10 Bike Tips & Hacks for MTB, Road, and Beyond

You know what time it is! Here’s another 10 bike hacks video to kick off the fall, with tips for your tires, bike rack, and even your trail dog.

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No pups were harmed during the making of this video, although there’s “that guy” in every comment section.

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01 Dragon Tooth YT says:

Hi Seth have you ever took a 1999 mountain bike out on a trail

Nerf Noob 24/7 says:

You are sooo close to one MILLION SUBS good luck

Atomic says:

OK hi I am a big fan of your channel and I am thinking of starting of mountain biking myself but don’t know how to start. Could you make a video which explains how to start and just try not to die while doing it.

Fletcher Clark says:

come to New Zealand to ride park its awesome down here

KiPs Oner says:

Bmx hacks?

Brian Munroe says:

seating a tubeless bead with a hand pump? you are my hero! nice hack.

TurtleRides says:

Make a video on how to strip off the paint of an alu frame. And how to re paint it later. Cheers!

3CH0 says:

I recently tried mountain biking but i hated it because my bike was old and the steering wheel kept turning when i went over humps, i didnt have any shocks soo it was a bad day, wish i had a new nice bike tho

RheaAyase says:

I’d like to see a weakling girl like myself to wrestle a tire like that 😛

Felt Q920 says:

I’ve seen some youtube videos of Seth’s Bike Hacks by the chance and really enjoyed it
then became a subscriber from South Korea. Much of Knowledge and info.& skills of MTB are very helpful with big fun.
Thanks and Cheers~

Nolan Young says:

Your almost at 1 million subs everybody sub

Last King says:

Lol 6:55 this ain’t bike hacks, it’s a car hacks

Tom Herron says:

You’re almost at 1 Million subscribers! The quality and entertainment factor of your videos is definitely paying off. Congratulations!

Ryan Quackenboss says:

Another hack with the receiver is wrapping eletrical tape around it to keep it from being wobbly.

Kirsten Crear says:

A paint brush makes a great bike brush. It’s non-abrasive, and the longer bristles really helps get in those hard-to-reach places around suspensions, bolts, or in shifter levers where moon dust loves to settle in, that are impossible to get to with a sponge or even a kitchen brush. I wish I could take credit for this, but I have to give it to a woman at Home Depot who saw my frustration, combing over the kitchen cleaning isle for a non-abrasive brush for my new carbon frame.

Jordon the guy says:

Hey Seth hickory NC has opened up some new mtn bike trails including a downhill jump line you should check it out at hickory city park. For more info contact me

Logan Taylor says:

I hid a park tool tyre lever in my steerer tube its one and eighths at bottom

Mr 5 says:

More or less one.milkion subscribers. Well done mate. I’ve been here sjnce 500 subs. Alwats loved your content, keep it coming! Here’s to the next million. Peace and love.

Dony47 Dony says:

Seth u almost got one million subscribers 3000remain im watchi ng ur videos when u was having like 400 000 subs

Roberts Pičukans says:

I have a 29 er with a coil fork. It does suit my needs for (id go mtbking with full rigid if I had to 🙂 ) but sadly the fork seems to freeeze up at lower temperatures any tips?

Joe Coldwell says:

Good video and I hope you get 1 millions subs soon


whoa 5 hours later from when I commented and he’s 1000 subscribers away from a million

Lt. Ling says:

man i need me another mountain bike i got a 29er but its too big and it always has problems.

Hayden B says:

1 mill gang

crazy daisy productions says:

Cute trail dog i have one to who loves to chase me on the trails

That_Deku_Scrub says:

Its crazy to see seth go from 100k to nearly 1 million!

you deserved it sooner

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