Tern Verge X11 – Folding Bike Review

This is a fast, fun folding bike that is sure to meet your speed needs! Features Tern 451 Kinetics rims, Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, and wide bars for great handling.

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ternbicycles says:


Medina Music says:

I don’t know why IN EVERY REVIEW you are so scared when it’s time to talk about the price:
*2.399,99 GBP!!!*
Don’t be afraid, man.


Are you guys gonna review the Tern Verge D9? no one reviews it and I’m dying to know!

Philip Salen says:

awesome looking folding bicycle; very light (10 kg) as well.

YourTechGuide says:

it’s sucks you can’t have an option to have a shorter stem to give it that low agressive profile. if you have seen my dahon p24 I was able to remove the stock to a much short stem and boy the bike looks like so aggressive with the shorter profile stem. if you guys are able to swap the stem to a shorter one I will order right now.

DarkPa1adin says:

waited for months for this review! would you do a comparison against tern eclipse x22 please?

M. Teoman Ulutaş says:


Romero CArvalho de Albuqueruqe Carvalho says:

Is this bike better than the Tern P9 model?

MartyMartin87 says:

I like my Dahon folding bike

KWH says:

Very pretty (include paint, styling). That said, I’m a bit frugal, so anything 11-speed is out.
I think 9-speed is the perfect spot for a “one-by”, based on the jumps in gears. Many people don’t realize how much those 11-speed cassettes and chains cost (a cassette can run you $200), and I go through at least 2 of each per year. I’d really like a Verge frame with an Alfine 11-speed, belt drive, and disc brakes.

Chelsea Cobbs-Chambers says:

why tern verge x11 is Made in Vietnam?

Nick Jones says:


no.0221 says:

He does all that biking and walking but he still looks over weight…

Nora Halkefs says:

Love it,best bike ever.

Rr V says:

Nice review!
Remember that the wheel size is 22″ inches and not 20″ as you stated in the specifications!

Christian Rodriguez says:

how come it looks like the chain gets really slack when you stopped pedaling? just curious.

Angry Vegan Cyclist says:

Wow, that silver xsync chainring looks sexy on it. matches the frame paint. Damm™

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