Xiaomi MiJia QiCycle Folding Electric Bike – Review

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Mi QiCYCLE Electric Folding Bike is your smartest ride on two wheels. It’s smart bike with a companion app that gives you real-time info on every ride you take. The perfect combination of human and electric power. Data monitoring — speed, distance, dynamic power, calorie consumption Mi QiCYCLE Electric Folding Bike is your smartest ride on two wheels. It’s smart bike with a companion app that gives you real-time info on every ride you take

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gum says:

“20 wheel please ” 16 too small

Francisco Villa says:

release it in america!!

Tim Seyfelmliukov says:

Вам бы английский прокачать чуть, ребят. Потому что ну совсем прямо гуглтранслейт 🙁

Eddy Solis says:

No cirve

InXLsisDeo says:

Subtitles done with Google translation are horrible.

TheChameleon2008 says:

think its kinda useless when its raining because of no fenders 🙁

chtojeetovsezanyali says:

please I beg you: show how to switch help modes in computer.. I cant understand chinese..

namasterick says:

Great, very cool and it appears to be practical yet ONE VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION… WHERE can you buy one, Amazon does not appear to have one, the link you provided below doesn’t permit purchase, I could use 10. Any clue?

Manos Seferidis says:

You didn’t show the actual folding..

Adam Eng says:

how fast does it go????

freewill1114 says:

I don’t know which is worse: robot voice or this pigeon English printed out.

hunteranubis says:

but the wheels are so small it looks really gay ish

Ruslan Dvornikov says:

Всем привет, у меня полетела плата на батарее (Xiaomi Qicycle). Кто в курсе где купить новую батарею или плату к ней ?

ghost says:

Didn’t ya all hate Chinese cheap
Trash ? Why riding one ?

Romeo Macapobre says:

maximum load capacity?

SanzaBlancoAkA2C says:

Does this bike only hold up to 75kg?

realista182 says:

what is the REAL battery mileage? i know it has 3 different powers, 50%, 100% and 150% of torque.

what would be (about…)the autonomy in Km with each setting? the official site states 45km but does not declare at with level of electric help

Rv Dobriyal says:

awesome format well wen its comes in india ?

snaz pizaz says:


Ra Vee says:

Bigger wheels???

realista182 says:

what is the max autonomy, using the max assitance power? is it “really” helpful the max force and does it allow to sunstain high speeds for long time without much effort?

Gianluigi Gerbic Cardito says:

Tyres too little for my city

الفتى الطموح The ambitious says:

Hi gaies
You can buy it here free shipping 35% promo 4days left very cheap visit it and share it as you like
Original Xiaomi QiCYCLE – EF1 Smart Bicycle – BLACK 192403801

Aimee Zara says:

My biggest issue with this bike was that I didn’t know how to change the power settings until now.  There are 3 power settings, 1 for maximum help, 2nd with medium help, and lastly, a bit of help…and then you always have the option of just using the bike without any electric assistance at all.  These modes can only be changed WHILE RIDING THE BIKE and pressing the buttons on the monitor.  I hope this helps others who cant read Chinese like me.

Rey Soit says:

How to order this bike ?

Valo Big says:

ma pia un cinese pe fa la prova dell’applicazione no? questo nce capisce ncazzo diocane

Eliel Gomes says:

Provavelmente com umas dessa no Brasil irá facilitar a vida do povo Brasileiro iriam ser roubados facilmente ….. Kkkkkk


Better buy bicycle if you still use a lot on pedaling

Christoffel Gilis says:

Hi, can you give me the link of the iPhone App? Thx

Eliel Gomes says:

Gostei muito compacto e eficiente.

Famytyas Famytyas says:

1:25 how did you do an autowheel like that ?

N Eins says:

Sorry but Xiaomi sucks. So many troubles..

Block kcet says:

can i use the app to lock the bike?

Antonio Paterno says:

max height of user? I’m 1.85cm. Thanks

Noisa says:

Menuda puta mierda de review, te habrás quedado tan a gusto haciendo el subnormal con la bicicleta.

Just Eantertainment says:

Price in Bangladesh

SB CatchallAcct says:

wooow, ya need someone to proofread your stuff big time!

Mika Sjöman says:

Is it possible to lock the battery so it is not stolen if someone tries? Most ebikes has a key so you can lock it down. I am nervous that someone will just take if of and walk away otherwise…

Biker Boiy says:

*THUMBS DOWN* promoting unsafe cycling not wearing a bike helmet? You will notice all the riders in the Tour de France do maybe there is a reason why son?

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