Tern Eclipse X20 Ninja – folding bike Review Video

The Tern Eclipse X20 is one amazing folding bicycle. The hype prior to release of this bicycle was all on target – super fast, amazing comfort from the larger 24 inch wheels, super light at just 23.6 lbs, and with top notch SRAM components you know this is a folding bicycle that’s going to perform day to day for years to come. We’re very excited to carry the Eclipse X20 as it rounds out the line of high performance folding bicycles offered by Tern and fills a gap in the line for those looking for a full size bicycle experience that still folds to a compact size. If I had to compare it to a regular bike this would be the high performance flat bar road bike.


reza michael says:

Could you compare the verge x20 and eclipse x20? Thanks

HeWhoDwells says:

a beauty!

NYCeWheels says:

The Dahon MU Uno and Dahon Speed Uno are single speed bikes with coaster brakes. The most compact is the Brompton at 21×22″ but doesn’t have coaster brakes.

Hussin Ali says:

I like to have high performance on road. What kind of tern bike that suitable for me. I need speed

Paul N. Laroche says:

Beautiful looking bike.I want one. Great video,Thanks

Cosmo Coralles says:

So the question is. How much does it weigh in kg?

Dan Michael Verdera says:

my dream bike.. 

Torian Allen says:

This bike is really awesome!

NYCeWheels says:

Thanks John, more video’s to come. We’re filming a new video for the Stromer Elite Electric Bike next thurs I believe so keep an eye out – Jack

Chris Brown says:

The red light thingy, is it like when you take break it will turns on?

Dragon21Studios says:

Cool, I had a 26in tire bike and that’s just too big for me, I’m 5’5 so a 24in tire bike fits pretty well. This one looks quite interesting, I’m just checking out folding bikes for now, before I think about getting one.

Jason Bates says:

What would you recommend for someone that is 6’2 looking for a folding bike

mee siam says:


ibrooksdb9 says:

Firstly, many thanks for all the time you take to make these videos. They are hugely informative and interesting to watch. Secondly, could you make a video about the new Tern Eclipse X22 which has just been released.

Nile Jones says:

Also on your website it says “fastest folding bike on the market” does that refer to actual speed or how fast you can fold it

Frank Leon-Guerrero says:

As a commuter bike, are fenders available?

Staf Staf says:

Interested. How much is this bike?

John Connor says:

That is such a sexy piece of machinery. Wow, I’m drooling.

jana diaz says:

Can you give me a folding bike?Im here in PHILIPPINES

kok keong lee says:

Tern Eclipse x20 is awesome. But i don’t have the budget for this monster. Looking for alternative which is the new Tern Eclipse P18. Do you have any review on this?

Nikolaos Pav says:

hello,i am looking for a bike like this…you know a folding one for the city…i wonder what is the riders height?i mean,i am a little tall and i worry about the thing it might be uncomfortable for me to ride this and also it might be a little bad looking,you know i worry that the bike may look like a toy when i am riding it and i dont whant that…so can you help me?can you suggest me anything?i am 1.91 cm tall and 85 kilos….

Ryan Handoyo says:

would this fit me im 4,11 or 5

John Paul Montalbo says:

Your videos are always informative and well structured. Thanks for putting time and effort in them.

reza michael says:

Thanks for your quick response Jack. I wish I could test ride them both. I live in England and you cant get the eclipse x20 here and you guy don’t send them abroad neither right? I can get the verge x20 here though, would you get this one if you could only have one foldup bike? Thanks again.

Sashimi272 says:

I was wondering if fenders are available for this bike and water bottle rack??? You also mentioned in the review that you can install a rack either in the front, back, or both making it a true city commuter like the Eclipse S11i. is this true?

Nile Jones says:

I need a really fast but inexpensive folding bike what should I get?

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