Top 10 Folding Electric Bikes | What folding eBikes are best?

Folding bikes are pretty slick, but what makes them really neat is the innovate ways they move. Check out our list of the Top 10 electric folding bikes and so much more from Blue Monkey: Your electric bike resource!

Hey, what’s up? This is Mikey at Blue Monkey and in this video we’re going to talk about the Top 10 electric folding bikes. Let’s not waste any time and “unfold” the list!
Sliding into home base for this one is the Luna Cycles Luna Folding Bike. This is a pretty peculiar bike that rocks a 52 volt system with a lot of punch to pack in a little nap-sack. The 5.8 amp hour battery pack will ensure that you will use your motor wisely…
The eProdigy Fairweather! Like a lot of folding bikes; the looks may decieve you: Inside this lightweight carbon-fiber frame hides a 750w mid drive that can be programmed for no speed governor. This thing is a rocket-ship!
The Dahon Ikon Electric! Dahon’s been making a slew of awesome folding bikes for some years, so when they came out with an electric version; folks were pretty excited. The Dahon folding system is pretty slick, I’ve actually used it many times.
The Easy Motion EasyGo Volt! Get it before it’s gone! This bargain eBike may be the last we see of the Easy Motion folders, but this lightweight eBike has one secret power that other eBikes don’t: a 5 year warranty! That’s right: 5 years!
The Yike Bike! Yes, it’s a folding bike! My personal favorite, actually… It’s kind of a stretch to call it a bike, and it took me about 30 miles to really feel comfortable on it. But hey, the Yike Bike, I can say, is the most fun I have had on 2 electric wheels. For real.
The Mando Footloose! This bike literally has no chain. The pedaling motion activates the rear hub motor electrically, which is kind of a trip at first. Once you get the hang of it, it’s… well… no, it’s kind of a trip…
The EG Vienna! EG’s been making great value bikes for a while now, and the EG Vienna is no exception. Based on the Reention Scimitar frame: EG fills it with really good components for the price. Which is really great, considering some other “less reputable” companies will fill that same good frame with bad parts. I’ve seen it before… and it sucks…
The Gocycle! … G-1? G-3? G-S? They’re all really cool! Futuristic, feature-rich and truly made with the commuter in mind, the GoCycle is a spacey eBike that we can’t take our eyes off of. In a variety of different colors and a few models, it’s sure to be a practical and fun bike no matter what. And I really dig the belt-drive, it’s good.
The Vektron Accelerator! Like Dahon, Tern is a company that makes folding bikes first and foremost. So when they came out with this smooth, range-reaching Bosch powered folding bike with a strong frame, it was a match made in heaven. What more can I say?

Nothing… that’s why I said what more can I say…


The Pedego Latch!
It’s no surprise, the Latch is gutsy, it’s durable, comes in a few colors, but it really scales the list because Pedego has a wealth of Pedego stores all across the country to help if any issues arrive. And warranty claims are solved where you arrive at no extra charge. This is prime use for a folding bike, being able to fold it up and toss it in the back of a car, boat, an RV, and airplane! Being able to travel across the country with total peace of mind. *clicks* It’s perfect.

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I’m Mikey at Blue Monkey, and I’ll see you on the later!


i minabrons says:

“What more can you say?” How about saying something that shows you actually know something about these bikes. You’re a Fake.

mr bezo says:

great information Mikey,question sir,I own the easy motion neo prox ebike,I looked all over the web for a spare 36v 9amp battery for my bike,where can I order one?……thanks

Aventanario says:

Honorable Mention: Xiaomi Mijia Qicycle

mr bezo says:

no Mikey,sorry,I’ll call the number to the store tomorrow to find out,thanks anyway, I brought to bike second hand in Brooklyn were I live( great bike). take care guy..

imamyt1 says:

Can you comment about the Beria folding bike? I was just looking at it and has 48v at 1,400 bucks seems prsctical.

Francesco Zanolini says:

3:18 – The music from the Opening of the game Actraiser (SFC/SNES) is pure class.

mr bezo says:

another question Mikey, do u know if the neo 36v 12a curve battery from electric cycles will be compatible with the neo prox 9v 8.8amp battery that’s installed on the prox?..thanks

MrDenSmit says:


Internet Street says:

When it comes to folding e-bike it should be very easy and quick to fold! Check it out on

mr bezo says:

thanks Mikey?

Jews_rule says:

$5000 bike …really?

Jesus Batista says:

Y las fotos o vídeos de tu numero 1?

Pure Water Window Cleaning says:

Awesome list, thanks! We use the tuff fat tire Voltbike Mariner for our bicycle based service business #purewaterpurebike

egxxx says:

Best price performance biwbik bikes….

Nazrana Ismail says:

How can we buy this?

Christopher Were says:

Rubbish review

Gabriela Erthal says:

For me, gocycle seems to be in 1st place…

Dmalikat says:

Pedago is the slowest bike with a frame that’s not sustainable for long commutes. I’m surprised Magnum didn’t make the cut. Bummer.

David Sonshine says:

No EJoe, Radmini, Sondors folding or Electric Brompton?

Riccardo Vacchi says:

It says nothing about how expensive these bikes are… I suppose I’ll wait for a cheaper one…

Simba says:

My fav is the juiced rider utility bike. Rode the odk v2 for about 4 years, and I got the thing used (for dirt cheap) from a guy that rode it for 3 years. The battery finally diminished significantly tho 🙁 Want another one but their site hasn’t listed their odk v3 for that past 6 months, just the normal style electric bikes.

Anthony Boreham says:

In England we have a company called Byocycle and for under £700 is a really good bike,with spec like 250w motor,thumb throttle 7gear shimano gears. Had mine 3years changed the tyres & battery for better spec,but didn’t need too! Brompton are definitely one of the best folders in the world,and looking at the price of some bikes in your review am surprised Brompton isn’t top 3!

pa modou Sawaneh says:

Hello just join your channel how can get electric bike for Africa

Zach Crawford says:

These are the best? lol I’m glad I built my own.

Mark Troup says:

FYI, the Tern Vektron comes with a 5-year warranty as well, and the warranty expands to 10 years if you register your bike at the Tern site.

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