The Best-Selling Folding Bikes in the United States

BikeFolded presents a list of the best-selling folding bikes in the United States.
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IURIi ILiN says:

And where is the bicycle RUSSIA? Putin – the BEST! Bicycle RUSSIA – the BEST!!! That’s right…

southamericanredneck says:

What’s the deal with the rear wheel from Retrospect bike? It’s all bent out of shape, or is it my imagination?

lucy heart says:

Best selling in the u.s. usually means the cheapest since the majority of people in the u.s. are cheap. Anything that you can buy at Walmart is not going to be very good. A bike is a mode of transport, and you won’t get one that lasts very long under a certain price range. I personally am loving the montague folding bikes, and I just found out about the new helix folding bike. of course there is the popular and very durable “bike friday” which people travel around the world on. I am hearing some good things about Brompton folding bikes as well. I would never buy the “best selling” folding bikes in the u.s.

Norul Ridzuan says:

CTTrains2BIKES is a global group to convert all city trains including commuters, LRTs & MRTs tracks in all major cities around the world to Bicycle Highways so that people will cycle instead of riding trains to work, and to avoid the high cost construction and maintenance of city trains facilities, and also to promote healthy lifestyle and save energy. Send photos of your bikes @

brimstone33 says:

Thank you for the list. Best use of money is getting   used good quality folder, such as Dahon, Brompton, Bike Friday, Montague, Swift, Tern etc. than one of the Chinese cheapies. Just like with non-folders a good bike will outlive it’s owner. But a cheap bike will be nothing but trouble. Even if the frame is OK the necessarily cheap components will need constant adjustment  or replacement.

IURIi ILiN says:

Bicycle RUSSIA- the BEST!!!

Snails Negron says:

um it would have helped if you actually said the price

Ayesha Flores says:

Hi. What bike model and year in very beginning of video? Within the 1st 13 seconds, man w/suit and light blue or green bike

Hans-Joachim Möller says:

In Deutsch bitte

Co Paloma says:

Really, no mention of the Brompton?

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