Tern Joe P24 – Folding commuter bike review Video

The Tern Joe P24 is a rough and tough commuter bicycle with the ride of a mountain bike but the footprint of a folding bike! You’ll love the stopping power of the disc brakes and the wide gear range offered by the 24 speed drivetrain. Plus – it just looks great! One thing that’s nice about the 26 inch wheels is that they use super strong WTB rims and Schwalbe Marathon tires. These items are durable and strong and will get you through year in year out bicycle commuting with style.


TravisBickle999 says:

I just bought this bike, been riding about 25k a day, so far I love it , great ride , fairly fast, smooth gears and brakes but seat is trash. Overall I love it , paid £500 in the UK.

Jerone Luis says:

is the bicycle a large or medium in the video?

irishmarine3 says:

I’m super glad you mentioned you were in 6’2″ in the video – I am as well and It was problem when I was considering this bike. Now, no problem 😀

nlimnj says:

Can this bike fit in a box or bag with total dimensions of 62″? (i.e. airline max)

g1981c says:

it would be nice if the handlebar folded sideways or something … this may be hard to fit into some smaller cars i think …

NYCeWheels says:

We sell a pretty wide range of bikes. The lightest bikes we sell tend to be higher in price, like the Tern Verge X20 which only weighs 21 lbs, or the Titanium Brompton Bike which can be as light as 19.7 lbs. A nice meeting point between lightweight and price would be the Dahon Mu p8, which is around 24lbs. Give it a search on youtube, or on our website: nycewheels (dot) com. Best- jack

uniatrix says:

Hi. I’m between buying this bike and the Link P9 and I have a few questions, anyone with knowledge about bikes feel free to help me.

So, first, I wanted to know how much of difference I will feel riding this bike in comparison with the Link P9 (because of the bigger wheels). ahm like.. I never had a folding bike before, so those tiny compatible bikes are new to me, this Joe p24 seems like the type of bike that I used to have.

Another thing is, I pretend to buy the bike when I travel to the USA (NY), and, of course, I would need the bike to fit in the airplane without complications, IDK if I would have this problem with Joe P24, and with Link P9 seems that I wouldn’t.

Thanks in advice.

NYCeWheels says:

Usually quick releases come with one spring on either side, it possible you are missing one. Best- jack

WrongRealities says:

That is a beautiful bike. Well done.

AlikKra says:

A great bike. In Russia they are very expensive ((
Thank you for the great video

Ferdi Efiloğlu says:

my height is 183 cm (sorry i can’t convert to feet.) is the large frame fit to me?

NYCeWheels says:

Working on that…

André Peres Dias says:

Great review (as always)! I bought a Joe p24 last year, been riding every day and I love it it’s fast and smooth a true ” urban warrior “. You can can put the handlebars in parallel with the frame for storage as well

Ryan Handoyo says:

would this fit me, im about 4,11 to 5, and could this fit in the air-porter?

Ed Harley says:

is this medium or large frame on vid review? Please we need an answer. Thanks!

NYCeWheels says:

Glad to hear it. Keep in touch, looking forward to filming a new video on one of our sporty electric bikes next week. – jack


what is tge disadvantage of folding bike

Richard Portelli says:

Can you review the new P27?

NYCeWheels says:

That’s right, larger wheels don’t respond to quick handling as nicely and they are a bit heavier too. Then again, the ride is much smoother. There are always these tradeoffs. Thanks for watching! -Peter

Douglas Kmiotek says:

After seeing the video review of this and the Montague Paratrooper Pro I think there really is no advantage to getting the Montague. This is an excellent bike, and I’ll start putting a few $$$ on the side to start saving for it. Thanks for the convincing review.

le cameleon says:

i have it and i really love it,fast light and foldable … perfect 

NYCeWheels says:

We do Tuan, however they take a 30% fee off of every sale so we would prefer if you check out right on our website nycewheels (dot) com Thanks for watching! -Peter

chris wiehle says:

Bigger wheels means higher centrifugal force. More stability at higher speeds. Trouble is that you have a slower response time when dumbasses pull out in front of you on the road. Smaller tires, lower centrifugal force…and as near as I can tell…doesn’t go as fast. You can definitely tell the difference between 26″ and 27″.

karl Delalamon says:

Pls make a review of tern p24h

DerrickLow2 says:

Cool video.How much does it cost?

jook00 says:

How do the left shifters work? What are the three broken down?

Mark x says:

is the frame a solid one? because some bike are not which last for 2 years. easily damage and broken.

gmail andrianak says:

awsome! not sure about the price though… 😉
just one question…

which reliable bike… do you suggest for the price of 150$ as a folding bike, if excised… :)) thx!

meborn77 says:

I have it. And I love it.

George Mavrogeorgos says:

Hi and thanks for the info ! What is the difference between the joe P24 an the D24 ? Thanks in advance !

NYCeWheels says:

Can be hard to find a nice seat sometimes. A lot of people make the mistake of buying a seat with more padding, but really it’s about how far apart your sitting bones are. A hard seat with the right width will be much more comfortable long term than a cushy seat that’s too big for you. Glad you’re enjoying the Joe! – jack

Feb Quion says:

hello, can you change tern joe p24’s fork with one that has suspension like Fox or rock shox? @NYCeWheels

NYCeWheels says:

Thanks electricyclist! -Peter

electricyclist says:

Nice video and wonderful folding bike.

NYCeWheels says:

Yeah, pretty nifty design! Tern does a good job of incorporating all the best elements from their 20″ folders in a full sized frame.

Jusuf Limowa says:

I’m pray this model available at Indonesia

Felipe Gonzalez says:

A foldable but not affordable bike

whitebear26 says:

Cool, now make it electric 🙂

Mr. Midshipman says:

America, the land of bullshit. your so happy aren’t you? Marking up Chinese bicycles 1000%. I’d be happy to. You should run for President.

NYCeWheels says:

Hi Derrick, I can’t list prices here on youtube, but if you follow the link embedded in the video description you’ll be able to find all the info on prices and specs. Best – Jack

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