The Best Folding Bikes to Buy in 2016

Are you confused with tons of folding bikes in the US? BikeFolded tried many of them and here are our recommendations of the best folding bikes you can buy in 2016. Will Dahon, Tern, Allen Sports or Brompton will take the top spot?
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Gustavo Díaz says:

The music is fun! 😀

Dsince90s says:

could you review the Montague Paratrooper pro please?

Adam Smith says:

what about Activ S folder — bargain price

BikeFolded says:

Visit to see a list of the most popular folding bikes in 2016

bigemugamer says:

bought a Roadmaster 20″, single speed folding bike, blue in color, late 2016 from Staples for $260 total and absolutely love it, It even came with a carrying bag. Thinking about getting something with a smaller tire and with more gears next, was also thinking of doing a video review of my folding bike on day soon. Nice videos, subscribed =)

Sid Smith says:

The electric folding bike

Newton Dixon Jr says:

Im glad you included the Brompton on here. Its top quality! Too many dahons and they are junk. Would have rather seen a Bike Friday and Tern on here as well

Raymond Wong says:

Helix Folding Bike. The bikes shown in this video all look dated and still look big when folded except the Brompton. However, Brompton has 16 inch wheels, Helix has 24 inch ones. Gonna be great for both short and long distance travel.

Chitlac the Buccaneer says:

You have 2016 subscribers! (can I make it 2017?)

MotorheadRedo says:

The Brompton bicycle is the only bicycle in his top 5 that folds small enough to avoid paying extra fees when using some bus’s for transportation. Brompton bicycles fold so small they can even be taken on airplanes and stored in the overhead luggage compartment. Given the Bromptons small folding size, reliability, comfort, convenience, and options available to the buyer when purchasing (1, 2, 3 or 6-speed drive train, telescopic seat post for riders with inseams longer than 35″, different height handlebars, colors, etc), I would rate the Brompton in the #1 slot and not the #5.

Medina Music says:

You are totally missing the Btwin folding bikes. Just aproximately £180 and really good quality!

chiupo lini says:

I am having in mind the yet to be out Helix though.

zbikenut says:

You missed it completely. I have both Dahon–model by Dahon for REI–and the Xootr Swift. You totally missed the Swift…

Alex Contreras says:

can you please do a review on bikes design for people that weight over 250 lb I am in shape but I am a big guy and I am looking for a small foldable bike that could handle the stress I would really appreciate if you could make a video just about bikes that are designed for big dudes especially folding bikes not interested in mountain bikes

kedarvideo says:

Why not show the Birdy, which is the best in terms of components and suspension!

Mo kumar says:

what is the cheapest out of all those you reviewed?

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