Tern Link D8 folding bike, best value Tern bicycle

Our Tern D8 folding bike, http://www.nycewheels.com/tern-folding-bike-link-d8.htm is the least expensive Tern folding bike that incorporates the incredibly smooth and well designed hinge technology that Tern is known for. With the Link D8 you get a solidly built frame, decent components, and nice bonuses like fenders and a rear rack. It is a folding bike that’s built for daily use, commuting and leisure rides.

Also check out our full line of tern folding bikes: http://www.nycewheels.com/tern-folding-bikes.html


juan martinez says:

hey peter i need to go to your shop..to check those amazing bikes.

MrMatangkwago says:

hi peter. what model of giro helmet do you used? thanks. 🙂

NYCeWheels says:

I’d say the Vitesse gives you more bang for your buck there.

Sam Loescher says:

Hi, I am currently considering D8, D7i and the P9, but I can’t decide – any ideas?
Also, great review!

NYCeWheels says:


Michael Lau says:

Peter is quite a big guy over 6ft so when the D8 is folded and you See peter pick it up with relative ease I assure you it isnt as easy as it looks if you are 5 8 and 135 pounds

Dinx380 says:

nice review!

NYCeWheels says:

You can add a variety rear trunk bags, panniers, and other cargo accessories to your rear rack. Cable tension can be adjusted by your friendly local bike mechanic.
Glad you’re liking it!

percepto7 says:

Hi, Can you help me guys from nycewheels? I will buy a foldable bike, but I am deciding between the Dahon Vitesse D7 (no hg) and the Tern Link C7. That two are the bikes that are abailable at my area for my budget, Which one do you recomend? thanks a lot!

Muhammad Nazmi says:

You will grow up ~

AlikKra says:

great bike, great video. thank you

Ryan Handoyo says:

will the tern node d8 fit on most planes and buses?

NYCeWheels says:

You are so welcome. More to come! – jack

iamjeannie says:

I just got this bike today, ordered it online just 2 days ago !!! love the bike love the service !!! fast shipping – Happy 🙂

Dave Graham says:

Great review – definitely adding the Tern bikes to my shortlist.

Vignesh Ramkrishnan Paramathayalan says:

Hi Peter. That was a nice review !!! Got a complete idea about this bike. I’m considering buying a bike for fitness, at the same time I want to carry it around in public transport. Now, I have a general question. Are folding bikes less efficient than the normal ones?? I mean in terms of comfort, stability, etc. I’ve been hearing mixed thoughts from people. I want to get it right out of the horse’s mouth 😉 Please share your thoughts about any compromises that you would need to make by riding the little folding ones as against the normal bikes. Thanks in advance. Keep up the good work 🙂


I live in the UK and I have been looking far and wide for tyre replacement for my TERN folding bike does anyone know where I can buy spare tyres and inner tubes ?

George Smith says:

the handle bar is too low and not adjustable. maybe it is good only for short people.

Lucho Garram says:

I got my Tern Link D8, and I need to say this: You influenced my purchase like a 100%. 

NYCeWheels says:

Nope, I think it’ll work great! It’s extremely adjustable.

sincap says:

which one is better? dahon vitesse d8 or tern link d8. I am 1.90 cm height, is that bikes suitable for me? thanks

Nicolas Picard says:

Hi, firstly, thx a lot for this review!… I’m about to buy a folding bike and I really hesitate between a Brompton and a Tern. After 4 years, would you still recommend Tern? I learnt it was the firm of Dahon’s son, and Dahon has not a very good reputation… Lots of breaking parts… Any advice would be very appreciated! Another thing: I’m 6,1 ft tall (185cm), would you say Tern Bikes are suitable in my case?

Dave Smith says:

I’m sure it’s a great bike but be VERY aware that some owners have had their frames snap resulting in injury (accourding to the Tern forum). Link D8 owners…please be careful!!

youtuber says:

@ 0:43 ..’what defines the Tern and that’s the strong hinges…’ LMAO!

CreRay says:

I was on the verge of buying the D8. In terms of quality I think it’s clearly better than the Dahon bikes, especially the hinges. It rides very well too, the frame feels excellent. What really put me off the Tern is the way it folds, with the handlebar on the outside. It takes up more space that way, and puts the cables etc. on the outside which makes it more vulnerable. I really can’t figure why they chose to do it that way.

lost dwarf says:

There are no review of the Link D16. I would appreciate it if you do a review of it. Thanks a lot and keep em coming! 🙂

You Toober says:

What folding bikes would be good for riding in the snow?

Leonard Irwin Arifin says:

Hi..how does it compare with the dahon vector P8..i’m in the middle of deciding between these two since price wise r quite close with each other and both r great bikes as well Thanks!!

NYCeWheels says:

Here’s a video with the newer version of this model and its companion! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgQBYwAPKX0

david on says:

Just wanted to say that I really like your reviews, Paul, yer da man.

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