Tern Link P9 Folding Bike Review

Tern folding bicycles, available at http://www.nycewheels.com/tern-folding-bike-link-p9.html may not have the same history as other folding bicycle manufacturers, but they sure deliver one amazing product. The folding bikes are built with precision, attention to detail, and an eye for style and design that you don’t often see in the folding bike world. The Tern Link P9 looks to be our best selling Tern folding bike.


NYCeWheels says:

Yes, the Link P9 would be able to handle up to around 240lbs as would the link 24. Probably the link 24 would be better for touring, given the added gears. Best – Jack

NYCeWheels says:

You got it Rommel, the Tern Link P24 would be a great choice, an investment, but with the parts on this bike it’s absolutely worth it. – Jack

Miles Kyro says:

You guys do the best folding bike reviews.. thanks for another great vid!

NYCeWheels says:

Yep, no problem, the size of the wheels doesn’t affect your speed so much as the size of your chain wheel. The Tern link p9 has 85 gear inches which should be able to compete with most mtb’s on the road. If you’re looking for some real speed though, it’s worth taking a look at the Tern Verge X30 folding bike which has 120 gear inches and 30 speeds, so so fast- jack

rommel juanillo says:

Many thanks..so the folding bikes’ gearing ratio compensates for the small wheels
Tern link P24 will be fine.

BTW: Tern link P9 cost is 31,000Philippine pesos here in the Philippines.That’s about US$800-900,a very stiff price to pay

NYCeWheels says:

No problem. I’m a big fan of the Link P9 too, very simple, easy, and effective.

NYCeWheels says:

Yeah, Bert flies RC helicopter-mounted video cameras with expert precision. Also, he can fly.

j p says:

the folding looks crap….

Pieterjan P says:

Thinking of getting one of these as main bike (city traffic and commute, regularly on train/Bus) Would the price difference with the P20 be worth the extra money? I use my bike daily for around 10kms…

NYCeWheels says:

But they do make some of the world’s most high quality bikes. Can’t beat a bike like the Brompton made in the UK – jack

NYCeWheels says:

Yes, the 9 gears on the tern link p9 handle great on hills. I used this model to ride through the palisades last year, which is VERY hilly, and it handled fine. Best- jack

dksflaj daskl;fj says:

Are these ok on hills? I live in Boulder, Colorado and do have to do a few ups and downs.

Mr.ActionGal101 says:

How much??:)

Pygmalius says:

Hi, How does this compare to a Brompton? I know a Brompton folds smaller, but what about in the areas, such as ride experience: comfort; speed; ease/speed of folding? Also, how does it compare to Dahons, please? Thank you!

NYCeWheels says:

The Tern Link P9 can carry around 240 lbs. Best- jack

MrChesteraz says:

Peter you do a good job-very eloquent!

afornase22 says:

Would this bike be good for touring as well? I weigh 180 lbs which would leave 60 lbs for gear to carry. I am also considering the Link P24h. I would use the bike to commute to work everyday as well and going grocery shopping.

rommel juanillo says:

can a folding bike with 9 speed at least keep up with an mtb?? 20 ” vs 26″ wheels

MartyMartin87 says:

looks good! affordable and fine

Mikro says:

how it behaves on bumpy road?

pete chan says:

nice, are there any bags or carrying accessories that attach to the bike free from the rider

afornase22 says:

I am trying to find one bike that would be good for urban riding/commuting everyday and even touring – an all in one. I have never toured before but am t

NYCeWheels says:

I believe this is actually an original track recorded by Peter with his old trio. – Jack

R Williams says:

2014 Link/OCL Limited Voluntary Recall – FAQs
Home › 2014 Link/OCL Limited Voluntary Recall – FAQs

Why is this recall happening?
There have been a small number of incidents of frame failure. After looking at the broken frames, we decided it would be best to recall specific batches of the frames produced by the factory with the problem.
What bikes are included?
The recall covers specific production batches of first generation Link OCL frames. The recalled models include certain Link Uno, Link D8, Link D7i, Link P7i, Link P9, Link P24h and Link D24 bikes. The bikes were made in 2011 and early 2012 and mostly shipped in those same years.
How can I tell if my bike is included?
If you have one of the above models, check your Frame Number – the unique ten-digit alphanumeric number stamped underneath the bottom bracket. If your Frame Number begins with “AI”, your bike MAY be part of the recall.
If you have one of the above models and your Serial Number begins with AI, you should stop riding your bike until you have checked if your bike is part of the recall.

Guy Abraham says:

Hey guys. I want a Tern so bad but just need some advice. I will be riding for about 20/30 minutes before I get on public transport. Would the eclipse be best? or the duo? Bigger, smaller wheels? Some advice would be amazing.



Pygmalius says:

Hi Paul! Thanks! What about the quality of the ride? You compared the p9 to formula s18;what about dahon in same price range? You also recommended it over the verge x 10. Is it better? Thanks again!

Azreal911 says:

Hey nycewheels I just have a question did you guys break the safety latches on that bike?? it seems like from 3:03 all he did was push the latches open without even disengaging the safety latches. The handle bar and main hinge latch was just pushed open there from the looks of it since his thumb was nowhere near the safety catch.

firehorseman says:

Too heavy It should weigh 9kg (20lbs)or less

yuri togo says:


NYCeWheels says:

You’re right, in my experience, the models with the steering rod on the side tend to fold more easily and to a smaller size- jack

Ivan Kar says:

I wonder if your link p9 seatpost has the same issue with mine?
It keeps getting down, and if i adjust the quick release seatpost to be tighter then it will hurt my fingers to lock or unlock the seatpost quickrelease. Is that normal? Because i saw many of your videos, it is so easy and no hurting fingers or no need extra effort to lock or unlock the seatpost quickrelease.
Thank you.

Je P says:

Whats the weight limit?

satellite pilot says:

flying cameraman?

NYCeWheels says:

Hey Azrael,
This is our demo bike for a reason. I’ve never noticed the safety latches being anything less than competent on any of the other Link P9s we’ve sold, but on this individual bike they are a little loose.

Ignacio Ballon says:

Is there a link p9 2016? I havent seen it

Lestervai Cayetano says:

whats the music back ground title?

mg23 says:

how did your camera flew away?

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