:

in terms of speed – yes, it’s not a racing bike – but still, I’m faster then the average cyclist, even with just one gear.

Camilo López Garzón says:

Hey! Nice video! I am seriously considering buying one. What is your experience with the steering? One get use to it? And, is it possible to ride one-hand? Here (NL) I usually go with an umbrella in one hand while riding, I am wondering how safe is to do it on a Strida…

Gabriel Gee-Jay Jenny says:

here you go, I put the link into the description – but the style varies a lot, so don’t be disappointed if the rest of the stuff doesn’t sound like this song 😉

gyurxi551 says:

Tnx! What is the difference between Strida SX and Strida Metropolis (if is there any)?

mcgeechan6600 says:

Good review guy’s 🙂

Rizwan M says:

Very good review. Thanks very much.

I own an Oyama East Village bicycle, but I’ve also been a long term fan of Strida.

Kaibil Balam says:

Nice review, unfortunately the bike doesnt seem to perform as well.

tigerfanman says:

1 speed? wish it had a shimano shifter on there.. its gonna be slow

Radzh Kapoor says:

Music is too loud!

Gabriel Gee-Jay Jenny says:

Hi Camilo. The steering is a bit nervous but you’ll get used to it. I’m still riding it, also one handed. But it’s better to have both hands on the handlebar. Especially if you have to use the brake.
If you get yourself a Strida, you could as well go all in and get a Nubrella. Google it 🙂

jpdanzig says:

Unfortunately, I’m in a densely populated area of midtown Manhattan where there is no safe area nearby to practice low-speed maneuvers. I am also a senior citizen, so it is entirely possible that my balance and coordination are not up to the challenges of the Strida. The bike does fold wonderfully, however…

Manuel Gaudichon says:

Oh great! Thanks for answering!

It would be nice if you can let me know when their website will be launched…


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