10 MTB Product Reviews – for better or worse

Today I’ll be reviewing 10 mountain biking products, from tools, to protective gear, to storage, and beyond.

Everything in the video is below
Osprey Raptor 14 http://amzn.to/2sNHmPb
Sh!t Kit http://amzn.to/2vadE7P
POC Knee Pads http://amzn.to/2sNeczO
Fox Proframe http://amzn.to/2ug1X30
Fox Digits http://amzn.to/2ufI4Jg
BeFree http://amzn.to/2sNHzlx
Park Shop Inflator http://amzn.to/2tFw2HG
Klic HV Pump http://amzn.to/2ubr9qx
F15 Multitool http://amzn.to/2t1Gzhy
Point of you http://olixar.com/olixar-unveils-the-point-of-you-universal-smartphone-neck-mount/

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Atl Bike says:

Just ordered a Crank Bros F-15. I hope it is good.

Jack Hill says:

So that befree bottle is able to filter a lake full of duck shit and piss from people and oil from cars. Because I drank out of a lake with all that by cupping my hands and drinking from that

hb78 rwtfg says:

more videos like this….please!!!

Daniel Cash says:

Just bought the CB f-15 based on your review (and because my other multi-tool decided to go walkabout). The CB Klic looks awesome too, but I think I’ll wait until next season to replace my pump – which sucks, but works. Thanks for the gear reviews!

Panda Hoovy says:

Did anyone else notice at 2:09 it looked like he sh*t his pants when he was going to the bathroom

Cole Bowman says:

Yea. More of these. Good to know whats out there and what we’re paying good money for. Thanks Seth!

Jeenius IAMa says:

I would love to see more videos like that !!!

EF Biking says:

I just watched this video again and noticed that he said “whale foreskin composit”! Laughing my ass off!

Garrett's Ride says:

Try the fox dirtpaw MX gloves they work very good and are very durable they have rubber grips on the index finger and middle finger for gripping the clutch on a dirt bike or brakes on a bicycle.

Felix Stevenson says:

Seth try the met parachute

Jack Jackson says:

Hi Seth, have you done a review on the gearbox setup for mtb? Could be really cool if you did. Thanx.

Sage Borwege says:

Maybe a little late but for knee pads I use the bmx company shadow conspiracy’s invislite knee pads, they feel just like a sock

OffRoading Steve says:

With the BeFree, It filters EXTREMELY fast compaired to other water filters.

Tyler Hughes says:

I can say in a real bikeshop the inflator is amazing. Only problem is the glass got busted! Still works somehow

Duncan McLeod says:

I worked in a shop for a while and although we did have that Parktool inflator, it was rarely ever used as the swiveling head would constantly unscrew despite the use of loctite on the threads.

James brixey says:

Move vids like this please

Official Bacon Pie says:

I love this!

Deihl Leiding says:

Put like a sleeve where the knee pads go and then put the knee pads on, and to keep them from sliding up tape the top and bottom of your knee pads to your legs

woodsmccloud says:

Honest reviews are so hard to come by these days that it’s easy to mistake them for satire. Thank you for not giving in to marketing bribery.

Southern wolf Productions says:

Try husky fingerless gloves from Home Depot

Ian Austin says:

I hope you realize that the pro frame is not a downhill helmet and is nowhere near as protective and strong as an actual dh helmet like a d3 or rampage

Carlo Klinkner says:

Good video! More, please 😉

Curly Fry says:

I want to see more videos like this

#379 says:

good moto gloves i use bmx riding flyracing f16 gloves

Sally Hammer says:

shit kit

Christian Allen says:

Do ten more bike Products

Charlie bmx says:

More more more of these vids

Alex Alexiev says:

Seth, please make some more bmx videos

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