VEVOR Portable Folding Aluminum Mini Bike with 8 Inch Wheels Review

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VEVOR Foldable Mini Bike 8 Inch Folding Bike Aluminum Adjustable Foldable Bicycle Full Suspension 12 Mile/h Speed Shimano Gears Mini Bike

Blue mini bike folded size: 26″ *12″*6″ ;Unfolded size: 39″ *27″*17″
Folding bike wheel size: 8” diameter;Dual chain ratio: 14:8 and 35:9
Mini bike adjustable saddle height: 32-35 inch
Foldable bicycle travel Speed: Approx. 12 mile/h
Folding mini bike easier storage and transportation;Suitable for daily exercise, accessible even for beginners

8″ Inch Folding Mini Bike Travel Bicycle City Town Foldable Bicycle Red

This unique bike is the ideal way to get around in the city. Being so small and lightweight, you could take it with you to meet your friends, to get you to the train station, the bus station, the mall or just simply anywhere around town. Extremely compact and lightweight make it easy to be transported by any typical person regardless of their physical strength. Even a girl can easily lift it up and take it upstairs to office or home with its net weight of 6.5 kg. As its folded volume can be extremely small, you hardly need to worry about accidental injury or damage to the bike in narrow spaces such as staircases and elevators. You could even fit it in a backpack!

Item Specification:

Type: Folding Bicycle

Net Weight: 14.3 lbs (6.5kg)

Max weight capacity: 187 lbs (85kg)

Fork Material: Aluminum/plastic

Frame Material: Lightweight Aluminum

Aluminum: Heat treated 6061T6

Wheel Size: 8” Diameter

Pneumatic Tire Pressure: 36PSI

Rim Material: Aluminum

Crank: steel

Brakes: Reverse alloy drums (front & back)

Saddle: Foam sports seat

Folded size: 67*30*16cm

Unfolded size: 100*70*43cm

Dual Chain Ratio: 14: 8 and 35: 9

Adjustable Saddle height: 82-90cm

Travel Speed: Approx. 12 mile/h

Package Content

1 X Mini Folding Bike

1 X User Manual


Jozsef Ienciu says:

Average speed ?

Lukas Adamson says:

“low tech bell”?
As far as I know that’s still the standard model even on high end road bikes (owned and used for commuting) ….

Hector Jorge says:

Wher can I get parts for this Bike? Need a rear wheel axel screw ….? Thank You

DAAscia says:

How do the pedals fold up? I can’t figure it out.

George Arias says:

Great review. Horrible bike.

Eric BT says:

“Even a girl…”, seriously?

F 2 says:

Great video . Thanks man

Xerius Tracking says:

I want to order an A-Bike with delivery in France but it is very hard. Do you know how to do ?
Best regards,

floryzzz says:

Suprised it works!

Rhett Oracle says:

Cool! I’ve noticed these for years as folding bikes are quite common in cruising sailboats as land transportation, but never seen anyone other than a 80 lb Japanese female model on one. Flat city commuters, makes sense. Plastic hinges may limit lifespan.

diy chen says:

There is a stronger a-bike transformation, pure electric drive can take 30KM, also with shock absorption。

Denys Lviv says:


D Juan says:

I like this bike, but they want way too much for them.

Rustled Jammies says:

This is an A-bike clone, created by Sir Clive Sinclair, the guy behind the Sinclair home computers including the famous ZX Spectrum.

Andy Thousand says:

I actually bought one of these also and been using it for when I get off the bus.

Saakshi Chhabria says:

hi, how much does this weigh?

lichinha barbosa says:

hahaha mean girls references! excellent

thefAllGuY says:

Catch your breath first plz

jcardin2 says:

Another possible alternative are the 80s skate bikes of which I have some recent clips of riding a modded Minson. These have a bit of a learning curve but after some practice they feel very liberating not having to use your hands. I also just got a Lerun with a 12″ wheel frame and was able to use a Pedalflow’s back wheel as a direct replacement (80 psi and also has a coaster brake).

Hector Jorge says:

The Bike is Great,… But how can one get spare Parts???? Replacement Chain, Bolts + Nuts ? Any one knows?/

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