10 Mountain Bike and Outdoor Products You May or May Not Need

With the broken collar bone keeping me off the bike, the time was right to reach into the product bin and show you guys some stuff. There are some pretty interesting mountain biking and outdoor products in this one, so I hope you enjoy it!

NOTE: On the Sci Con bag you’re supposed to be able to pack your bike by simply “turning” the bars, not removing them. This didn’t fit for me, even on my size small bike. I contacted Sci Con and they confirmed that my particular bag would require the removal of my bars, which was contrary to their instructions and marketing material. If their newer bags can successfully pack this way for mountain bikes it would be a leg up over the competition and warrant a better review. Some subscribers have confirmed with me that their triathlon bags do work perfectly with the bars on.

Car Bed: https://amzn.to/2SgTSTB
14oz Fidlock Mini Bottle https://amzn.to/2Skk2ou
Fidlock uni base https://amzn.to/2DQa2PP
KMC DLC Chain Red https://amzn.to/2PahIOP
KMC DLC Chain Black https://amzn.to/2TXtwYw
KMC Levers https://amzn.to/2KFWasN
Glove Tacts https://www.glovetacts.com/
Fork Cork https://amzn.to/2Pa5YMr
Sci Con Bag https://bit.ly/2rbExYV
New GoPro Chesty https://amzn.to/2TY1jkg
Mini Floor Pump https://amzn.to/2E59R47
Vyron Wireless Dropper Post https://amzn.to/2PbNknv


Martha Hunt says:

Where can I get a DRAMA? No video is complete without her!

Scott says:

Where do you get free bear fingers?

Moses Moles says:

You can take the stylist off an ink pin and hot glue it to your gloves and pins with stylist are stupid cheap lol

TejasToolMan says:

4:44 overzealous bike trail cops will never find that spot! nice =)

luke murphy says:

Why can you just put up your back seat up and slide your passenger seat right back and recline fully it works for tall and short people and bring a camping pillow and blanket it would easily fit under the passenger seat so..

Alex Ahadi says:

25 bucks for a mount for a bottle isnt as bad as paying £15 for a standard plastic bottle

William McCullough says:

Hi Seth my bike has just been stole and I just want to say thank you for making it the best bike in the world thank you from the mccullough family !

max riffi says:

with a drop of superglue on your glove you can solve the touch screen issue

Sinbad Kitty says:

899 hahaha I bought a Diamondback Atroz 1 for less than that

Davis's Adventures says:

Do a GRAND bike hacks video showing 20 or 30 of the best bike hacks

marlon cummings says:

hope you continue getting well.

Fred G says:

Fork cork is a good idea, but too expensive, i will make it myself

mountain bike says:

Who stores money in thire bike

Driip says:

Love the video seth

Hardtails Forever says:

review granite rockband carrier strap


U the best YouTuber

Cantrell907 says:

How old is your Frenchie? You a Tarheel fan?

Chland says:


That’s the most outlandish price I’ve ever seen put on something that costs that little to produce. There’s no way in hell that the production and development cost the consumer $900 dollars for a FREAKING POLYESTER BAG.

boy boy says:

That first thing was vert cool

Biking With Niels says:

Can you get the sleeping pad in europe?

I’m faster than you says:

That wireless dropper post is way to expensive considering it probably costs $150 to make $500 is just way to much

Itz _Hydra says:

Can anyone tell me if I can get a blue and black type of that chain???

Einjel Velasquez says:

I guess they never miss huh?

Jarret TheMan says:

You should make your own bag I will definitely buy it 5:10

Riam Mey says:

I like kmc chains, I put the 11 speed chain from shown in this video on my 7 speed dh bike and it actually made my bike feel lighter, the old downhill chain from sram was realy heavy compared to the kmc chain

Anatoly Chinn says:

Make a ski bike

ASHTON says:

Should I got to the doctor if I landed on my hip

Ratsmack82 says:

will you please do a review on the cheapest best bike for beginners. Please

Graden Karl says:

That first one is meant for car sex( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

marvin luther says:

could you do a ,,the worst of 2018” video? btw^^

Nick Supe says:

8:15 lil pump

dafastestogre says:

Any chance you’ll review qalo rings? I’ve seen you with one awhile back and swear by them personally.

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